When it snows in Atlanta, everything typically shuts down. I decide to take advantage of an empty gym, this way I can take my time and enjoy a nice workout. Once inside I stripped down and got into my leg day routine. 10 mins in I heard the door slam shut. To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one with the same idea.
She was short…nice thick body. Her curves grabbed my attention. It was hard for me not to stare, but I didn’t want to be a creep. So I hit play on my Apple Watch and continued my workout. In between sweat-fueled sets, I would catch her glancing at me. Watching my quads get larger with every lunge. Staring at my 6 pack as I wipe the drenching sweat from my forehead. As I sat down to use the decline leg press, she soon followed after. She stood on her side of the machine and began to strip down to a very tight pair of biker shorts. I couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to stretch, exposing her juicy pussy lips as she touched her toes. I had a feeling that she was purposely teasing me. Purposely showing off for me. I regained focus and went back into my last few sets. As I reached for my water bottle I noticed her staring at my bulge in between the machines. As I stood up, her eyes swayed side to side as she watched as my Big Dick swang back and forth in my grey sweats. I decided to finish up with some ab work when an alert popped up on my phone.
“AirDrop from Eryn”
I had no recollection of an Eryn, so my first thought was to ignore it. Then a second alert….another AirDrop for Erin. I opened the message to find a video of my sexy gym partner in the Ladies’ room. Her legs were spread apart as she fingered her pussy slowly.
The second message read…..” would you mind-stretching me out? Cum knock twice if yes.”
I gathered my gym bag and headed to the ladies’ room. I can hear the shower running and Meg The Stallion playing from a portable speaker. I anxiously knocked twice. Steam rushed out of the door as Erin opens. She then grabs me by my collar and quickly yanks me in.
She’s completely naked….dripping wet from her shower. I then gently push her back against the door. I drop to my knees and place her thigh on my left shoulder. The pussy that I’ve been fantasizing about was right in front of me, waiting for me to devour. I give one slow lick from the inside of her juicy pussy lips, twisting my tongue around until I meet the tip of her clit. My tongue swirls up and down, side to side…teasing and sucking her clit. I move her hips up a little so that I can tongue kiss her dripping wet pussy walls. I can barely fit two fingers inside of her as I stand to show her nipples some attention. I softly suck her right nipple, biting down on her breast with the perfect pressure. The pain mixed with pleasure is what Eryn’s body needed. Her hand reached down to my throbbing dick. She gripped back and forth, admiring the girth and longness. She grabbed my balls and massaged them as she was getting closer and closer to squirting down my fingers.
But I wasn’t ready for the to cum…
I dropped her leg and spun her around. Giving her ass a hard smack, she immediately placed both hands on the door….she knew what time it was. I grabbed the front of her neck, and could her gasp as my Huge dick head opened up her tight neglected walls. Her legs began to shake as I stroked and choked her to ecstasy. The cream from her walls covered my long black dick, making her wetter and wetter with every thrust. She begged me to go harder as she tried to throw her thick ass back against my abs. She arched her back so that I can palm her ass, while I choked her harder. That’s when she began to scream….and shake…and smile from the dick she knew her sexy ass deserved. She could feel my Dick begin to throb. Eryn screams “I want all over my face, please Daddy.” The command instantly shot vibrations through my body as she dropped to her knees to stroke and tug and slob all over me. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly fucked her throat until I could feel my balls emptying my load all over her welcoming face. She then grabbed my still erect dick and sucked until there wasn’t a drop
left. I slap and slide my Dick across her lips and chin. She wipes and licks the hot cum off her face and lips. She Thanks me for the workout she needed. We exchange IG profiles and vow to be each other’s accountability partner.