As much as I post slutty pictures on reddit with filthy captions, I’m very different in real life. I’m more shy, I rarely ever make the first move and I don’t actually have a lot of sexual experiences. But on here, I get to be an absolute slut and sort of live out my fantasies and get off to men sending me videos of them cumming to my naked body.

So there’s a guy that I know, who I hang out with pretty often. We get along, the conversations are always good and more than once, there was a feeling that something was going to happen. As in, a moment where we nearly kissed but didn’t in the end, even if I really wanted to. So fast forward to last night, he comes over to just hang out for a bit and we proceed to drink a lot of wine. It wasn’t on purpose, started as a casual glass but soon, we’d nearly finished two bottles. We hugged a lot and I remember just staring at his lips, sort of hoping he’d do something. But again, nothing seemed to happen and he got up to leave at around midnight. At the door, we hugged again and when I looked up at him, he just went for it. (finally!)

I responded immediately, and soon we were making out pretty vigorously. We went back inside, where he pushed me onto the couch and got on top of me. His hands were everywhere as we kept kissing. He hoisted himself up to unbutton my shirt and soon enough, my bra came off as well. His lips were everywhere, all over my neck and tits, sucking my nipples and occasionally back up to kiss me. His other hand started wandering to my ass, as he slid it below me. And between my legs, I could feel his dick starting to grow underneath his pants. By now, I’d started to take his shirt off as well.

I then suggested we go to my bedroom, where he pushed me onto the bed before wriggling my pants off of me, and then proceeded to climb on top of me again. I was so incredibly horny by this point, so when his hands starting circling my clit, I was already so wet. My hands were in his pants, giving him a steady handjob and I loved hearing him moan a bit in my ears.

I liked his cock so much, I decided to get on top of him, kissing him at first but slowly going downwards. I kissed his chest and slowly got to his crotch. I lowered his pants a little to reveal his extremely erect cock. At first, I kissed the head of his cock and then started to take it in my mouth. He lay back, with his hands still squeezing my tits. At some point, I started to really go at it when he also grabbed my head and started to control the way I sucked him off. It started getting slightly rougher, and I could start to taste his precum. I took a break from sucking him, to tit fuck him instead. His cock was easily lost between my tits, because he didn’t have a particularly large cock. He was groaning by now, and pinching my nipples. I got back to sucking him off, more vigorously this time. He tried to slow me down a bit because he said he was going to cum, but I wanted his cum so I didn’t. Finally, I could feel ropes of warm cum splatter the back of my throat. I didn’t know if I wanted to swallow at first but then I just did with one big gulp. He looked at me, looking super content.

But then with one swift movement, he was on top of me again. He grinned as he pulled my legs apart, “time to return the favour”. He licked and sucked my clit, making it wetter than it already was. And he continued to grope my tits for leverage while he tongue-fucked my pussy. It felt like my body was on fire, and I never wanted him to stop. I finally came pretty loudly, probably the best orgasm I’ve had in a while.

We cuddled after that, and he left around 2 am but I think I’ll see him again soon for some more adventures.