Part 2

Frankie was up on the table in no time, doing a slow twisting dance in front of Jo’s chair. For his part he did just sit back, going with it and admittedly enjoyed the show. Her (his?) breasts were exquisite and the way Frankie moved in and out made go want to reach out and grab them for a feel. He guessed he should do something for his part of the show at some point.

“Wait!” Frankie hissed in a husky voice as Jo started to reach out. He put his hand down next to him as the breast came within kissing distance of his face again, before drifting away. Jo was impressed with Frankie’s balance and confidence up on the table. The baby-doll quickly got lifted up over her head and was caste thrown gracefully towards Jon, who caught it with a laugh. Jo noticed Jon rubbing his own cock lightly and the way it was growing Jo was sure it would be bigger than his won. The guy was seriously hung!

Seeing Frankie’s tight tiny stomach with two beautiful fake tits like beach balls wiggling around got Jo’s cock twitching, which drew encouragement from the audience, so Jo kept making it bounce back and forth, doing a dance of his own. It was quite awesome how hard his rod was and was staying. Never an issue anyway, this really was something else! Maybe a career in porn could be a way forward if he could get some more of those pills. The only thing he was worried about was that after so much time on edge he might end up exploding a little too quickly. He’d have to focus as best he could to hold back cumming till the right time.

Frankie had spun round and was dancing her ass on his lap. It was small but her cheeks were round and firm. Even though her underwear did an amazing job it was obvious there was more going on down there than most women had, but Jo was so wrapped up in all the rest of it that it didn’t matter so much at the moment. The feel of a hot hard back side rubbing up and down his cock sent thrills though his body and a moan escaped his lips, to which he heard a little giggle to his side and looked over to Jane. Wow she was hot for an older woman. Breasts just as fun to look at and he was sure would feel amazing, especially over his face, or wrapped around his shaft. Two fingers were buried in her pussy, slowly working, while she raised her other hand to her lips, proceeding to suck her middle finger down to the hand while staring him in the eye, her arms pushing her breasts together to create the most enticing cleavage.

Distracted as he was he hadn’t noticed Frankie’s change of position until he felt something hard on his dick. “Ow!” He looked down to see Frankie straight legged, bent at the waist, facing him, having a little bite of his rock hard rod.

“Eyes on me lover boy!” She winked and then went to work on him with her mouth. Jo’s head went back as her wet mouth enveloped him dropping from tip to base in no time, before drifting back up and going down again.

Fuck me….Thought Jo. I’m not lasting long here!

She really was amazing the way she fucked him with her mouth and lips. He could feel the tightening when his head got to her throat and it felt awesome. His balls started to twitch and he squeezed them tight to try to delay what was going to happen at some point. “Ugggghhh…..”

Frankie must have sensed what was cumming as she slowed right down and grabbed his balls in her hand, gently massaging them, while focussing her attention on his dick to tongue only and lightly up and down the underside. It was pure torture and heaven at the same time. Trying to relax he looked round to find some other stimulation to focus on and realised it wasn’t just him getting some oral attention.

The young Asian girl was now up on the top of the chair, straddling the fat man’s face. For his part he had her ass in both hands supporting her, while he went to work on her pussy. The way she held his head, was grinding her hips into his face and occasionally arched her body back, she was definitely enjoying herself. He was too if the medium length but soda can thick cock was anything to go by! She didn’t look big enough to take the girth by the size of her!

Frankie must have realised he’d come away from the edge because she raised up and straddled him. At first she made sure his dick went under her and pointed out from between her firm butt cheeks, which must have been hell of a sight. It provided just enough feeling to be enjoyable for Jo, without pushing him to the edge. Meanwhile her beautiful breast were in his face and this time she was happy from his to get involved, pulling his head in to suck on her glorious globes and nipples. She smelled amazing and tasted of salty goodness as he worked her body with his mouth.

Not able to resist he let his hands move round to her back and then get involved with squeezing and stroking her body. For her part Frankie looked suitably orgasmic and groaned through the attention, “yeh baby….squeeze me hard baby!” And Jo does!

Reaching behind her Frankie rearranges her thong and expertly grabs the hard cock, feeling the now leaking precum at the tip. “I came pre lubed, but looks like you got some extra big boy…” Her voice isn’t exactly a girls, but not a guys either, kind of low and husky which Jo found quite sexy anyway and even more so with big tits in his face and a hand on gripping his dick. He wasn’t lasting long with all this going on and his brain went a bit nuts when he felt Frankie lower her self onto his waiting cock, rubbing the head against her ass hole, then gently applying pressure from the weight of her body and then popping the head just into the doorway, with a little “oh…” from her lips. She then popped it in and out a few more times before pushing herself down firmly, beginning to ride his shaft, up and down the length, “mmmmmm…..big and hard baby, just how I like them!” She put her hands on his shoulders and tits back in his face.

