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Tom and Rachel reconcile in a not so romantic but intimate way. The air clears for Rachel and she begins to accept life inside the new camp.
Meanwhile, another group not too far away deals with some internal conflict and sets its sights on distant enemies. Their leader shows unbending will and promises to keep his son safe no matter the cost.

How will Tom and Rachel handle being out in the open after a while behind walls? Will their courage hold as unseen danger closes in around them? Find out now!

Chapter 5: On the Job Training

Cameron pulled the pickup truck down a bumpy gravel road and slowly moved along, careful not to make the engine growl too loudly. Diesel engines were noisy enough while idling to attract the infected’s attention. The day was quiet and the evening sun was still bright enough to allow them to operate. They would have to start looking for a place to bed down soon though. Moving around at night was a good way to get trapped or worse.

“This is an abandoned construction site. Some housing development that was nearly finished. We found it early on and got a lot of great tools and stuff. We need to give it another look though. We need plywood, insulation, carpet, anything we can find to make the cabins a little better. It gets pretty cold in the winter, don’t it?” Cameron reached over and squeezed Kelsey’s knee.

“Yep.” Kelsey was looking out the window. She had been silent and broodish throughout the day.

“Kinda weird without Gregg here, huh?”

“I guess.” Kelsey squirmed a little.

“You okay?” Cameron glanced over, knowing she probably was not going to share.

“I’m fine, dad. Just tired.”

“Alright. Well, keep your head up. We’ll stop to wait out the night soon.” Cameron pulled the truck up to a trailer that would have been used as a supervisor’s office. He positioned the truck so that if they had to peel out in a hurry, he would not have to waste time finding the road. “Let’s set up camp and then we’ll take a quick peek. I think we’ll do most of the searching tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Tom hopped out of the truck and stretched. He reached back in the cab and pulled out the bow and arrows that Cameron gave him. He did not want to admit how eager he was to use the weapon. It felt familiar in his grip, giving him a small dose of nostalgia. He knocked an arrow and looked around for a target. A stack of hay squares was nearby, mostly black from rot but still standing. Tom pulled the arrow back until he felt the tickle of artificial feathers on his cheek. He released a slow breath and let go of the arrow. It flew true, thumping into the center of a hay bail. Tom wore a boyish smile as he jogged to reclaim the arrow.

Rachel looked over the skeletal frames of incomplete houses. It felt like she was standing on a historical site. She wondered if humans would ever be free to build homes like this again. These places were built with relaxation and luxury in mind, things that people these days were not concerned with. If humans survived, who could say what their future homes will look like. These thoughts were philosophical entertainment but the reality was, the chances of making it past this extinction event was slim.

They put their supplies in the supervisor’s trailer, planning on sleeping there during the night. Cameron kept his pack on just in case. He carried things like notebooks and inventory logs that he liked to look over while scouting. He holstered a 9mm pistol with a silencer screwed on the barrel to his thigh. Kelsey’s aloofness was gone now, her eyes were sharp and focused as they grouped up to move around the houses. She and Rachel both tied their hair back to keep from having anything easy to grab. They were each holding a machete in case anything surprised them. Tom was holding his bow with an arrow at the ready. He was moving in slow circles, watching everywhere.

They moved over to the closest house, one that was less complete than the others. Since this one was still mostly studs, they could see bundles of resources inside the house. The lumps were protected by plastic from the weather. It would likely be window or electrical equipment, stuff the camp did not really need but it still was worth looking over. It turned out to be just that and Cameron noted down the findings in his journal.

“There’s steps over here. Looks like this place was going to get a basement.” Rachel was looking down the dark steps. She could make out some shapes but nothing solid. “It’s pretty dark down there.”

Cameron dug in his pack and pulled out a flashlight. “If there was any infected down there, they would have come up by now. I’m gonna take a quick peek.” He went down the steps slowly, careful to look in all the corners before paying attention to the covered mounds of resources. Once he was convinced he was alone, Cameron lifted one of the tarps. “Holy shit! This is it! The holy grail!”

