This is another tale from back in my 20’s while I was doing some travelling. I booked myself on a three-night, live-aboard diving cruise. A casual night of socializing and a kind gesture on my part resulted in an amazing threesome. My stories tend to run long so if you are just looking for the sex you know the drill – just scroll toward the end.

I was really excited to get to do some diving in the warmth of crystal clear tropical water. I had earned my scuba certification in chilly lake and ocean waters so being able to ditch my wetsuit for a bikini was going to be a luxury.

Our charter boat accommodated around 40 guests and a sizeable crew to cater to our needs. It was an older vessel but was well tended and we weren’t left wanting for anything on board. I was a later booking and was travelling by myself at this point. I ended up in a triple cabin with Matt and Liz, an English couple in their early forties. They were incredibly warm and welcoming, embracing me as a little sister even though I felt like I might be cramping their style by invading their space. I was the youngest guest on the boat and the only one travelling alone. Everyone else on the voyage was part of a couple or pairs of friends.

We all settled in quickly. The crew was wonderful, making sure we were well fed and hydrated. They exuded an easy-going and upbeat vibe as they helped us get oriented and acquainted. We all gathered in an aft deck lounge for our initial briefing and were soon getting suited up to make our first dive.

Since I was solo, my buddy was one of our dive guides, Kai. He had a friendly demeanour, a wide smile and he was pretty fit and good-looking, which were characteristics I would apply to most of the crew. As we embarked on our first dive, I was elated by the warmth of the warm tropical water enveloping me. Kai and I made visual contact and then we were off. The clarity of the water, the variety of the area’s aquatic species and their visual vibrance was amazing. My awe increased with each passing minute of our dive.

When we weren’t diving there was lots of opportunities to relax and socialize. In the evenings some of the talented crew entertained us with music and songs indigenous to our locale. Guests let loose and danced together, with some of the crew joining in. Matt and Liz joked that I was definitely a favourite of many of the young, male crew but they exuded a protective aura, making sure I was OK with all the attention.

I was enjoying myself immensely. The diving and the cruise experience was exceeding my expectations. Having the undivided attention of multiple men who wanted to dance and talk with me was an added bonus and the fact that Matt and Liz were there to watch out for my best interests increased my comfort level.

The first two nights we slept in our bunks soundly after a full day of sun, sea and good times. I don’t know if Matt and Liz managed to get any intimate time for themselves but our bunk configuration didn’t really lend itself to any covert sexual activity for them.

On our third and final evening onboard we were treated to a lavish dinner and evening of entertainment from the crew. Everyone was in a great mood, dancing and socializing and by this point everyone was familiar with each other, which increased the ease of interaction among guests and crew.

After some dancing I was sitting with Matt and Liz enjoying a drink. We were sharing our top moments of the day’s diving and enjoying ourselves immensely. I had really grown to be fond of them.

“Listen,” I said in a resolute tone. “You guys have been so kind to me. But I feel like I’ve been cramping your style a little bit. I just want you to know that I won’t be coming back to our cabin until late, so you can have some alone time.”

Of course they protested, and said it hadn’t been an issue for them, although I did see a glint of excitement in Matt’s eyes.

“What are you going to do by yourself so late?” asked Liz.

“There are lots of guests and crew who stay up later,” I replied. “There’s music and a couple of the crew have offered to teach me their favourite game.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” replied Liz.

Matt grinned knowingly and Liz elbowed him.

“It’s settled then,” I said with a triumphant smile. “I’ll see you back at the cabin – much later. I’ll knock before coming in.”

I raised my glass and we toasted to our excellent adventure on the ocean.

As it got later Matt and Liz let me know they were heading back to the cabin.

“Have fun you guys,” I said with a wide smile.

“You too,” replied Liz. “We’ll see you later.”

I was chatting with a couple of the other guests, enjoying a cocktail and the music being played by one of the crew members. Before too long a couple of the crew came to join us, occupying the seats vacated by my cabin mates. I smiled widely at them as they sat down with me. Tomas and Jo were handsome and friendly young men. They had definitely been paying special attention to me over the last couple of days. They had been keeping me busy on the dance floor, impressing me with their smooth moves and effortlessly leading my body in time to the rhythms.

They had been working with the charter company for a number of years and soon had us all laughing as they regaled us with some of their best stories from their experiences. I was feeling incredibly happy and relaxed as the evening progressed into the later hours. More guests and crew continued to fade away until there were only a handful of night owls left.

Tomas and Jo had continued to sit with me and we had continued to exchange stories. They were both interested in where I had been travelling and where I was off to next. They seemed impressed that much of my travel was solo.

