Me[18] and Hannah[18] both met during freshman year in high school. We had various classes together, so naturally, we became good friends. Now I was more of a quiet/nerdy kid. I was fairly muscular, but besides that, I didn’t think I was that attractive. Hannah however is a different story. Our school had many attractive girls, but Hannah is on a whole other level. She is a beautiful brunette with a nice pair of tits, and an absolute amazing ass that would get all the guys staring. Smart, funny, athletic. She is perfect. Every guy wanted her. Even tho me and her are just friends, I would be lying if I said I didn’t mind hooking up with her given the opportunity.

She had two serious boyfriends during high school, but none of them ended up staying with her after graduation. However, she told me the reason for her breakups were due to them not being able to satisfy her “enough.” We had a very open friendship. We are very physical with each other, we seen each other cry before, we’ve playfully flirted with each other, and we’ve even seen each other in our underwear before, mainly due to hanging out at the pool frequently together.

Our high school senior class organized a final party, a sort of farewell to everyone before we all head off to college and go our separate ways. Since I am was fairly liked by majority of the class, I was invited to this party. The party itself was just alright. Got to hung out with my friends, but other than that nothing too special. After the party ends, Hannah comes up to me. She’s wearing a red crop top with leggings that made her curves stand out. “Hey, she says” while running up to give me. “How was the party?”

“Ehh, it was kinda alright, got to hang out with friends but nothing much else”

“Yeah same here, nothing really interesting happened. Actually, my friend who was supposed to give me a ride got kinda wasted, and had to leave early on leaving me without a ride, think I can just hop into your car and you could take me home?” Who am I to say no.

“Yeah no problem”

“Thanks, you’re the sweetest!” she said with a coy little smile. As we were walking back, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. Her leggings really made her ass seem much more curvy than it already is. I caught her turning around, and I quickly tried to look away. She unfortunately saw, as I saw her little smile and heard her giggle as she turned around to face the other way. She went on and acted like she didn’t notice, but I was still embarrassed after that.

We hop in the car and start making some small talk. He had offered for me to stay at her house for a bit to watch a movie with her. Her parents were out of town, so we had the whole house to ourselves. My heart began racing, as my mind began to wonder and jump to conclusions. I kept telling myself, don’t be this dumb. We’re just going to hang out as friends, nothing special to it. During the ride to her house, we start to talk about random nonsense, and even get a little flirty. This didn’t bother me much as this was just how she acted around her closest friends. I noticed however, that she was getting a bit too horny, even for her. She hasn’t been in a relationship for a while now, so all that pent up energy was flying out, but even still this was too much. I was getting more and more turned on. My heart was racing even more now. I still thought to myself, just keep your cool. She isn’t trying to hook up with you.

We arrive at her home and she quickly goes into her bathroom to change up. She comes out in just a bra and panties. Nothing I haven’t seen before, but damn is it so hard to try to not stare at her body. She caught me looking at her again while she was walking back and she gave me another little smirk. She acted again like nothing happened. Me and Hannah have this tradition of watching bad movies to try and pick fun of them. It’s fun for us and usually what we do occasionally for these movie nights. We found the worst rated movie we could find and begin. We made comments hear and there, had some laughs and overall had a good time. The movie ends and we’re both laying there in her bed. She breaks the silence by saying this “I saw you checking me out earlier.” Obviously I knew that she had seen, but I though she has let it go.

“Yeah I’m, sorry about that one”

“You’re dirty little eyes like to wonder, don’t they?” She says with a smirk o her face.

“Well, do you really blame me?” I respond. “She rolled her eyes with a smile and playfully slaps me. “God you really are something you know? But you know, I don’t mind. Kinda liked it actually.”

My heart stopped for a second. I was trying to process what she has just said. My cock instantly hardens. Those words had turned me on so much. She placed her hand on my chest and leaned toward me. “I’ve been missing this” she says softly. “If…you don’t…mind.” She leaned in for a kiss. My first kiss with her ever. I couldn’t believe what was a happening. My heart was racing faster than ever. She didn’t stop. Her lips were so soft and warm. I tried to follow her lead, but she moves faster, and so I felt her tongue touch my lip. I followed her lead, and tongue kissed her for the first time. She stopped kissing for a second her and there only to catch her breath, and every time she smiled and giggled as she took her breath. Going more confidence, I stopped kissing her mouth and started on her neck. She let out a small moan, but I kept going towards her tits. She stopped me. I thought I have gotten to far, but I looked up at her and her coy little smirk. “Let me take care of what’s in your pants first”