Tom, Rachel and Kelsey hurried down the wooden steps and saw Cameron smiling. He flipped the tarp away like a showman and revealed a neat stack of wrapped insulation. “The mother fuckin’ jackpot!” It was only one of several covered stacks.

“This is a good enough find for today.” Cameron moved the flashlight beam around the basement. “I want to get a count of what’s down here and we’ll call it a night.”

“I don’t like not having eyes up top.” Tom felt his way back to the stairs. “I’ll keep watch while you guys count.”

“That’s what I like to see. Good thinking, Tom.” Cameron handed Kelsey the flashlight as he pulled out his notebook.

Tom stood in the open air and breathed in the summer humidity. Summer days could get pretty hot up here but he was originally from North Carolina. That place would be damn near unbearable in July and August, becoming so humid that it would be hard to breathe. This mountain air was far more crisp and Tom found it pleasant. His eyes caught the motion of several birds flying over some nearby trees. They were moving quickly with jerky motions as if they had been startled. Tom’s old hunting instincts began to fire up.

A lone infected human walked with a dragging gate along an unobvious path. “Sooooo hungryyyy.” Its moaning voice was a barely perceived whisper.

Tom was focused on the monster as it moved, careful not to make any sudden motions of his own. It was just across the street, coming out from behind one of the other houses. It was at most 100 yards away. When he was sure he was clear of its peripheral vision, Tom moved to a place with a clear line of sight within his bow’s range. He pulled up the bow and drew it. Once he was satisfied with the shot, Tom cleared his throat.

The infected man froze and began to turn around. “Hungry?” The arrow landed perfectly between its white washed eyes. The infected man fell back and hit the ground without making another sound.

“Nice shot.”

Tom flinched violently and swore as he spun around. “Holy shit, Kelsey. You just scared the fuck out of me.” His heart was racing. He had not heard her approach him at all. He would have been impressed if he was not so keyed up.

“My bad. I saw you creeping and couldn’t help myself. Dad sent me to get another flashlight.” Kelsey pointed towards the truck. “You good?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t have a stroke, old man.”

“I’m not even that old.” Tom grumbled as he walked over to retrieve the arrow. Was Kelsey purposely moving her hips that much? It seemed likely since the young woman did not have enough curves to swing on their own. He quickly looked away as she glanced over her shoulder at him.

Tom knelt next to the dead man and tried not to look as he pulled the arrow the rest of the way through the hole. He wiped the grime away on the infected’s shirt and then checked to make sure the arrow was still in good shape. It looked okay, so he knocked it back to his bow. That is when he heard Kelsey shout out in surprise.

Tom spun quickly scanning the area for the threat. He saw Kelsey back peddling as quickly as she could before her long legs got tangled up with themselves. Kelsey fell back and there was no time left to stand up. Even stunned, her legs worked, kicking her back and away. The infected woman staggered towards Kelsey, awkwardly favoring its right shoulder. Kelsey’s machete was lodged in deep. She just barely missed the creature’s neck with a powerful down swing. The infected woman was too damaged to speak, it gnashed its bloody teeth mechanically as it chased Kelsey.

Tom would have quickly handled the situation with a single arrow but Kelsey did not see the second infected that was coming around the other side of the truck. It was closing in and had a wicked grin on its face. Tom ran, knowing that if he stopped to shoot, it would cost too much time. He dropped his bow as he got close but kept the arrow in his grip. With the form of a football linebacker, Tom lowered his shoulder and nailed the infected that was trying to flank Kelsey. His momentum sent the creature flying. It would have been comical if not so dire.

