This story is from about 2 years ago when both of us were in high school (both 18 at the time), in our senior year.
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I’ll call myself “Joey” and the woman in this story “Katy”.
Katy is a short (maybe 5 foot even), light-skinned mexican girl with long dyed blonde hair and very nice curves and butt and boobs that might be a little big for her body.
I’m a half white/half caribbean guy, 5’10, pretty slim, with a skin fade and a thick top head of hair i keep swept the right.

At the time, i had started senior year more popular as the past 3 years of high school i was very fat, had a shaved head, terrible acne and was very mean person. Some character development the previous school year lead to me realizing all my internal issues and essentially spent the summer shredding weight and generally trying to be a better person. I hadn’t seen anyone from school all summer except my only friend at the time, “Miguel”.
Miguel had been in a flirtationship all summer with Katy, which i thought was a waste of his emotional energy considering Katy was the “token lesbian” at our school (her chosen title not mine). When school started back up, a lot of people didn’t even recognize me due to the weight loss, new glasses and fresh sense of style. Katy and Miguel had spent a lot of time hanging out in between classes and after school and i’d occasionally hang with them or pass by if i wasn’t busy playing into all the people who wanted to be friends with “Joey 2.0”. I liked the attention but new it was superficial, still the girls were generous enough.

A couple months in, i volunteered to join the senior team for our Homecoming committee, mainly because i was banging the girl in charge of our team (Carly)but also i wanted to be involved. Katy was also apart of the team and Miguel would hang around just to try and steal some attention from her. I had never talked to Katy any years prior but Miguel had introduced us (wanting my approval). During our committee meetings though Katy started saving a seat for me and we would make small talk or make fun of situations or other peoples goofiness. After i’d gotten friendzoned by the girl in charge of our team for being too clingy (aka wanting to cuddle after sex or makeout during it). Katy had noticeably upped her attention grabs at me. I questioned her about it and she said, “Your a nice guy and good listener, and now we can flirt without your boo thing (Carly) getting mad. And who knows Miguel might even catch us!”
I was horrified at the idea of betraying my friend like that, even if i believed he was stupid for pursuing the “token lesbian”.

Fast forward a month, Miguel and Katy had a falling out due to some unwanted advances. Both of them tried using me as shoulders to cry on and I honestly didn’t really like having to play both sides so i removed myself from the matter but ended up offending Miguel who ghosted me and got with his ex “Violette”. Homecoming was a week away and Katy seemed to be the “no duh” winner of homecoming queen.

The night of homecoming before all the class royalty nominees made their introduction rounds Katy approached me with her fwb to ask how she looked. She was so stunning. A beautiful white flowing dress with glittery makeup. I told her to go snag that crown and save me a dance for one of the raunchy songs. As i turned she tugged my arm and said “Wait can i get a good luck kiss just incase?” Confused i just started at her and closed my eyes trying to collect myself. She interpreted it differently and went in kissing me. It was a long kiss but her soft lips made it very enjoyable. After she drew away she smacked my butt and said “Surely i’ll win now” and walked off giggling along with her fwb. I just kinda walked off and joined the crowd, feeling mentally flashbanged. Katy wound up winning Homecoming Queen and had her slow dance, before the event turned into a rave style event (California schools am i right).

I remember dancing with Katy during some hip hop/rap song the DJ put on and she ended up grinding super hard on my crotch. I placed my hands on her hips to guide and hold her in place. Shortly after she turned around and facing me to dance we just smiled and laughed at each other. Eventually it turned into a small group and we watch some kids breakdance and bust other moves. Katy asked to talk selfies on my phone. And i saw little of her the rest of the night.

The next morning i woke up slightly hung over to a 9:30am alarm i don’t remember setting. I then saw 2 reminders labeled “be here by 10, bring starbucks.” that went off hours earlier while i was sleep. I also saw that Katy had stated sharing her location with me. I called her twice but was sent to voicemail immediately each time. She just sent her location and again paired with a “:)” . Getting the message i drove to the location, picking up starbucks for her and a couple red bulls for myself. Katy lived in a rural part of town in a very large 3 story house. I rung the doorbell and was greeted near instantly by Katy who was wearing fuzzy slippers and a purple silk robe with her hair in a messy bun.

She snatched her coffee out my hands and gave me a big hug wrapping her stubby arms around my waist. I hugged back smirking saying, “oh good morning, your majesty.”
she pulled away and tried to hit my chest but i pushed her hand away. She tried again but i caught her hand once more and gripped her wrist tightly. Something primal and instinctual washed over me and i pulled her arm over her head and pushed her through door way up against the adjacent wall and held her there. She bit her lip and gave me puppy eyed stare. I brought my face close to hers as to go for a kiss but stopped short and said in a low voice “are your parents home?”
“no they’re out buying presents for my counsin’s quince all day.” she replied now pouting.
“Good, i’m hungry and a bit hungover. Get some eggs started.” I said pulling away from her and releasing my grip on her arm.