“Final night of the charter,” declared Tomas. “Jo and I have a tradition for final nights. We enjoy a taste of our special rum. Interested in joining us?”

“Sure,” I replied with a smile. “That sounds like fun.”

“We keep the bottle in our cabin,” he continued. “We usually listen to a little music as we enjoy. Is that OK?”

I explained that it was fine as I was trying to give Matt and Liz a little space on their final night.

“Nice move,” exclaimed Jo. “You’ll earn some kindness karma for your future travels.”

We all smiled at each other and then rose. I followed Tomas and Jo as they led me to their cabin. It was pretty cozy with the three of us inside but there was enough space for me to sit in-between the two men on the lower bunk. Tomas put on some music and then poured us each a shot of rum. We toasted each other and savoured the smooth liquor.

“This is delicious!” I said with a smile.

“We’re serious about our rum,” said Tomas.

He stood and shimmied to the music, smiling down at Jo and me.

“Come dance with me,” he said with an irrepressible smile.

It was ridiculous, the three of us me moving together in such tight quarters but their enthusiasm was infectious. Tomas put his hands on my hips, synchronizing our movements together as I felt Jo behind me as he swayed in time to the rhythm.

I smiled up at Tomas, feeling a lightheaded buzz from the liquor and the warmth of his hands on my hips as we danced. He moved a step closer until our hips were lightly pressed together. I felt Jo’s hands on my hips as he danced behind me and I revelled in his touch as we swayed in unison. Tomas was now looking at me with undisguised desire and I was starting to feel waves of arousal with the stimulation of his touch, the music and the rum. I sensed Tomas leaning in for a kiss and I leaned in to meet him. My head was swimming and I felt tingles of desire building inside as we shared a gentle kiss, his hips pressing into mine with added insistence.

He pulled back and smiled widely at me.

“That was nice,” he said softly.

“Mmm, hmm,” I murmured in agreement as we continue to sway together.

“I can be nice, too,” said Jo.

I turned my head to look behind me and he leaned in to give me a kiss, which I returned without hesitation. I could feel him pressing into my ass and I was becoming more aroused by the minute. Jo pulled away with a smile and I turned back into Tomas, who pulled me closer and leaned in for another kiss. This one was more insistent as we passionately explored each other, our tongues intertwined. I could feel his cock swelling as he pressed into me. I embraced the moment, pulling Tomas into me and reaching back to pull Jo closer as he continued to sway and press against me.

I was lightheaded and incredibly turned on as Tomas broke our kiss.

“Why don’t we all sit down on the bed,” he suggested.

I moved with him willingly and Jo followed. On the bed we enthusiastically resumed our fervent exploration as I alternated between kissing Tomas and Jo. They ran their hands over my body, intensifying my arousal. I could feel the heat building in my core as Jo caressed my ass and Tomas stroked my nipples, which became hardened, highly sensitive nubs pressing against my dress. I was so lost in arousal I was barely aware of the subtle maneuvering that led to my dress being pulled over my head, leaving me naked except for my panties. I made out with Jo eagerly as Tomas kissed his way down my neck, across my collar bone and down the swell of my breast, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking it between his lips. I moaned into Jo’s mouth as he reached up to massage my other nipple.

Tomas guided me up onto my knees on the lower bunk, kneeling behind me and caressing my torso before kissing his way down my back. Jo knelt by the front of the bunk, kissing me and caressing my breasts. Tomas was now kissing my ass, slowly peeling my panties down and pulling them over my legs until they joined my dress on the floor. He gently spread my legs and I felt the warmth of his breath as he ran his tongue up my thighs before spreading my pussy open, lapping at my juices, my wetness increasing in response to each lick of his talented tongue.

“Am I the only one getting naked?” I managed to gasp as Tomas’ tongue was buried deep in my pussy.

Jo smiled, stood and stripped off his shirt and shorts. It was difficult to focus with Tomas eating my pussy so skillfully but I managed to take in Jo’s dark, lean and muscled form, punctuated by a nicely sized, stiffening cock. He stepped toward the bunk and looked like he was going to lean down and resume kissing me but I reached out and took his cock in my hand, stroking it and pulling him toward me. Moments later I was licking his shaft and sucking him between my lips.

Tomas’ attention to my pussy was interrupted as he took note of what was happening at the head of the bunk.

“You’re an eager one,” he said with a laugh.

I could hear him undressing behind me. Moments later I felt his naked body between my legs, his hands stroking my thighs and ass. His stiff cock slid along my slick pussy lips before spreading my open and slowly sliding inside me. I groaned around Jo’s cock as I bobbed my mouth up and down on his length, feeling my pussy being gloriously filled by Tomas’ hard cock. I was feeling euphoric as I was being fucked while I sucked – a first for me.

