This happened about ten years ago.

At the time I was 25 and had just gotten out of a long term relationship. I was pretty bummed, because it ended so poorly and needed to find a way to drown my sorrows. I had a friend that lived in a large city, and made the road trip to his apartment downtown. We went out to a bunch of dance clubs and bars that night, and I flirted with other women for the first time in years.

The last place we went to was a decent sized dance club, with a ton of people. The music was loud and the lights were low, and I found myself at the perfect drunkenness of not being too drunk but feeling good at the same time. As I was headed to the dance floor I noticed this woman looking for something behind a speaker. She was in her mid 20’s, about 5’5”, with red hair and freckles. She was skinny with a nice ass, wearing jeans and a v neck t-shirt. Her boobs were not that big, maybe an A or B cup. (For those wondering, I’m 6’2″ about 200 lbs, fit with brown hair and blue eyes.) If I had to compare her to someone it would be Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers.

I approached her and asked what she was doing. She looked at me and giggled, saying that her purse fell between the wall and the speaker. I helped get it for her and we started talking, as much as two can in a loud dance club. After about a half an hour of chit chat, last call was called and I brazenly asked her if she wanted to come back to my buddies place with me. She smiled coyly and said Ok, but had to check in with her friends first. She left, and came back a few minutes later and we headed out the door to my friend’s place. My buddy was with his gf, and when we got there they took off to his bedroom, leaving me and the redhead alone in the living room.

Without saying much, and without much warning I just went in for a kiss and she reciprocated, kissing me back deeply. After a few minutes of this, I got up and took her to my buddies’ guest room. When we got there, I shut the door and she immediately kissed me again. She then dropped to her knees and pulled down my pants, grabbed my cock and started giving me a blow job. This was the first time in a few years another woman was sucking my cock, it was incredible. I pulled her up eventually and we both undressed ourselves.

I laid her naked pale, freckled body on the bed. It was obvious she was a runner, with just a hint of a six pack and rock solid legs and ass. I went straight for her pussy, licking her red haired, trimmed tight pussy with long deep strokes. Her moans made my cock rock hard, and my balls were engorged from not being emptied in some time. She pulled me up after some quality work on her pussy and asked if I had a condom. I did, slid it on and then slid inside her.

I hate condoms, but understand their necessity. Even with the condom, I could feel her tight pussy clench my cock as I gave her long deep thrusts. Her legs wrapped around me tight, I picked up the pace, as I did her moans rose many octaves. I fucked her like this for maybe 10 or 15 minutes when she told me she was going to cum, which are the magic words for me. As her pussy tightened, her back arched under me and she began to shake. At this time I told her I was going to cum, and did, inside the condom, inside her. We both breathed heavy as I stopped thrusting, her legs still wrapped around me.

We talked for about 30 minutes when we started kissing again. I got hard and she give me another blow job. I told her I didn’t have another condom, but I could see if my buddy did. She told me not to worry about it, got on top of me and slid my dick raw inside her tight pussy. This was the feeling, the wonderful feeling of a pussy all around my bare cock. She rode me so well, her perfect stomach flexing with every motion of her hips. My hands grabbed her ass and guided her on my cock. I knew this was going to be a marathon, she was wet as could be and seemed as though she couldn’t get enough. I soon fucked her from behind, with hard thrusts that caused her body to move forward. She then laid all the way down as I continued to penetrate her lovely hole.

With me still on top, and her laying face down, I pulled my cock out and started to tease her ass. I’d apply a little pressure then stop, sort of testing the waters. She turned her head and looked at me, and told me to do it. I quickly spit on my hand and rubbed spit all over her asshole. My dick was already wet from her pussy. I slowly slid my cock in her ass and she really started to moan. After a few minutes i was fucking her hard in the ass, while she started to rub her clit. She told me she was going to cum again, and I kept up the pace. As she came I could feel myself get close, and told her I was going to cum too. She didn’t say anything, and so I filled her ass with the second load of the night.

We took another break, I used the bathroom to wash up a bit, as did she. Again we talked, and again we both wanted more. This was certainly a marathon, and I’ve never had sex for this long ever before. The third time around was not fast, or fucking. It was slower, more sexual. I imagine she was sore, as was I. I slowly slid in and out of her, kissing her, caressing her. We tried most positions, but in a slow almost love making way. She came a few more times, less intense than the first few. The sun was rising, and she was on top of me when I told her I was going to cum again (for the third time). She told me to go ahead and I filled her pussy with whatever my balls had left.

After even more talking, she said she had to go, and with the light coming through the window I noticed a tan line on her ring finger. I asked if she was married and she said yes, and that it was a long story. She called her friend to pick her up, and she left. Never got her number and never saw her again.