There is a lot of backstory to this because there was a lot of deep emotions involved for me that I think some of you might enjoy. But if you want to skip to start of the arousing part go to the second date section.


I first want to get this all cleared out first because I can foresee a lot of judgement towards me happening. I live very much in a Christian bubble. I consistently go to church, am active with the community, and most of my friends are from church. I didn’t have any intention to have sex before marriage, but it happened.

I have always struggled with pornography which I am pretty shameful about. Yes often I do feel like hypocrite and this experience does make me feel even more so. My closest friends don’t know and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever tell anyone. Take it as you will but my faith has always been once that I struggle and wrestle for; often times I think it would just be easier to stop pursuing but in the end I find the pursuit worthwhile.

All that being said, I do have a lot of fantasy’s that make me wish I could find some woman like one of those top posters on gonewild that would discreetly help me learn to have incredible sex and show me all that I have been missing all these long years. This experience has further enhanced that desire and fantasy. I don’t know if I would ever pursue this, but I do think about it and often I do feel a pull or desire to find a discreet fwb or something.

Meeting Bella:

While I’ve been told that I “cute” once in a blue moon, I do have a lot of confidence issues and don’t view myself as someone very attractive. I am of East Asian descent, on the shorter side at 5’5, and skinny. I never had luck with women and spent many nights heartbroken as crushes passed me up. Since women seemingly never wanted to look my way, I spent all my 20’s alone; often wondering what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t find a single girl that would simply like me as much as I liked her.

But then one day, two years ago I met a girl at the local climbing gym. At the time I was 32 and she was 27. I’ll say her name is Bella and my name I’ll say is Kai (for anonymity our names are obviously changed).

Like I said we met at the climbing gym, she was there with a friend and I happened to walk over to where she was because there was a bouldering problem I had been projecting for the last week near her.

I am not the kind of guy that likes to bother women when they are at the gym. I may glance over and think to myself: ‘Oh, she’s really pretty’ or something like that; but other than that I just go about my own business and try to respect that they probably don’t want to be stared at or be bothered.

Bella was one of those women that when I got a glance I thought she was beautiful. She had a slender figure, long beautiful black hair with an ever so slight natural curl, gorgeous olive skin, and the kind of beautiful face that when you look upon you get the sense that she’s a sweet and wonderful person.

When I approached their vicinity, I kept a respectful distance and dropped my stuff and proceeded to the bouldering problem to attempt it. Bella and her friend were chatting but as I approached the problem their chatting slowed down to observe me.

As I started climbing their chatting stopped and as I got further on the problem and tired, they started to shout words of encouragement at me. Now, this is very typical for fellow climbers to do even for people to we don’t know.

Eventually, I succumbed to exhaustion and fell while trying to get to the next hold and lumbered back to my stuff to rest. As I slumped down tired and stared back at the problem, I did a quick glance at Bella and her friend. Both beautiful, but to me Bella was the more beautiful one.

To my surprise a moment later Bella got up walked up to the same problem I’ve been working on and jump onto it. Her movements were graceful, slow, methodical, fluid, and flowed with elegance.

Her body resembled that of a woman who loved climbing; slender, appropriately muscular, powerful, and intoxicatingly beautiful. She wore a simple shirt, that wasn’t too loose or too tight. Her leggings however hugged her stunningly sculpted thighs all chalky from climbing and her absolutely perfectly sized perky butt.

Her climbing was so beautiful it was like she was floating. She passed the spot where I fell, but soon she started getting tired too and I too started shouting encouragement towards her. But she too would fall without finishing the problem.

Bella, her friend, and I eventually started to talk to each other. Introducing ourselves, talking about beta (the potential solution for a climbing problem/route), and other small talk. Her friend would eventually tell us she had to get going, so Bella and I found ourselves alone working on our project and learning more about one another. Eventually, she had to go too but we exchanged numbers.