In retrospect it was amazing that we managed to transition so seamlessly into a torrid threesome on that tiny bunk in their cabin. But I’m guessing they’d had plenty of practice with fellow crew and willing guests over the years. They certainly knew how to create the moment, despite the limited size of their stage and I certainly wasn’t complaining about being their guest star.

Tomas’ cock felt amazing and he began to fuck me steadily, pushing me onto Jo’s cock as I sucked and swallowed him deeply. Jo was groaning in appreciation and a few minutes later I could sense he was close.

“Here it comes,” he gasped.

I didn’t back off, sucking him deeply as he swelled and stiffened in my mouth before erupting, filling my mouth with hot, thick spurts of his come. I swallowed every drop, licking and sucking him until he pulled out of my mouth.

I shifted my focus to the blissful sensation of Tomas fucking me steadily. I dropped my head onto the bunk and hung on, moaning in ecstasy which spurred Tomas on. His cock was hitting my pleasure points just right and I felt myself tipping over the edge until I was overwhelmed by orgasmic waves washing over my body. My pussy pulsed and tightened around Tomas’ cock as I came, pushing him over the edge as he stroked himself deep inside me as he came, each throb of his cock punctuated by a jet of hot come filling my pussy.

We were all breathing heavily. I lifted my head and saw Jo smiling widely at me. Tomas slowly pulled out of me and sat back on the bunk. I looked over my shoulder at him and he was sporting the same grin. I smiled right back at them as my body tingled in erotic delight.

“This is one fantastic final night celebration,” enthused Tomas. “Jo, why don’t you grab us some bottled water and pour us all another rum.”

Jo produced the water, which I accepted gratefully. It had warmed up inside the cabin in more ways than one. We toasted each other with our shots of rum and chatted. Jo had joined us on the bunk and I was in between them. When Tomas asked me if I was enjoying myself I assured him I was. To prove my point I reached out to either side of me and began stroking their cocks. They grinned eagerly at me and began running their hands over my body, taking turns to lean in and kiss me. It wasn’t long before their cocks began to swell and harden in my hands.

Tomas guided me to one end of the bed and sat back in front of me while Jo settled in behind me, caressing my ass as I spread my legs open in invitation. I smiled at Tomas as I stroked his cock and then dropped my head to run my tongue along his shaft and balls before taking him deep into my mouth. I could taste myself on his cock as I started to suck him steadily while he groaned in appreciation. Jo was running his cock in between my pussy lips. I was so wet and full of come that there was no friction as he pushed his hips forward and slid his cock inside me.

Jo fucked me slowly as I continued to lavish Tomas’ cock with long licks and deep sucking. It wasn’t long before we had picked up our pace. I momentarily lost my focus on the cock in my mouth as Jo began to fuck me fast and hard, the sound of slapping skin, my satisfied moans and the men’s groans echoing off the walls of the small cabin. It would have been obvious to anyone near this part of the boat what was happening behind the closed door.

I was hanging on, delirious with ecstasy, as Jo slammed his cock into me. I felt his grip on my hips tighten and then the pulsing of his cock as he filled me with my second load of hot come. My head was resting on the bunk, my hand wrapped around Tomas’ stiff cock, as I recovered from the ride I’d just been given. Eventually Jo began to soften and pulled out, leaning down to give my ass some kisses.

“Gorgeous. So incredibly hot,” he said as he grabbed some more water and sat back to watch.

Buoyed by his praise I returned to sucking Tomas, who was rock hard and throbbing in my mouth, no doubt aroused by watching me get fucked. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking and licking his shaft while moaning enthusiastically. He groaned in appreciation, thrusting his hips forward to meet me as I swallowed his length. It wasn’t too long before I sensed from the pace of his breathing that he was ready to come. I felt him swell in my mouth and I sucked him fervently, eventually being rewarded with his spurts of hot come streaming over my tongue and down my throat as I swallowed eagerly.

I continued to lick and suck his cock clean until he finally pulled away, fixing me with a satisfied grin.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “Your talents in bed certainly match your beauty.”

I smiled contentedly. I couldn’t have imagined my plan to give Matt and Liz some privacy would have turned into my personal sexual marathon but I had lucked out and added another amazing experience to my cruise. I stretched out along the bunk, my body tingling with carnal euphoria, as Tomas lay beside me, gently stroking and kissing me.

“If you want to give your cabin mates more time, you’re welcome to stay here for as long as you want,” said Tomas.

