We had known each other for about fourteen years.
I was married to his wife’s brother.
Both of our marriages were miserable.

We had some casual conversations over the years but, nothing more than that.
One hot August night my husband asked me to phone him.
They were going to be doing some kind of work together the next day and he wanted me to confirm the time.

As always, I followed the directives of my husband.
I dialed John’s number and we both acknowledged the meeting time.

A few moments later, I received a text from John.
I’m sorry “ he said.
“ How are you doing “?

that simple ,short text message began a hot and wild ride.

We started texting and talking on the phone as frequent as we could without being discovered.

Finally he asked me if I could get away for a little while.
I came up with some excuse to go out and grabbed my keys.
My husband just nodded and mumbled “ ok” eyes still fixed on the television.

I rushed to my car and drove towards my destination.
I was so nervous, so excited!
I felt like a teenager again.

I turned into the parking lot of our agreed location.
There he was.
He slowly stepped out of his old truck and shut the door behind him.

We smiled as we walked towards each other.
Not just any smile, an all knowing, wanting, hungry smile.

He pulled me into his arms.
We stood in the moment simply basking in the affection we so desperately Starved for.

We agreed to take his truck and leave my car at the Bart station.
We drove for a short while until we came to a semi secluded area.
We knew that we had a limited amount of time together.
Otherwise, we might be questioned by the tyrannical twosome.
That’s what we decided to call them from here on out.

We looked at each other for a moment and we were engaged in a soft yet sensual kissing session.
His tongue twirling around mine.
The temperature was quickly rising inside that old truck of his.

He ran his hand slowly up my thigh stopping briefly to give it a squeeze before traveling up to my mound.
God! I wish I had worn a skirt!
Even through my tight blue jeans I could feel his fingers trying to locate my sweet spot.
I don’t think he realized that, my entire body was a sweet spot for his touch.
We kept kissing and groping each other like the crazed, sex starved animals we were.
I rubbed my hand around his leg.
I felt the power of his member practically tearing through his pants.
He said heavily breathing into my neck and ear.
I was ready to go right there and then.
He brought me back to reality a bit by reminding me that we could be arrested for indecent exposure.
I moaned in sexual despair.
Just like that, he took us to the moment we had just been in .
He reached back and pulled out a large coat.
He put the coat over both of laps.
He struggled with the button on my Levi’s.
I helped him out quickly.
I took my pants down half way.
He slid his hand over my mound and began to spread the lips of my wet pussy .
OH ! Yes, yes that feels so good.
I kept repeating again and again as he stroked my clit with his middle finger.
He was playing me like a banjo.
I’m cumming !
I felt my splash of sweet release.

Once I regained my ability to think, I gently took his hard throbbing penis into my hand.
I reached down to my pussy and grabbed some juice to lube him up.
I stroked him slowly at first but, I could tell it was time to pick up the pace.
He had waited so long he couldn’t contain himself even for a minute.
He erupted like a hot volcano, his warm lava running down my hand and wrist.
For a second, there was an awkward silence as I’m holding up my wrist and attempting to act casual.
Suddenly we busted out laughing at exactly the same time.
He leaned into the back seat and retrieved what I assumed was once a roll of paper towels.
It now resembles a piece of dirty crinkled paper barely attached to wet cardboard.
I didn’t mind, he was trying his best to accommodate me With something to clean up with.

We held each other for a few minutes.
We both dreaded having to part.
We sat up and stretched, buckled seat belts and were heading back to our lives.

We stopped at the Bart station where my car was parked.
He walked me to my vehicle.
I looked in his eyes and I couldn’t find the words to say anything.
We wrapped around each other and held tight.
Time to let go “ I whispered.
He pulled away slowly as did I.
I turned towards my car and unlocked the door.
I glanced up to catch him looking over at me from the drivers side window of his truck.
We shared a sweet smile and went our separate ways.