She walked into the kitchen and i made my way to bathroom by just randomly checking doors. I kept my hardest trying to play cool and relaxed but honestly i was anxious and forming a semi. I jeans on which helped conceal a bit but i spent a while in the bathroom trying gather my cool and process what was going on. What was coming over me? why did i greet her like that? Katy was so hot, but i’d never seen anything close to this behavior. And she was the “token lesbian”
I spent however long in the bathroom collecting myself and found my way to the kitchen where she was preparing eggs and bacon. We made small talk over breakfast but there was tension in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife. Katy told me she had some sourdough bread proofing and wanted me to try the first batch later but it would be a while and offered to chill in the entertainment room in the meanwhile. I agreed and followed her to the third floor where a large room with a 75” tv and speaker entertainment system was set up. She put on Lucifer on Netflix and we watched an episode or two sitting on the couch. She shifted to a laying position resting her head in my lap. Naturally (thanks Carly) i started to play with her hair and caress her arms. As an episode began to auto play she paused the show and got up and stood in front of me hands on hips.
“What’s wrong, your highness” i said mockingly, “Somebody hungry for attention?”
She giggles, “Yea i only won that title with your good luck. And maybeees.. why do you think i brought out of town on a weekend?”
Not trying to play into her i chose to play arrogant instead. “Dunno. I do know that yes it really was because of me if we’re being honest. Your dress was nice but it wouldn’t have been enough otherwise. Plus no one really likes you.”
She laughed and punched my shoulder and sat sideways on my lap.


Now partially aware of her intent and really wanting to poke the bear, i continued, “Honestly you have a real spotlight now. I deserve a reward dont you think?” as i grabbed her waist and got her close basically whispering softly into her ear.
We locked eyes for what felt like an eternity before she went in for a kiss. It was slow and passionate at first, but i responded with more aggressiveness and a bit of tongue. I slid my hand through robe to quickly find nothing underneath and my hand on a soft breast and stiff nipple. She gasped but continued into the kiss. I began to play with her nipples and massage her breasts. I was now stiffening pretty hard, and started feeling that primal sensation return. I undid the silk robe and pulled it off of her to reveal her tan naked body and luscious curves. She pulled away and stared at me.
“What are we doing, girly?”
“I don’t know, but i want more. I want you”
She whimpered and groaned as i slid my hand in between her thighs. “Beg then.”
I repeated.
“Please daddy, i want you. Make me feel good daddy.”
That’s all i needed to hear. I got up and flipped her onto the sofa, tossing her robe aside. I knelt down to eye level with her pussy.
“Be a good girl and spread your legs for me.”
She groaned and spread her legs revealing a very clean and sweet smelling pussy with a triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair on her crotch. I kissed her inner thighs and began to lightly blow on her clit. Her pussy smelled like lavender and tasted freshly clean. She gasped once more and began to get very wet. I flicked my tongue against her clit and pulled away, repeating this over and over for minutes.

“just eat my pussy already,” she practically screamed. I obliged and dive my face between her legs. Licking and sucking her clit. Occasionally sliding my tongue into her whole. She was only the 3rd girl i had gone down on She was squeezing her tits and breathing very heavy short breaths sounding like she was passing out. I paused to asked if she was okay and she responded by forcing my face back down into her pussy. I ate her out paying close attention to her movements and sounds.

Sucking and biting her clit seemed to have the best response, i so kept that up until she started bucking her hips and screaming curses. At that point i used my left arm to push her legs up and over my head and used my right hand to finger her with 2 fingers while i continued to go down on her. I could feel her pussy walls vice grip my fingers as her body started shaking with her practically screaming bloody murder. Her thighs were thick and over powered my arm and she death gripped my skull between her thighs as she rode out the orgasm.

When i felt her body begin to relax and her breathing fight it’s rhythm again i pulled my mouth and fingers away and met her face with my own.
“Wanna taste yourself?” She nodded and began to suck and lick my fingers clean. It’s not exactly want i meant but it was a welcome turn on. I was hard as a rock and could feel precum leaking out, i needed relief badly. Soon we started making out as i pulled her up off the sofa and held your soft smooth and lightly sweaty skin. I squeezed her fat juicy ass and and explored her body as we kissed. I had become so infatuated with her in such a short time. Her hand began to rub my crotch. My fuck was close to tear fabric at this point and she knew it just as well. She stopped kissing and grabbed my hands holding them, and staring with her sweet brown puppy dog eyes. Like a lamb to the slaughter, she led me down the stairs to the second floor, to her room. She had a collection of plants, self made paintings and pottery and some colorful tapestries decorating her room. She left me at the foot of her bed and crawled onto it, laid on her back and slid her body down to me.
“I want you to look me in the eyes the whole time you’re fucking me.” Katy said in a seductive tone.

