This was a few years ago. Her name is Ash. Straight blonde hair, 5 foot 1 inches tall, green eyes, about 120 pounds, smaller waist but just a tiny bit of a belly with a fairly fat round ass and plump, perky B cub boobs. Her curves were lovely and fit her frame perfectly! She wasn’t fit but she was in great shape overall. She had very obviously had a crush on me for years but of course I just ignored her because she was way too young and also my sister’s best friend. She used to sit on my lap when I was laying on the couch at my parents house and always looked for any opportunity to touch me when I was around. We weren’t really friends but would text about random stuff here and there. She never acted like anything but my sister’s friend.

Her 18th birthday happened during the week in the Fall and my sister asked me if she could bring some of her friends over to celebrate Ash’s birthday because I had a house out in the country where they could have a bonfire and hang out without getting in trouble. I didn’t mind at all so they all came over on Friday after school. I wasn’t expecting them until later on Friday so when I got home from work and I saw that Ash was already at my house I was a little surprised. She was just chilling in her car but when I pulled in she hopped out and greeted me. I didn’t realize it at the time but she planned it just right. She parked her car so she would be blocked in by everyone else (including me) so she had to be the last person to leave. Smart girl.

She gives me a big hug and squeezes her whole body against mine and gave me a quick look into my eyes like she was hunting prey. I just ignored it because that was completely normal for her when it came to me. She said everyone else was right behind her so I helped her grab some stuff from her car and we walked out to where I have my bonfires. I started building a fire and by the time I was done most of her friends had arrived.

So they have a grand old time and I just casually hung out to watch the fire and make sure no one got too rowdy. One by one the girls start getting tired so eventually everyone either leaves or heads into my house to crash in my guest room. Of course all of a sudden it’s just me and Ash by the fire. We chitchat a little bit and I was letting the fire go out at that point so I asked her if she was okay getting home and she said “well your car is blocking me in and I’m really tired. Can I just stay?” I said “Sure, but you’ll probably have to take the couch since the guest room is full of my sister and some of your friends.” She said that was fine so we both walked inside.

I got her some blankets and a pillow but when I delivered them to her she asked me to sit down on my couch next to her. She said something about how she’s always appreciated how nice and accommodating I am to my little sister and her friends and of course I say “that’s what big brothers are for!” By the time I got that sentence out of my mouth Ash was straddling me like a cowgirl with her hands on my chest. Ever so lightly grinding herself into me. She asked me if I remembered how she used to sit on my lap like that and I said yes. Then she said she remembered more than a few times that she sat on my lap she could feel how hard my cock would get through my jeans. She said sometimes she would get so wet that she would go play with herself in my parents bathroom!

At this point I was stiff as a board and she knew it because she was sitting right on me. Before I could say anything about her comment she had dropped to her knees on the floor and was unbuttoning my pants. The next thing I knew her shirt was off showing her perfect little perky tits and she had my dick in her mouth. Even if I wanted to tell her to stop and that it was a bad idea once she had me in her mouth it was all over. She was inexperienced but it still felt amazing. I told her how I liked it and she did a great job and really got me going. After I watched her suck my cock for awhile I knew that there was nothing I could do other than throw her on my couch and make her mine!

I stood up and picked her up from the floor by her waist, throwing her onto my couch doggystyle. I don’t know who tried to take her pants off faster, me or her. As her panties peeled off of her tiny, pink, and hairless pussy I could see she was soaking wet. I didn’t hesitate another second and just plunged my cock into her without a second thought about protection. I pounded her from behind until she was whimpering and shaking as she had a huge orgasm on my cock.

I flipped her over into missionary with her legs spread wide open and fucked her until I was about to cum. Watching my dick disappear into her perfect little pussy was a site I will never forget! It really didn’t take me long watching that and her perky little tits bounce for me to be close. At this point I was edging myself and I could feel my pre-cum leaking into her. I told her I was close and before I could ask her where she wanted it she started saying “cum inside me! Get me pregnant! I want your baby!” I have a pretty big breeding kink so hearing her say that sent me into full-blown primal mode. I pumped every last sperm I could muster into her perfect little hole and stayed there until I was soft and I just fell out of her. All of my cum stayed inside her except for one little drip and she clamped her legs closed and put her panties back on. She cleaned my cock, said thanks, kissed me goodnight, and laid down on my couch under my blanket. I went bed in my room.

I made my sister and Ash and the few other friends that stayed over breakfast the next morning and Ash acted like nothing had happened. They all left and I didn’t hear from her for a few weeks. Then I got a text. It was Ash telling me she was pregnant and was planning on keeping the baby. We got lunch that weekend and talked about it. Decided we wouldn’t tell anyone I was the father and I could just pay her and see my kid whenever I wanted.

About three months goes by and me and Ash have had a lot more sex in those three months. Pregnant sex is SO HOT. Well her first semester of college she decided to do abroad in Europe and she found a good school in Sweden. Her mom is Swedish so she actually has dual citizenship which gives her access to really good schools. She said she was also planning on having our kid over there. She goes but she doesn’t feel good after the long airplane ride and she doesn’t get better. Two days later she goes to the hospital with a local friend of hers who knew she was pregnant and it turns out the stress of the flight on top of it being her first pregnancy caused her to miscarry.

We were both pretty sad but agreed we were probably better off. She stayed in Sweden for two semesters and after she came home we talked and agreed to forget about it. We both wanted some more sex but figured we were pushing our luck so we put some distance between us. We still talk fairly regularly. She just graduated grad school!