“Oh shit!” Jo mumbled.

His hands went to her ass and he got properly involved now, encouraging the pace, giving up on self control, just needing to damn well cum!

As Jo got into his rhythm, Jon and Jane were chatting. Jane was still lounging in her chair, but Jon had taken up a position on the arm of the sofa, erection being lightly stroked by Jane, while he in turn caressed her breasts, with both having eyes only for the show.

“He was a good choice,” Observed Jane, “Can’t wait to have some fun with his….”

“I’m surprised actually, I thought he might not get stuck in like he has,” responded Jon, “but you be careful not to over do it, maybe keep it light and I can always arrange you a private session.”

“Spoil sport!” Jane screwed up her face, “I’ll take the session though! I can cum like a normal girl when I need to and at least I can have him fresh that way.”

They both watched and played as Frankie got impaled again and again on Jo’s impressive penis. “He’s gonna cum any minute,” Said Jane speeding her strokes.

“He’ll get a nice surprise soon then!” Said Jon with a chuckle, “and you can slow that down, I’m saving myself for Jenni!” He motioned towards the little Asian lady.

“You better get there before Hank plows in with his Coke can then!” They both laughed.

Jo was really into his rhythm now and was right on the edge, while Frankie grunted away and moaned on top of him. He still noticed out of the corner of his eye Jane stroking Jon’s penis as they talked together, which he found strangely erotic in the moment and hoped he’d get to feel how expert her hands were before moving onto other parts.

There was a lot of sweat and pheromones on the go in the room and he saw a slim tall man bent between the legs of the plump brunette with the huge breasts. He was eating her out while she twiddled her own nipples, pulling and twisting them in ways which must have hurt.

Then there was the tiny Asian lady who was now returning the favour and over the arm of the sofa, in the fat mans lap trying to blow his fat dick. Her mouth was almost too small and it looked ridiculous as she tried to get her lips round it while her little hand played with the biggest testicles Jo had ever seen. While she continued to squeeze the fat thing in her mouth he was able to reach behind her ass bent over the sofa and Jo reckoned he was fingering her ass, but it was impossible to tell from this angle. He hoped she got a good orgasm out of the exchange.

And then he felt it. The building tide of orgasm coming on. “I’m gonna cum Frankie…..” Through gritted teeth.

“Cum in me baby, cum now!” She almost shouted and rammed her body onto his cock again and again harder than ever. And Jo came! And he came! And he came! His body shuddered with the ripples of joy springing from his genitals with each ejaculation. He’d never come like this before and it was ecstasy. Later on he’d put it down to the strange situation, but a while after that he did begin to think the pills may have done more than just give him an amazing erection.

But right now he was in the throws of filling up Frankie’s ass hole with cum and squeezing her tits to his face with all his might, as his body shiver and shuddered. Once he calmed a little Frankie gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and a wink. “Better clean you up lover boy!” And she popped him out by raising her hips, which caused another post ejaculation shudder, then climbed off a little stiffly. Someone had put a towel by Jo’s feet, although when Jo had no idea. Frankie knelt down and immediately went to work cleaning up Jo’s sticky slippy cock. It was incredibly sensitive and too much pressure was a beautiful torture, but Frankie seemed to know this and was being incredibly gentle.

Looking round covered in sweat, Jo thought a few of those present may have cum as well, but most were just watching with big smiles and nods of approval. He guessed he did alright. He had not idea how soon he’d be able to go again and just hoped Jane gave him a chance to warm back up and recover some.

He realised at some point that his erection was still very much there. It hadn’t gone down at all and now the sensitivity was wearing off and Frankie had left it almost totally clean, still slurping away as Jo’s cum dripped out of her ass onto the towel, it looked pretty much good to go again. Totally confused Jo looked over at where Jon was back to stroking his own massive cock and gave him a questioning look, motioning to his proud member. Jon just shrugged and smiled.

Jo only noticed the person standing at his shoulder when they spoke, “come on gorgeous, I get first roll with you!” It was the heavily buxom brunette.

She was short but bigger than Jo normally went for, however he knew why he was here and although normally wouldn’t, she really did have some unbelievable tits on her, plus his cock was showing no sign of going down, so what the hell he thought. He got down from the chair and table to follow the brown haired bundle of fun, who led him to where the Asian lady was. “Go on Hank, go find someone else to play with, we’re borrowing your wife!”

Jenni smiled at huge boobs, looked Jo up and down as if seeing him for the first time, nodded and stepped out of the way for the fat man. Hank grunted and got up, his impossibly fat cock fully erect. “Who the fuck am I gonna find to take care of this if you two are busy!” But before waiting for an answer he wandered off.

“I’m Brenda.” She flopped into the seat Hank had been in. “And I love to have my boobs and pussy worshipped, so come on you two!”