Trying my best not to take my eyes off the breadth of this gorgeous naked woman put on display for me i undressed fully and pressed the head of my dick against her entrance and asked for a pillow. I had her arch her back up and set the pillow underneath her for some elevation (thanks for the tip Carly). I began to rub her legs and grabbed them pulling her closer to me and thrusting into her simultaneously. She let out a gurgled moan. I’m about as average in length and girth as you can get, but Katy’s pussy was the tightest i’ve ever experienced even to this day. It was like nothing had ever penetrated her, like her pussy was constantly trying to push my dick back out. It was amazing. I began with slow long thrusts keeping her legs up and against my chest.

Every few thrusts i’d kiss her legs or her feet and then i let her drop them and grabbed her waist. Still holding eye contact i winked and thrust as hard as i could into her. She gasped and began biting her lower lip. I rapidly picked up the pace and let my body take over and use her as my reactive sex toy.
Katy curses a lot during sex.
Creating loud echoes of “Oh shit”, “fuck yes”, “fucking fuck”, “shit fucking fuck just like fucking that ohhh shit” (my personal favorite which made me laugh a little).
All of it was very sexy coming from her. Her walls began to tighten and i felt like i could go a bit more but wanted her to really feel this next orgasm. Her small frame allowed for me to easily reach for neck and begin to choke her. Simultaneously i began rubbing circles on her clit while pounding away. Her pussy tightened even harder, bordering the point of pain. Her breathing picked up and i could see beads of sweat running down her face. Her face tightened as she tried to hold herself together.

“It’s okay, princess, you can cum for me.” I said as i applied pressure to her clit and neck and pounded as hard as my hips would let me.
“Joeyyy…..” was all she able to get out before turned into moans and screams as she reached her climax and begs in squirting like a fire sprinkler all over my dick and hand. I kept going, slowing a bit and removing the hand from her neck to rub her thigh and hip to avoid causing her pain and let her ride out the orgasm. She wrapped her legs around me tightly and i felt her walls crush my dick (in all the right ways of course). I could hold out no longer and shot ropes of cum into her for about 30 seconds straight.
It took us both a few minutes to come down from the high. I pulled out of her to hear her shriek on more time before i crawled onto the bed and cuddle next to her.

“I… i’ve never done that… before.”
“oh the geyser thing?”
she slaps my shoulder and i laugh. She mocks my laugh but cuts short as she is still out of breath.
“I guess then you’ve had some pretty inattentive girlfriends, Katy.”
and flips over now facing me and we lock eyes, and then she kisses my forehead. I respond with a lick to her face. She tries pushing me away in playful disgust.
“Whaaa, bro you just drained lake michigan on me and probably my clothes too. You also ducked your own coochie off my hand. How is licking you gross.” i say condescendingly.
“Joey, i’m not your ‘bro’. I’m your lover now,” she says in a soft tone i’ve never really heard from her before.
“Lovers? you’re a little gay for me Katy i dunno…”
“Actually i’m gay for other women. I’m just attracted to your personality and now i know dick feels a bit better than tinder girls with long nails.”
“Wait was i your first-“
“Yes. And you won’t be the last of you keep up with these questions. Can we just be in the moment?”
I paused, trying to think of what to say and not to say. The euphoria was wearing off and i began to realize i just boned a friend i’d never really thought of in this way before. But in that moment Katy looked like a Latin goddess and given this would of never happened to someone like me 6 months ago, i caved into her. I nodded yes.
“Okay good because my family should be back in 3 or so hours and i’m trying to cum like that again.” she said smiling cutely.
“Eh, only on the condition that you let me help test your blowjob skills. I imagine you might be lacking in that area.”
She swung her leg over me and lightly grounded against my upper thigh. The she brought her face very close to mine and i closed my eyes to go for a kiss but was met with a sloppy wet lick across the face.

We spent the rest of the day fooling around, experimenting on each other. I did end up getting her to squirt again though not nearly as much. We only hooked up a few more times that semester, (the relationship evolved quite a bit later) acting as reliable sources for pleasure when girls weren’t available for either of us.

I have more of people are interested.