I(40M) was a late bloomer. When I finally found my stride in my mid twenties, I made the most of it and enthusiastically spent the next five years making up for lost time. These stories are from the days before I met my (now) wife. I can’t remember all the details but the story is true, although I’ve obviously changed people’s names.


The fact is that no more than 10 minutes after meeting Sarah, I was sliding my hands up her dress as she furiously clawed at my belt. This isn’t a humble-brag. I’m really fucking pleased with myself about this one. But, I still have no idea of how it came to be. And so, I attribute it to sheer dumb luck. It was a right place, right time kind of thing.

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning.

Unsurprisingly, when my boss Adam invited me to join his stag do, I jumped at the chance. However, the best man hadn’t made any plans for when the pubs closed, and the night was over far too soon for my liking.

Unfortunately, my usual Friday night party crew were already in a club somewhere and I didn’t fancy queuing alone, outside in the cold Manchester rain. So, I said my goodbyes and grudgingly headed back to my apartment. My flatmate was away for the weekend and, but for the events I’m about to tell you about, I probably would have had a posh wank on the living room sofa.

As I got to the lobby of my apartment building, a girl about my age was pulling a copy of The Economist out of her mailbox.

“Snap”, I said, holding up own copy of the magazine. As she turned to look at me, I realised two things. Firstly, I had never seen her before, and secondly she was beautiful. Sarah was about 5’4 with long brown hair and big green eyes. Her coat was unbuttoned and her figure hugging dress left little to the imagination. I instantly wanted to bury my face in her tits.

“Aren’t we exciting” she joked, holding open the lift door. “I know”, I replied, as I pressed the button for the 8th floor, “I was on a stag do and the groom peaked too soon!”.

“I was really up for a big night too, but my friend decided to get the last train home. I got all dressed up for nothing” she laughed. I thought I was being subtle, but she later told me later that it was quite obvious that I was checking her out.

We made small talk as the lift ascended. As the door slid open, I shot my shot. “Nightcap?, I suggested nervously, offering my arm and gesturing to the hallway. “I’ve got a bottle in the fridge, and you really shouldn’t waste that dress…”

At the time I was newly single and out of practice. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when she tipsily stepped forward and linked her arm into mine.

I pulled her close to me as we walked down the corridor, having met only minutes earlier. As I opened the door, Sarah excused herself to freshen-up.

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity put on some music, dim the lights and pour a couple of glasses of wine. I honestly can’t remember, but I probably lit a few candles too.

When she walked back into the open plan lounge, I noticed that Sarah had slipped off her heels and touched up her lipstick. And, as she sat down next to me on the sofa, it was clear that she’d applied some more perfume too.

“Cheers!”, she toasted, teasing me for my previous corniness. I played up to it by doing an exaggerated yawn, lifting my arms up and dropping one around her shoulders, pulling her in for a hug. “You smell good” I said, “did you do that for me?”. I moved in closer, feigning a need to smell her perfume but using it as an excuse to touch the side of her neck with my lips. “You smell delicious, but what do you taste like?” I asked, gently kissing her neck. She breathed in deeply and then let out a long relaxed moan as I started nibbling her ear lobe. Before long our lips had met and we were kissing with increasing intensity.

I pulled her up to standing, still exploring her mouth with my tongue. I started with my hands on her waist, but it wasn’t long before I’d slipped them down her legs and then back up again, bunching her dress up as I squeezed her firm arse. Moving behind her, I continued kissing her neck as my erection grew painfully tight in my jeans. There’s no way she couldn’t feel it against her back as I unzipped her dress.

I find it so sexy helping a woman undress. Sarah was a little shy as she stood there in her black push up bra and matching thong, but she had no reason to be – she was absolutely gorgeous. She was slightly tanned from her winter sun holiday and had freckles on her back. She clearly looked after herself, and I was putty in her hands. I took just a millisecond to take a mental snapshot, before picking her up and pushing her back down on to the sofa. “That was quick”, she teased, “the song hasn’t even finished yet”.

I knelt on the rug in front of her and held her gaze as I began kissing up her bare legs, alternating between them, each time growing closer to her mound. I could smell her arousal, and she sat up slightly as I eventually pulled her underwear down and began to eat her out. Despite having quickly gotten her dress off, I actually love to tease; suddenly taking it slow and then speeding up again. I would happily have been down there for days, savouring every second, but it wasn’t long before Sarah climaxed, leaving a little wet spot on the sofa.

“Your turn” she said, standing up, downing her glass and unclipping your bra. “Which one is your room?”.

I lost my clothes on the way there.

We fell on to the bed together, and as much as I love blow jobs, I love 69s more. The sloppier the better. Sarah didn’t disappoint, and she sucked enthusiastically on my cock whilst playing with my balls. I don’t think Sarah came this time, but I certainly did. In fact, I was so turned on that despite the alcohol coursing through my veins, I came within a minute, apologising to Sarah for the flood of cum that she couldn’t contain in her mouth.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again and slipping on a condom. I took another mental snapshot of Sarah slowly sinking down on to me. I could feel the ridges of her vagina as she began to ride me, with her large, natural breasts swinging in rhythm. As she got faster, I bucked my hips trying to get as deep as possible. I played with her nipples, one of which was pierced, rolling them between my thumbs and sucking on them when Sarah leaned forwards guiding them to my mouth.

When Sarah sat back, exhausted, we switched from fucking like animals to something more tender. As she rocked back and forth, I gently rubbed her clit with my thumb. We both came together this time. Having blown my load quickly before, I was able to hold on until I felt her orgasm arriving. I think her eyes were closed in the moment, but I vividly remember her hair falling forwards over her face, some of it sticking to the sweat glistening on her forehead.

Sarah lay on my chest afterwards, enjoying the last ripples of her orgasm as my dick softened and eventually slipped out of her. I wrapped my arms around her, my hands finding their way back to her glorious arse.

Waking up the next morning was a little awkward. But, it wasn’t long before I was back inside her again for a morning quickie. Sadly, the adrenaline of last night had worn off and the sex wasn’t anything worth writing about. We did exchange numbers and go on to see each other a few times. But, despite our best efforts we weren’t able to recreate the excitement of that first night.