She put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing it, slowly moving towards my cock. I thought I was going to rip my jeans then and there. She then unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down, revealing my throbbing cock. “Holy fuck” she said. “You’re really packing something in here.” She kissed the tip of my dick, and looked up to me and smiled. “Just sit back, I’ll make you feel good”

She moved her head down into position, stuck out her tongue, and licked from the base of my cock all the way to the head. The sensation of her hot breath on my cock almost made me pass out. I was in heaven. She repeated it a few times, before all at once taking it all in her mouth at once and pushing down until I was deep in her throat. She started bobbing up and down, going almost all the way down on my cock. She was an absolute expert. To this day, it is still one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever received. I opened my eyes to watch her and saw that she was looking up at me as she took my cock deep in her throat. I was so turned on that I almost came right there. I began to moan and barely managed to get out “slow down I’m gonna cum.” But instead of slowing down, she untied her bra, revealing her perfect tits that I longed to see. She buried my cock in between her jugs, and began to bob up and down as she took me back into her mouth. That was it. I lost control and came hard. My first shot of cum sprang up and landed on her tits. She placed her mouth over my cock, trying to take the rest. I thrust in her and heard her gag a little. She kept her mouth on it until I’d shot my last drop of cum. She collected the extra cum that was on her tits, and swallowed it all. I couldn’t even begin to find words. The sight of seeing my best friend covered in my cum was a sight to behold. Finally, after an awkward silence, I whimpered “thank you.”

I was completely out of words for a minute there. I just got a blowjob from my insanely hot best friend. This was something that I would experience in my dreams. As I’m recollecting myself, my cock begins to erect again. I’m still not done, I want to do more with her. She turned over to me and says, “How was that?”

“Absolutely incredible”

She laughs. “Glad you enjoyed it. “Think you can pleasure me now? I’m on a pill, so let’s have some fun tonight.” She says seductively. Without hesitation, and with newfound confidence, I make my move.

I forced my lips onto hers, and we start making out. We keep kissing, as the breathing gets heavier and she forces her tongue in my mouth. Her boobs pressing against my chest. I pick her up, and pin her against the wall. She’s got her arms around me, her hands on the back of my neck. I slide my fingers down her panties, and start to rub her clit very gently. It feels amazing, her warm and soaking clit pressed against my fingers. She lets out a couple of moans, and starts breathing faster. She then reaches down and fully takes off her panties, and tosses them aside. She then reaches down and takes off my shirt, and now we are both fully naked. We start to make out some more, our kissing becoming more passionate. We wanted each other, and bad.

She takes control, and pushes me down onto the bed. She climbs on top, and over my cock. Her pussy is perfect. Perfectly shaved and beautiful lips. She teases me for a bit, grinding her pussy against my cock, and soaking onto it from how wet she was. It felt too good. I couldn’t take it anymore. All I wanted to do at that moment was trust my cock into her and fill her up. She aligns her pussy with my cock, takes a deep breath, and takes it all in. Its a bit much for her at first, but she gains confidence, and begins to speed up. She’s so tight, and soaking wet. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she rides up and down on my cock. Her moans start to get louder every time she fully goes down against my cock. I grabbed her hands, and pulled her downward, with my face now being buried in between her tits. I felt like I was in heaven. Life couldn’t feel any better than what I was feeling in that moment. I sucked on her tits as I pounded deep inside of her. I grabbed her ass, and turned her around, into a missionary position. I start thrusting faster into her, trying to get her to cum. She started moaning loudly. I almost lost it every time she moaned my name. Her moans echoing through the walls. Pedestrians walking down the street could’ve heard us, but we didn’t care. Years of sexual tension between us lead to this moment. I could see it in her eyes, she wanted me in her, now more than ever. I get closer to cumming with every pump I do. She’s leaking everywhere, soaking my throbbing cock and balls as I slam the whole thing into her. She wraps her arms around me, her nails dig into my back. I get close to cumming and tell her, “I’m getting close.”

“Please…do it…inside…of…me” she manages to get out though exasperated gasps. She wrapped her thighs around my back as to prevent me from pulling out. I lost it at that. I shot out the biggest load of cum I’ve every done, into her insides, filling her up. She orgasms too, her body clenches as she throws her head back and let’s out one final moan. When our orgasms subside, she kept holding onto me with her arms and thighs, her breathing into my ear. We were both kind of in this blissful post-sex haze. Then she giggles and tells me “Wow, thank you, I really needed that”

“Anything for you” I responded with. We kissed one final time before I pulled out of her. We both hopped in the shower to clean up. I give her one final hug as I tell her goodbye and leave for the night.

Still couldn’t believe what had happened as I was driving home. I had just fucked, and came inside of the girl I care about so much.

We hooked up a couple more times after that so if you guys want another story revolving me and Hannah, be sure to let me know.