I am a hobbyist photographer in his late 40’s. I generally take landscape and wildlife pictures and over the years, I’ve become quite good at it and have a collection of nice lenses etc. I post my pics on social media and get lost of admiring comments from friends and family. Then one day, my talents led to a very interesting offer and eventually one of the hottest sexual experiences I’ve ever had.

Out of the blue, I was contacted by an acquaintance who I hadn’t heard from for a while. We had once worked together many years ago. He was about ten years younger than me. He messaged me to ask if I would be interested in doing some photography for him, said he wouldn’t be able to pay a lot, but there would be a bit of money in it. He also mentioned that he’d chosen me because he knew I could be discreet about it and knew that I was “cool”. I wasn’t sure what he meant by this, but I soon found out. When I replied asking him what the job entailed, he simply sent me some web links and a message saying, “This kind of thing. lol”. Much to my surprise (and I must admit, delight), the links were all to various amateur porn subs and featured some very explicit pictures of him and his young wife engaged in various sexual activities. All the pictures we quite poor quality, obviously taken on a not-so-great camera phone. I have always enjoyed porn immensely, and although this turn of events was quite unexpected, I knew immediately that I had to say yes. After, I’m ashamed to say, pulling out my cock and stroking out a load to their amateur pics, I wrote back and said I would be happy to help.

It turned out that they were hoping to make a little money out of their hobby and required pictures of a far more professional standard to compete with the other couples on OnlyFans.

In the days leading up to our first shoot he and his wife sent me examples of the kind of pictures they were after. A date was made and despite some nerves on my part (which went away after the generous glass of scotch offered to me upon my arrival), it all went very well and was not nearly as awkward as I’d imagined it might be. For the most part, they pretended I wasn’t there and just got on with the sucking and fucking as I moved around them trying to get the best picture. Occasionally I would ask them to hold still for a moment so I could get a clean focused shot or ask someone to move an arm or a leg so I could get a nice unrestricted view of the action, but for the most part, I just let them get on with it. I was very aroused throughout, of course, but tried to remain professional. The best part for me was taking the close-ups. They had requested that I get some nice detailed shots as their fans seemed to enjoy them. Although for some of them I used a zoom lens, for many I’d had to get very close to the action with a smaller fixed lens. I found being in such close proximity very arousing. The sounds and the scent of their sex was incredible. As a straight man it was sometimes a little odd for me being that close to another man’s hardon, but in a way that added to the taboo thrill of it all.

Much to my delight they were thrilled with the pictures and over the coming weeks and months, I took many, many photos for them. I got far more relaxed in their company and no longer made any secret of the fact that the work was turning me on. I had confessed over drinks that I frequently masturbated to the pics I’d taken and they seemed genuinely flattered.

One night I was there taking custom shots for a fan who had requested pictures of the wife doing anal in various positions. They didn’t normally do anal, but the fan had offered to pay quite generously, so they agreed. The shoot went quite well, despite frequent rests for re-lubing and the final shots were to be of her riding his cock in a revers cowgirl position. She moaned loudly as she lowered herself down onto him and leaned back slightly and he was clearly in ecstasy. It was an incredibly hot sight to witness. I snapped away and eventually moved in for the close-ups. With her ass engulfing his throbbing cock and her open pussy on full display (and very wet, evidently she was enjoying the assfucking a great deal), I was hornier than I’d ever been at one of these shoots. I couldn’t help but lower my camera, admire the view and offer a little praise. “Your pussy looks fantastic,” I said. I raised the camera back to my eye and moved even closer and snapped off another pic, when to my surprise I heard her husband say, “then why don’t you eat it for her?”. I was a little taken aback but so aroused that I didn’t need telling twice. While he continued to fuck her in the ass, I began eating her pussy, which judging by her ever louder moans, she absolutely loved. As I did so, I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock and began to stroke it. When the wife saw this, she smiled coyly at me and asked if I planned on fucking her with it. By way of an answer, I positioned myself between her legs and slid inside her next to the cock still buried in her ass. And that’s how the evening ended, with me and her husband DP’ing his beautiful wife until our cum was dripping out of both her holes (a sight which I captured for posterity with my camera, of course).

We’ve done a number of photo sessions since this incident but none have yet become threesomes. I live in hope though that that was the first of many MFM experiences.