Bella and my first date:

The next day, I somehow mustered the courage and texted her to continue the conversation we were having the day before. Soon we found ourselves texting novel length messages several times a day even with our busy schedule.

Still, because of my inexperience with women I was unsure if Bella would be remotely interested in me. After all unlike me, she is extremely smart (she was finishing her master’s for a highly lucrative tech degree with an almost perfect GPA), absolutely gorgeous, and just an incredible person.

We both love coffee and are both a bit snobby about it and as we were discussing that I was trying to work up the nerve to ask her to go explore a local coffee shop. To my surprise she asked me before I could. So here I am suddenly even more attracted because I found a girl who is fearless, confident enough to ask guys out, and knows what she wants.

So we planned and scheduled the coffee date. It was sweet; we talked, laughed, and surprised each other with how many common hobbies and things we liked we both shared. At the end when we were saying our farewells she hooked her arms around my neck and quickly drew me down and buried her face into my neck (Bella is shorter than me at 5’0). My arms wrapped around the small of her back and I felt a surge of intimacy unlike what I’ve ever experienced from any other hug before. We always had these moments where we would just magically take deep breaths in unison to express our content whenever we cuddled, and that started with our first hug. I breathed deeply the scent of her hair and she would do the same of my cologne on my neck. I was a hug that I could FEEL that neither one of us wanted to let go.

Afterwards our text conversations resumed since we parted ways. By the end of the day I asked her out on another date a week later. That week felt like it was forever, even though we were texting a lot.

Bella and my second date:

Saturday eventually came and Bella and I would go on our date. We decided that she would meet me at my place since her university was 10 minutes away from my place and she was studying there. She came by, I introduced her to some of my roommates and my dog and then we were on our way. We drove to a new climbing gym and talked extensively about a lot of things. After climbing we went to a really great sushi restaurant, she ordered some saké, but I didn’t have any since I was driving.

Bella and my conversations just happened naturally. Eventually, the conversation turned to religion. I talked about my faith, church, and so on. When I asked her about hers, she told me she was agnostic. I felt a pit being created in my stomach. Bella checked so many of my boxes and yet there was an incompatibility for an important part of our lives. Regardless of what anyone thinks or says, it does matter for the vast majority of couples to have a successfully relationship.

Nevertheless, our evening still went smoothly and even the drive back to my place our conversation didn’t cease and neither did the laughter. When we got to my place, I parked behind her car and we talked a bit while longer. Eventually during our talk that while we really did like each other, we agreed that we probably should just be friends because of our religious differences.

As we were about to part ways, I asked Bella if she’s okay to drive. She told me that she was still slightly buzzed but she should be good. I felt uneasy about her response, so I asked if I could drive her home instead and pick her up the next day after church and bring her to her car the next day. She agreed and I started to drive her home (she lived with her parents while she was finishing up grad school).

I recognized the neighborhood having grown up around it and our conversation steered towards us growing up. We ended up visiting the elementary school I went to, ran around the playground laughing, and walked around. It was around 11 at night so it was just us. The chemistry between the two of us was electrifying to me. This was the first time I ever experienced something like this, had a woman welcome my advances, and in return pursued me back. It was emotionally invigorating and I was drinking up this experience having been starved from it for all my life.

We were walking around some gardens, it was windy and chilly so we decided to go back to my truck for me to take her home. And that’s when it happened. I don’t know what came over me, but as Bella turned her back to walk ahead of me, I gently grabbed her arm and pulled her into me. Her arms instinctively wrapped around my waist, I brushed her hair to place my right hand it on her cheek, and I brought my lips to hers. In that moment, Bella would be my first kiss. While this is the beginning she would become the first of a lot of my experiences.

Her lips were soft and tender. Our tongues found each other’s and we lightly bit one another’s lips. We stood there kissing in the windy and chilly night in each other’s embrace. A sudden strong swirl of wind would make us shiver and realize how cold we were getting and break up our locked lips. We gave each other another quick pecks with wide grins and then would half speed walk and half run to my truck laughing.

