These characters are both in their 20s. Any and all criticism is welcome.

Dolly and Marie were already making out before they even got through the door to their dorm. They shut the door and started tearing each other’s shirts and bras off. Dolly cupped one of Marie’s breasts as their tongues intertwined. Marie fell to her knees and brought Dolly’s pants down. Marie’s eyes widened, taking in her partner’s beauty. Without a second thought, she went to town on her. Her hands laid on her partner’s thighs as her tongue outlined the inside of Dolly’s vagina. She was looking for the sweet spot. Dolly put her hands on Marie’s head when she did.

“Ooooh yeah, right there. Oooooh, FUCK!” Dolly put one hand on the upper back of Marie’s head, and the other hand on her partner’s chin to make sure her tongue didn’t move out of place. She started grinding on Marie’s face. Marie could feel Dolly’s body getting hotter and wetter against her face. Marie watched her partner squeeze her eyes shut and tightened her grip on her head. She sped up her grinding until


Fluid spilled out of her swollen pussy and dripped down her partner’s chin. Dolly told her “Get up here, lady.” Marie stood up and looked into Dolly’s eyes. Dolly looked her up and down. She caressed her face and said “I love seeing me on you. How come it’s never the other way around?” Marie leaned into Dolly’s loving hand and answered “You know I love making you feel good and I know you love using me like that.” She giggled, then went on with “‘Tis the life of a sub. :)”

Dolly took Marie in her arms and pushed her against the wall. Her breath hitched as her girlfriend took control. “Come on, Marie,” said Dolly, “you’re always getting me off;” she bit her lip, “I wanna return the favor.” Dolly started making out with Marie, kissing her passionately as she took over her body. Dolly moved down Marie’s body, kissing on the way down to the waist. “Dolly… I…” Marie was taken over. She could barely get the words out of her mouth before Dolly took down her pants and panties.

Before her, standing four inches tall, was a penis. She looked up at the woman she had been dating for a month, and living with for two. A look of shame and embarrassment ran over Marie’s face. “Dolly, I didn’t want you to find out this way…” Dolly was silent. Marie continued. “I’ve been on HRT for two years now. I’m so happy with myself on estrogen, and I’m so happy with you. Most people are turned off or disgusted or worst of all scared when they find out I’m trans.” Marie started choking up and tears came to her eyes. “I wanted to be honest with you, really, I did, but I’ve lost everyone that I’ve told, and I can’t bare to see you look at me the way they did.” They fell silent for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly, Marie felt a jolt from down below. Dolly smooched her head. Marie was flustered beyond belief, and blushed as red as a tomato. “D-Dolly!”

“Shhhh.” Dolly looked into Marie’s eyes, rubbing her cock. “I’ve something to tell you too. I’m bisexual. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer women, and I’ve never even slept with a man…”

“And you’re not going to, right?”

Dolly stood up, put her hands on Marie’s shoulders, and kissed her on the cheek. “Marie…” She threw her onto the bed. “Woah! Dolly!” Dolly looked down at Marie and said to her “How can I sleep with a man when I’m with you? You’re as much of a woman as I am.” She moved down to her waist on the edge of the bed. She took her partner’s dick in her hand and started stroking it. “Now here’s what’s gonna happen. You’ve made me cum more than enough times in this relationship, so I’m gonna do some catching up.” Marie was quite flustered at this point and fumbling over her words. “B-but how can you if-f I don’t have a-“

“Shhhh.” Precum was starting to spill out of Marie’s slit. Dolly took her thumb and started rubbing it around. This caused Marie to spring sitting up. Dolly asked seductively “You like that?” Marie vigorously shook her head and went “MHM” in a high-pitched squeak. Her hips started bucking. Dolly continued in her deep, sexy voice. “You like it I rub your head? Does that make you wanna cum?” Marie squeaked “MHM!” again. Dolly took her thumb off Marie and said “That’s cute, but I’m not done with you yet.”

She started licking Marie’s length; teasing her up and down on her partner’s cock before swirling her tongue around the head. Marie lied down, arched her back, and bit her lip. She was shaking with anticipation and struggling to fight the urge to use her hands. Dolly stopped and grinned. She looked Marie in the eyes and said “Tell me what you want me to do.” Marie, trembling through intense breathing, said “Ssss, suck me. Pleeease?”

“What was that? You’ll need to speak up.”

“I… said…” Marie was overcome with ecstasy. She couldn’t fight her urges anymore. She sat up and grabbed Dolly’s head. She continued “Suck me!” and shoved Dolly’s head down. She grinded on her face. “Fffuck” she whispered softly. Dolly’s head may have been held down, but she still had a little control. She wrapped her tongue around Marie’s member. The saltiness of the semen was a delight to Dolly as her tongue danced around. Marie yelled “I’m gonna cum!” Dolly pushed her face to her partner’s base, ready to take her load. With one final thrust, Marie came in her partner’s mouth. Dolly swallowed all of it as she lifted her head from Marie’s pulsating penis.

Their breathing slowed. Their eyes met and they both smiled. Dolly asked “You have another round in you?”