I was feeling sleepy and satisfied and agreed that I’d be happy to stay a while longer. Jo, who had ducked into the head, came out and was happy to discover I’d be sticking around a while longer. He bent down to give me a kiss and caress my body before climbing up into the upper bunk to stretch out. Tomas spooned me on the lower bunk, one hand resting on my breast. I allowed myself to relax and fell into a deep slumber.

I awoke some time later. Judging by the grey light and the silence on the boat it was still early. I could hear Tomas breathing softly behind me and could feel his body pressed against mine, particularly his hard cock. I started to rub my ass gently against him – I love taking advantage of morning wood – and he slowly began to respond. As he began to rub his cock against my ass I could feel myself getting wet.

I rolled over and we started kissing and gently stroking each other.

“Lie back,” I said softly as I raised myself up on my knees.

I straddled Tomas and smiled at him as I reached down, gripping his stiff cock and sliding it into my pussy, easing myself down until he was completely inside me. I rocked gently on top of him, savouring the feel of his cock and exploring the angles that gave me the pleasurable friction I craved. I began to ride him more actively, my hips rising and falling as I stroked my pussy along the length of his shaft. I reached down and began to stroke my clit. I can come pretty quickly when I stroke myself and it wasn’t long before I felt the pleasurable quivers in my core.

“I’m coming,” I gasped softly as the first waves of my orgasm washed over me.

I was trembling in pleasure as Tomas urged me on, driving his cock into me with eager need. His orgasm followed right on the heels of mine, his soft groans punctuating the upward thrust of his hips as he came deep inside me. I laid myself down on his chest as we panted softly together, exchanging soft kisses.

“Good morning,” I whispered as I lay on top of him, enjoying the feel of still being connected together.

He grinned back at me and gave me another kiss. We heard Jo whisper from up on his bunk.

“Are you two having fun down there without me?”

A moment later his head appeared over the edge of the bunk. He looked down at us with a wide smile, appraising us as I lay naked on top of Tomas, his cock still inside of me.

“Want to come up here and help me start my day right, too?” he said with a suggestive grin.

I looked down at Tomas and he gave me a big smile while nodding his head in support of Jo’s suggestion. I was still incredibly turned on and in the mindset of embracing opportunity. I gave Tomas a kiss and slowly peeled myself away from him. I rose from his bunk and climbed up to meet Jo. He grinned excitedly and made room for me. I laid down and we began to kiss and explore each other’s bodies. He was already rock hard so I pulled him on top of me as I spread my legs and guided him inside me. I sighed as I felt his cock fill me. I kissed him and wrapped my legs around him, digging my heels into his ass as he began to fuck me with long, steady strokes. I moaned softly in encouragement, urging him to fuck and fill me. After a few minutes of rhythmic coupling Jo thrust into me deeply, pinning me to the mattress as he cock throbbed deep inside me, filling me with another load of hot come. I murmured in satisfaction as we kissed deeply before he pulled out and lay down beside me.

“Hey, we should start getting up, you two,” said Tomas from down below. “We need to get ready for work, big man.”

Tomas got up from his bunk and retrieved my dress and panties, handing them up to me. Jo climbed down from his bunk to give me space and we all started to dress. I climbed down from Jo’s bunk and we all stood together, smiling at each other.

“Thanks for celebrating with us,” said Tomas. “That was incredible.”

“Thanks for letting me stay,” I replied. “I should get back and get ready for today.”

I gave Jo and Tomas one last kiss and slipped out of their cabin. I was wondering what I was going to say to Matt and Liz. When I arrived at our cabin it was empty. They had already gone to breakfast. I changed into a bikini, threw on some shorts, a mesh cover-up top and quickly arranged my hair and face to make myself look somewhat presentable.

I arrived at the dining area and joined Liz and Matt. Liz greeted me with a relieved look.

“We were worried about you. We didn’t know where you were when we got up.”

“Sorry. No need to worry,” I said with smile as I took a drink of juice. “Some of the crew took care of me.”

“I’ll bet they did,” said Matt with a smile.

“Behave, Matt,” said Liz. “Did you find a comfortable place to sleep?” she asked me.

“I was up a little late celebrating with some of the crew but I had a great sleep,” I responded with a wide smile. “I hope you guys enjoyed your alone time.”

Matt and Liz looked at each other with conspiratorial smiles and thanked me for giving them some private time. We commiserated with each other that our fun had to end and that we’d be heading back to port later that day. As much fun as the cruise had been I felt I’d ended my last night on an impressively high note.

After breakfast I ducked into the head. As I pulled down my bikini bottoms I noted they were damp and full of cum. I smiled as I thought back to last night’s unexpectedly erotic fun. Lucky for me, the evidence would wash away in the ocean’s warm, tropical currents.