Yesterday I flew from Milan back to London. I was in Milan for a couple of days with work. I flew Ryanair which ain’t too shabby, especially considering there wasn’t many people on my flight. I always book seat 33F (window seat on the right hand side atbthe very back of the plane) because I feel most comfortable there. I like flying, have racked up a tonne of miles…

Last night was very ordinary. I went through security, boarded the plane and took my seat. I always stick in my headphones and zone out as soon as I get there, but I was interrupted…

A very petite Asian girl, must have been around my own age, tried to get my attention. She was wearing a tight little crop top with bicycle shorts….a little firecracker.

“Excuse me? I am sitting here but do you mind if I take the window seat? I am a very nervous flyer and it would really help”…I instantly shot up and told her that it wasn’t a problem. “Thank you so much”.

As the rest of the passengers were boarding I could see that she was fidgety and looking around pretty regularly, reacting to every noise and bell. I decided I’d ask her why she was travelling etc to see if I could get her a bit more relaxed. She seemed relieved to have someone to talk to. She told me that she had an interview as a teaching assistant in Brighton and was flying in for the week. She had only flown once previously.

When the plane started moving towards the runway she put her head in her hands. It was tough to watch, so all of a sudden, I decided to offer her my hand. I gave her shoulder a little tap….she looked up and I was holding out my hand. She smiled and held my hand, but differently to what I expected…

She linked her fingers with mine, like a couple holding hands and cuddled up to me….holding my arm with her other hand for takeoff….it was kinda nice!

Once we were in the air about twenty minutes she moved away. “You are very kind for helping me out, it’s so embarrassing”. The guys came and and I bought us a couple of wines. We started chatting about everything. It felt like I knew her forever. I started doing the usual, making terrible jokes and making her laugh with pity. She then smiled and offered to tell me a joke…”it’s a bad one…what did Cinderella say when she got to the ball?”….I shrugged and she pretended to Gag! I was shocked and could not stop laughing, to be honest, it really turned me on! She went red. “I’m sorry, that was a little forward”….I decided to take the conversation in that direction to see where it lead.

We were talking about Italy and I told her that I took some good pics on my phone if she wanted to see…I was scrolling through and said out loud, “oh, thats my dick, you don’t wanna see that!”……”Maybe I do?”…I was like a deer in the headlights and handed her the phone…she gasped at the image and handed the phone back. “You’d break me”….I got hard pretty quick and I think she noticed.
I was wearing jeans and I think I had a bit of a bulge….without warning she reached over and put her hand on my leg as we continued talking about everything. Every now and then she reached up and rubbed my crotch…hot as fuck….

When we landed I got down her bag and she gave me a hug. I offered her my number and she handed me her phone. I left her arrivals and it was only then I noticed how hot her ass was!

Just waiting on a text or a call….Fingers crossed!