Tom kept moving after reestablishing his balance. Tom leapt over Kelsey and plunged the arrow he held into the infected woman’s chest. It reeled back a foot or so before collapsing. His arrow snapped but he considered two kills with one arrow to be plenty. Tom yanked Kelsey’s machete out of the shoulder of the dead woman and finished off the other infected as it was trying to stand up. Tom stood over the fallen infected, breathing hard as he tried to calm down. The adrenaline in his system was making his eyes throb.

“Tom look!” Kelsey scrambled to her feet quickly and pointed. A mob of infected ones were coming out from around a house like water from a broken dam. The very house Rachel and Cameron were currently in.

“No.” Tom felt shock move into his limbs like ice. “Rachel!” Tom started to run for the house but Kelsey grabbed his arm.

“Stop! Think about it! They already see us. If you run down there, you’ll take the mob right to them!” Kelsey bent down and snatched the bow Tom dropped. “Come on, I got an idea!” Kelsey grabbed his hand and pulled.

Tom took one last look at the flimsy looking frame house and felt completely terrified. Rachel was in there but Kelsey had a point. The mob was absolutely focused on them. He forced his legs to loosen and followed Kelsey’s pull. She led them back to the supervisor’s trailer and she hurried in to grab their packs. She tossed Tom his and put hers on. “We got a spot close by. We set it up last time just in case this happened. Come on.” Kelsey ran and Tom followed her.

Kelsey looped around the complex, making sure to stay in the mob’s sight. She wanted them to keep moving forward instead of focusing on tearing up obstacles. When she made it to a lot, several houses away from where Rachel and Cameron were trapped, she began to use cover and move more carefully. Tom followed her closely, becoming increasingly impressed with the young woman’s skill. Her aim was to steer the mob into wandering off on their own before ducking out of sight. “In there!” Kelsey pointed to a supply shed that was just out of the way off the mob’s trajectory. Tom was again impressed. The shed was defended with metal sheeting set at angles on the corners. Besides a small gap in the front, any mindless wandering thing would just roll off this random obstacle.

They quickly opened the door just wide enough to squeeze in. Kelsey went first then Tom after he handed his gear through to her. He shut the door as quietly as he could and made sure the latch caught. He moved away from the door, placing a hand over his face to keep from breathing in too loudly. The sound of a hundred moving bodies grew louder as the mob approached. Kelsey was digging for something in her pack and quickly pulled a two way radio out. Tom was about to snatch it, thinking the scared girl was about to start shouting into the radio for help.

Kelsey pushed the transition button on the radio and tapped her fingers against the mic in a quick pattern. She held the speaker to her ear and waited with her mouth covered by her other hand. They stared at each other with panicked eyes as they tried to breathe quietly. After a few seconds, Kelsey’s eyes widened in surprise. She nodded at Tom and he relaxed a bit. Kelsey tapped her fingers on the radio and put it back to her ear. She did this several times, talking in code to Cameron.

As they calmed down inside the sweltering equipment shed, the infected mob marched by slowly. They were all inquiring about the direction of their prey, slowing to a shuffle without having an obvious target. The good thing was, they typically move in the same direction no matter how slow they walk. Kelsey had steered them well but now they would have to wait for the mob to pass by. The heat inside was almost as bad as being outside would have been. Still, the sunlight coming into the cracks was fading. It would not be long before the sun set and the air in the mountains would cool rapidly. Until then, they just had to sweat it out.

Cameron placed the flashlight on the floor and clipped the radio to his belt. He placed a finger on his lips and began to move. Rachel saw what he intended to do and quietly helped. It took them only a few minutes to stack the rectangular cuts of insulation into a makeshift barrier. They arranged a place to sit behind the improvised wall using a blanket from Cameron’s pack. Now, if an infected one were to wander down here, it would not immediately see them. It was only a little protection but some was better than none.

