This happened a few months ago.

I go to the gym frequently and I started to notice this sexy fit woman coming in at the same time as I did a few days a week. She was short, like 5’3″, brunette, brown eyes, fit, really nice legs, hard round ass and B cup boobs. She had the body of a gymnast, with slightly darker skin. I’m 6’2″ about 200 lbs, fit with brown hair and blue eyes.

I saw her at the gym for about a month or and we always made eye contact, but I didn’t do anything about it. She had a ring on her finger, like a silicone ring that one would have to workout with. One day she was on the squat rack and couldn’t rack the weight properly so I came and helped her. We made small talk for a bit and that was it.

For the next few weeks I’d see her and talk, with some casual flirting about how she looked. I’d tease her about needing to carry a step stool around so she could reach thigs without asking for help. She’d laugh and playfully punch me and call me names. Finally I asked for her number, knowing she was married. She said I was bad, but gave it to me anyways. We texted each other for about two weeks on and off, and things got sexual.

She never sent any pictures, but would mention things like how long it’s been since she was last fucked and stuff like that. We started working out together occasionally. Her outfits were becoming more scandalous- like just a sports bra with leggings. The sexual tension was building.

One day after a workout we walk out of the gym together out to the parking lot. I have a sweatshirt over my tank top, with sweatpants over my shorts. She has a hoodie over her sports bra and some colorful leggings on. We get to her large SUV and I ask her what she’s going to do the rest of the day. She mentions something about taking care of herself, and I take a step closer and say that I can help with that. She steps in too and kisses me, long deep kiss on my lips. I embrace her, and grab her ass and her neck, and pull her in close.

We kiss for only like a minute when she pulls away, unlocks her SUV and opens the door to get into the back seat. This was a large SUV with captains chairs and a third row. The windows were tinted fairly dark. She hops in the seat and i follow, shutting the door behind me. I sit in the captains chair and she immediately straddles me, and kisses me again. I’m already hard as a rock and she reaches down and grabs my cock through my pants. I start to pull down her leggings as she kisses me, inching them down as fast as I could.

She wasn’t wearing underwear, which was a surprise. She gets off of me and moves to the other seat to get the rest of her pants off. Her pussy is shaved cleaned and obviously already wet. She gets on her knees and pulls off my pants, shorts and underwear. My cock springs up and she then straddles me again, and starts to grind her wet pussy on my hard cock. I take off her hoodie as she teases my cock with her wet pussy. Finally, with her hoodie off and only a sports bra on she rises up, grabs my cock and slowly slides it in. I’m fairly thick so she doesn’t take it all at once, and goes slow. Her pussy feels incredibly tight and I moan as she slowly takes more and more of me. She gets closer to taking most of my cock when she starts to moan herself. I reach under her sports bra and feel her boobs with her erect nipples. She picks up the pace and starts to ride me, moving her small body up and down on my shaft. I start to thrust up to match her moves and move my hands to her hard ass to help guide her movements.

As she rides me I kiss her mouth and tell her how good she feels. Her moans are getting louder and more frequent, and i suspect she’s about to come. Just then she tells me she’s going to come so I thrust in her hard as she grabs the back of my head and really pulls me in. There’s no way I’m going to last after this move and I tell her I’m going to cum soon too. She tells me to not stop and to cum inside of her. As I feel her pussy clench my cock I erupt inside her fit body, filling her with load after load of my seed. She can feel my throbs and really lets out a moan, as do I. We both stop after we finish, her still on top of my, her head on my shoulder gasping for air.

This has let to many more rendezvous the past few months.