Once we got to my truck, I moved my center console upright and our make session continued. We would kiss some, cuddle, then kiss some more. My fingers through her hair while my hands caressed and explored the more innocent areas of her body. Her hands cupped my cheeks during our kisses; caress my neck, arms, and chest; and draw me close to her.

We eventually ended up with her sitting between my legs, her back to my chest, my head hooked on her shoulder and cheek to cheek, and my arms wrapped around her stomach. I kissed her cheek and smelled her hair deeply. Our breathing was in sync and every once in a while we would take a deep breath in unison again like we did during our first hug and sigh together in content.

Around this time I released that I have been semi hard and wiggled a little bit to try to make it not obvious, but it was probably pretty obvious to Bella. After all I was basically splitting her but cheeks at the time.

I moved one of my hands over to her face and brought her lips to mine again, and then started to move my hands. They went under her shirt and I slowly moved them up and I whispered:

“Is this okay?”

“Yes.” She whispered back.

My hands moved further up and grabbed her small boobs and lightly groped them over her sports bra. Her breathing became slightly heavier. Our lips found each other again as well as our tongues. I slowly moved my hands under her bra, being a sports bra it was tight, but my fingers found her delicate sensitive nipples aroused and hardened. She let out a small moan as I played with them and as she did I move my face away from hers, ducked under her arm, lifted her shirt and part of her bra, and put my mouth on to her nipple. I suckled on it a little, gently gave it a light nibble, and then gave it a light peck as I move my mouth away to let my fingers play with the first boobs I have ever touched as an adult.

As my face lifted away from her breasts, I caught a glimpse of Bella’s grin as she whispered into my ear. “Oh, you’re naughty.”

With those words, I felt pulled to be even more brazen and started to slide one of my hands down into her pants. However, her hand reached down and stopped me.

“Not today.” She whispered.

“I want to taste you.” I whispered back.

Bella grinned, and pressed her lips into me and played with my tongue with hers. My hand was now resting on her below her abdomen outside of her yoga pants. I move it down between her legs and as she did she welcomingly parted her legs. I rubbed where I thought her vagina would be (having never been with a woman I was completely guessing and didn’t know exactly where my hand should be). As I started to rub she whispered out one of those alternating pitch squeal moans that was like “OHHHH-hhhhhhhh”. Her breathing was heavier and her eyes were closed, suddenly she turned straddled me and grinded on top of me. My hands found her absolutely perfect perky climber girl butt cheeks. Sculpted and just flawless they fit into my hands perfectly too. Honestly, I tend to be more of a boob guy (I think) but Bella’s ass was just so impeccable, I would become obsessed with it.

So, now I have a full on erection and she’s grinding on top of me. I keep on hand wrapped around and holding her ass and the other I place on the nape of her neck to pulled her face to mine and kiss her deeply and whisper: “I want you.”

She gave one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen and whispered:

“Not tonight.” And then kissed me in a way that I made me just want to melt. She stopped grinding me, but it didn’t matter. I was starved of just getting to kiss a woman and Bella regardless of any of her imperfections and her overlooking all of mine, was perfect for me right then and there.

The time would continue to pass that night in my truck and we would kiss, cuddle, touch, arouse and tease one another over and over again. We didn’t want the night to end. But as time crept on we stay together and the night was fast becoming morning; around 4:30 we reluctantly came to our senses and decided to say goodbye. I drove her to her parent’s house, we kissed one more time and me one more fondle of her amazing ass, and then I watched the girl that at the time I didn’t know but would subsequently start falling in love with walk into the darkness of her home.

I drove home, with an erection just thinking and lusting after her and smelling her scent all in my car. In just a few hours I had to wake up for church and after I would get to see her again. My heart ached and I longed to be with her. My beautiful Bella.

I didn’t know it at the time, the next couple weeks would be euphoric and Bella would be the girl who takes my virginity.

Note: I’ll continue the story with subsequent parts. Just don’t have time to write everything right now.

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