Cameron sat down on the floor and leaned back against the concrete wall. It was cool down here in that damp way that most unfinished basements were. That is probably why Rachel was feeling the heat coming off Cameron like a radiator. Why did he have to sit so close? It was making her stomach knot up. She could smell his musk and did not find it unpleasant. Cameron was older than her, probably by a decade at least. She had been 25 when this whole thing started and he already has a grown daughter. Still, he was one of those men that aged like good wine. His salt and pepper hair mixed with his wise brown eyes in an endearing way. He reminded her of a teacher she had a crush on in high school.

The reason Cameron sat so close became obvious when he whispered what was going on. Rachel was relieved because a few minutes ago, they heard Kelsey shout but then nothing else. Cameron and her must have a plan for the situation though because when Rachel tried to run up, he stopped her and made her wait for a signal. After the update, Cameron and Rachel sat quietly for a while. They listened for any sounds from above but they could only make out an occasional footstep on gravel. At some point, Cameron shifted his weight and Rachel realized she was leaning into him.

“Shit man, I’m sorry.” Rachel sat up straighter. “I didn’t even realize I was leaning.”

“S’alright. No harm.” Cameron did notice and was sitting still on purpose. It felt nice being this close to a woman again. A married woman, granted but he is not trying to fuck her so he felt no guilt in a little snuggling. Besides, being trapped and alone like this, what would be the harm in a little comfort. “Hey Ray? I’ve been thinking. About when we picked you up at that fire station.”

Rachel’s stomach did that weird little flip again. No one except Tom ever called her Ray. She usually told people not to do it but for some reason, she did not hate it coming from him. Still, it felt like toeing a line. “What about it, Cam?” She purposely put inflection on shortening his name as well.

Cameron gave her a sideways grin. He could barely see more than an outline of the woman but he knew her features. He was subconsciously noticing a lot about her. She was attractive, he guessed her to be upper 20s, maybe 30. Old enough to be a proper woman but still young enough to be daring. He also liked her challenging eyes. He guessed she would be one of those wild in the bed types. Cameron tried to shake those thoughts away. “About what you said with the other camps. It’s really that bad everywhere? You’d think with a law of averages, there would be more good places.”

Rachel thought about it for a minute. “There were a couple good ones. They… they aren’t there anymore. I think it’s more sad than that though. I don’t think all those places started out bad, you know? I believe most people are innately good. Something just happened to them and twisted their perspective.”

“That’s incredibly insightful. I don’t think I could look at it like that, if I was against them. I like to be open to people but that’s a big risk for anyone these days.” Cameron started fidgeting with the flashlight even though the beam was off. “I just wish there were other groups to trade with and stuff. The kind of thing that will rebuild society.”

“That’s optimistic.” Rachel tried not to sound too petulant. “It took us thousands of years to build what was and lost all of it in just two of them.”

“We haven’t lost all of it. The infected aren’t targeting libraries and museums. They can’t erase our language or history. When this virus runs its course, and it will run out eventually, we’ll be able to rebuild. I guarantee it.”

Rachel felt moved by his certainty. “That’s a good dream. A real good one. Even if it doesn’t happen in our lifetime.”

“Right. Gotta keep looking forward.” Cameron looked at his watch and saw it would be dark outside. He could not help but worry about Kelsey but she was smart and strong. They have been in this situation before, it would not help to worry about it. She would send another signal if things got bad.

“You talk like a local level politician. What did you do before all this?”

Cameron chuckled. “I was a supervisor at a machine shop. Nothing too glamorous. I did win a debate title when I was in high school though.” Rachel laughed quietly. “What about you?”

“I was an office assistant at a bank. Super glamorous.” They were quiet for a bit. It was a comfortable silence that let them both remember what was before. “Who knows? History is full of sadistic tyrants that rise and fall. If that hurries along and good people step up, then we can open your trading post.” Rachel nudged him playfully. “Cam’s General Store.”

“Hey, that’s not bad. I hope you were giving that away.”

Rachel laughed quietly. “It’s all yours.” Rachel thought about Tom and wondered what he was doing. Knowing him, he was probably chewing his nails to bloody stumps and worrying about her. He worried a lot when they were together, it was probably worse in times like this. She wondered if she should be more worried than she felt. Maybe so. There was something about this man beside her that made everything feel okay. He was like a preacher or a gentle doctor, someone who could make you calm with a smile. No wonder he was a leader.

Rachel’s heart began to beat wildly as words began to form on her tongue. The words held weight and felt a little naughty. She let them sit for a moment, thinking about the consequences of little things over time. They were wrong, she knew it entirely but the excitement she felt was just as strong. She needed this, wanted to feel a little special to someone other than Tom. It did not have to go anywhere, it could be just for fun. “Cameron, you can’t call me Ray…when Tom’s around. He is, or was the only one who calls me Ray.” She felt Cameron look at her but it was too dark to see anything. Good. She was sure she looked like a nervous girl.

“Okay. Understood, Ray.”

A thrill shot through her and she smiled a private little one to herself. She tensed when the weight of his arm draped over her shoulders. After a moment of hesitation, Rachel allowed herself to be pulled close. She placed her head on his firm chest and heard the sound of his heart. It was beating fast like hers.

“You can call me Cam whenever you like.”

Kelsey was bored. Actually bored. That was a wild idea even for her. She could not help but think about how different this would have been a couple weeks ago. If she had been trapped alone with Gregg, they would have spent the whole night fucking. Hell, they would have started a long time ago. That night would have passed much quicker than this. But then she remembered the way Gregg would get after sex. Sometimes he got distant and a little mean. Not enough to break her off though, no he did not want to lose that. Even if that is exactly what happened. Maybe, she corrected herself, the night would have started with a fun quickie and then would have been tense for the rest of the time. Or, at least until Gregg started to feel horny again.

She sat on the ground, barely able to see but still trying to find something to occupy her time. Her thoughts were on Gregg and though she missed him, young hormones rarely needed such sentiments. Kelsey’s body was responding to the situation as it was conditioned to do in these moments. For almost a year, anytime she was alone with Gregg, they would fool around. She realized that she wanted to fool around now. These moments were perfect for that kind of thing. Kelsey’s pussy felt bothered, urging her to touch it. Or rather, let Tom touch it…

Kelsey glanced over at Tom who was currently leaning against a wall with his eye to a crack. He was tall but thin. Not her type exactly but he was handsome with his scruffy beard and backwards hat. She remembered how he saved her, running in and taking out two infected with his bare hands. Well, close enough to bare hands. Gregg was always doing that too, keeping one eye out for her. ‘Fuck! Do I have a hero complex? Am I going to want to fuck everyone who saves me? What if it was Rachel that saved me? Then what?’

Kelsey’s mind showed her an idea, Rachel’s face between her legs with that mouth of hers attached to her mound. It was not an unpleasant thought. ‘In fact, why not eat her pussy? She is the one who saved me…FUCK!’

Kelsey’s mind was a spiral of sex thoughts that only got wilder as she listened to them. She was growing frustrated with the dilemma and decided to push, just a little to see how Tom would respond. She felt hesitant because Tom and Rachel seemed happy. But then again, Gregg and Laura kept appearances of a happy marriage while in public. She could not know until she tried. She decided to start small, perhaps if she gave him the opportunity, he would take the lead. She felt excited and nervous at the same time.

“Damn. It’s hot in here.” Kelsey whispered at Tom who was still looking through the crack.

“Yeah.” Tom was barely listening. The young woman had been sighing and fidgeting for a while. He understood she was bored but what could he do about it? He supposed keeping conversation was the least he could do. “It’s pretty hot.”

“Do you think it would be okay if I took my shirt off? I’m sweating like crazy and I don’t want it to get wet like the rest of me.” That got his attention. Kelsey could tell by the sound of the quick breath he almost choked on.

“I don’t know, I guess so. If you want to.” Tom wanted so badly to turn around at that moment but knew it would be a bad idea. Good thing it was too dark to see anything. Right? It was indeed hot here but it seemed that it could get hotter.

“Oh, that’s so much better.” Kelsey dropped her shirt. The air felt nice on her sweat slicked breasts. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds. She waited to see if Tom would try to even glance at her but he was apparently being good tonight. He looked far more stiff than he was a few minutes ago though. Kelsey decided to push her luck a little more.

“See anything good out there?”

Tom flinched. When had she gotten so close? Kelsey was almost touching him when she spoke. His reaction and her closeness was enough to ensure he touched her bare breast when he turned. “Damn! Kelsey, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were there.”

“It’s okay, no worries.” She remained close and sounded as cheery as she could manage. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

Tom laughed. “I just accidentally groped a young girl, no big deal. Right.” He was making every effort not to look at her exposed chest.

“Young woman.” She corrected firmly. “They’re mine, I can decide what’s not a big deal.”

“Fair enough.” Tom scratched his neck nervously. Kelsey was standing close to him, far too close. He could feel the current of her exhales. Her breasts were so close he could almost touch them just by swaying slightly. He wanted to touch her firm looking body but he kept his hands to himself.

“It’s okay if you want to take your shirt off too.” Kelsey spoke evenly, looking up into his eyes. He could not make out exact details but enough moonlight was coming in to see the seductive look on her face. “Later on, when it’s cold, you’ll wish it was dry.”

Damn. That was a good point but one he recognized it as a dangerous offer. If taking off shirts to keep them dry was an option, why not pants too? Kelsey was far too close for him to keep that thought going. She would have to be completely oblivious to miss an erection inches from her body. His eyes kept dropping to her perfect round tits and he was sure she noticed that. Her shy but seductive smile was too damn cute. Tom tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

“You can touch them if you want to. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” Kelsey’s honeysuckle sweet voice was like glycerin. She was volatile and Tom was starting to feel the trap closing in around him.

“I, uh. I better not.”

“Why not? You saved me earlier and I owe you one. I want to show you I’m thankful.” Kelsey reached forward and placed her hands on his right elbow. She tugged gently, giving him more than verbal permission.

Tom’s right hand moved up slowly and cupped her breast. It was as firm as he imagined it might be. She did have a sheen of sweat on her smooth dark skin and Tom’s brain began misfiring instructions. He ran his fingers over the swollen nipple that was poking out like his cock was about to. Kelsey’s breasts were bigger than Rachel’s, heavier in a way that was making his mind melt.

“That feels nice.” Kelsey cooed while still looking in his face. “Do you like them?” She sounded more her age now, slightly self conscious and nervous.

“Yeah, they’re- you’re amazing. But I really shouldn’t be doing this. I’m sorry.”

Tom’s hand started to pull away but she caught his hand and moved it back to her breast. “It’s okay, I won’t tell. And you’re only touching it. That’s not too bad, right?”

Tom knew it was bad. Really bad. “I guess not.”

“You can touch other places too, if you want. You did save more than just my boobs…”

“I better not.” He did not move his hand.

“Okay. I understand.” She pouted but stayed within reach. Kelsey watched him for a second, seeing his stunned male face in the moonlight. She leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on his parted lips. It was only a quick peek but she stayed near in case he wanted more. He did not flinch away so she kissed him again, lingering for a few seconds.

Tom’s lips twitched a bit at her contact but he did not push for more. Kelsey finally pulled away, realizing that he would not be taking charge. That was okay. Kelsey was just having fun. This could be a long game. They may get situations like this again and next time, he might be more eager. She just had to make sure he spent the time that they were apart thinking about her. Without moving away too far, Kelsey spoke with a heady whisper. “I’m so fucking wet right now, it’s driving me crazy. If you don’t touch me, I’ll have to do it myself.”

Tom’s mouth was a desert. He tried to swallow but nothing would go down. When he tried to speak, his voice cracked. “Uh. I don’t know. Umm. You want to, touch yourself?”

“Yeah? If you won’t do it, I can take care of it.” Kelsey knew what she was doing. This was a game she played before with Gregg. That man never could resist when she started playing with herself. She wanted to see if Tom was more resilient. “If that’s okay?”

“I guess it’s fine. Your body, your rules.” Tom knew better but when you are already in deep, what is a few more feet? Besides, he was not going to touch her there. Nope. Not at all.

Kelsey smiled seductively though Tom would barely see it. She gave him another light brushing of her pouty lips. “Come here, you can at least watch. That’s not too bad, right?” She took his hand and moved over to a chair that was still functional.

“No, probably not.” Big, big trouble.

Kelsey took her pants off and sat down on the chair. She was completely exposed now, her sweaty skin shined in the streaks of moonlight that came in through cracks. When she spread her legs, Tom could immediately smell her pussy and he felt more of his sanity float away. Was this even real? It was starting to play out like a wet dream.

Kelsey ran her hands lightly up her thighs, spreading her legs all the way open as her fingers moved closer to her sex. She ran some fingertips lightly over her lips, spreading them slightly to expose her whole pussy to the open air. She wished she could see Tom’s face but he was standing in shadow and watching her. It was not as good as a hard cock churning her insides but it was exciting to be watched like this. She was the center of this married man’s attention. The feeling was powerful in a way that made her drip with excitement. In this moment, she was the most attractive person in his mind. She was dominating Rachel without even touching the woman.

Kelsey’s fingers moved around her pussy in a way that suggested that she was still learning what she liked. She was still young enough to get sexual gratification from the clumsy handling. As she grew older, her technique would have to improve, become more focused. Maybe Tom could show her? No. No no. Just watch. That was what he was supposed to do. Right? He used to watch porn. Was this really all that different? It felt different by miles.

Wet sounds became louder as Kelsey picked up speed. Her breathing was coming in hitches and she was making adorable little squeaks with her voice. “It’s so wet.” Kelsey whispered at Tom.

“I can tell…”

“Too bad it’s hard to see.” Kelsey’s motions slowed as she gasped out whispered words. “The offer to feel it is still there.”

Tom was quiet, he was too scared to speak. He knew his mind would send the wrong words to his tongue. Finally, he forced himself to say what he should have said before. “No. I can’t.”

Kelsey felt disappointed but only a little. She got him this far and knew better than to push him too soon. “Okay. Fair enough. But if you want to help, I liked how you were pinching my nipples earlier…”

This, he seemed to have no argument against. He already touched her there, after all. Kelsey began to finger herself aggressively. She was already way too worked up and needed to get it out. Tom’s hand kneaded and pinched her nipples perfectly, showing his experience. She moaned and gasped as she quickly flew towards an orgasm. Her eyes were locked on Tom, imagining him buried inside her. He was already this close and touching her, it would not be that big of a deal to just pull his cock out and take her. She fantasized about him pushing his weight into her as her pussy began to spasm with the orgasm.

Kelsey wanted to cry out but quickly slapped a hand across her own mouth. Her hips bucked and jerked as she furiously rubbed her clit to completion. Tom was leaning over, his mouth slightly open in arousal. Kelsey felt the orgasm flowing away and with the last waves fluttering through her stomach, she reached up and pressed her lips against Tom’s. She lingered for a few moments before breaking away. She did not want to give him time to think about it.

“Wow! Thanks, I really needed that.” Kelsey lightly removed Tom’s hand from her chest and patted it sweetly. “I’d offer you some help but you’re being good tonight. Oh well, maybe next time?” Kelsey lightly kissed his cheek as she gathered up her clothes and dressed. She knew she could push him farther. He was barely resisting as it was but decided not to tempt him any more tonight. Kelsey had been very forward about what she wanted, he would have to show some interest on his own before she would give him any more for free.