Around a year ago I was the chef in a small fine dining restaurant. There was 3 of us in the kitchen and we only had 32 seats which was easily handled by two servers. In the winter we were slower and sometimes only did 15-20 covers a night.

One week night it was really slow. The owner was not at the restaurant most nights and I had the job of closing up and making sure everything was done. That night it was me, the sous chef and dishwasher in the kitchen, and two servers out front Amanda and Erin.

Amanda was pretty new but fit in well with the team there. She had started a couple weeks prior and had good experience having worked at other nice spots in the area. On top of being a solid server she was really attractive. She was younger than me, blonde, about 5’8, curvy. She wore tight black pants most nights which showed off her nice round ass. Her tits were pretty big too at least a C cup and I could tell they were perky.

She was pretty flirty right away with me and I could tell she was kinda into me. I was disappointed to find out she had a boyfriend but I still flirted back with her. Since that night was really slow I let the sous chef cut out early. It was already 9 o’clock and all our reservations had already come in. There was only one table left eating and Amanda said she could handle it so Erin ducked out about 9:30.

When they finally finished Amanda cleared the table and our dishwasher finished the last of the dishes and left as well. I was counting the money up front while Amanda finished cleaning up the dining room. I asked her if she wanted to have a drink with me before she went home which was typical for our job. She said sure since we were basically done over an hour early.

We sat at the little bar area and I made us drinks and we started shooting the shit and drinking. She was again pretty flirty and was telling me that she liked the job, loved the food there, loved the way I cooked etc. She would touch my arm when we were talking and was sitting pretty close to me. We had a few more drinks and actually started to get pretty lit. We were hitting it off and at one point she said something like it’s a shame she had a boyfriend because she would definitely kiss me right now. I was a little surprised because she was pretty forward. All I could think of to say was “yeah it is”. I thought for another second and said “I won’t tell if you don’t” as I smiled at her.

She giggled and seemed to ponder my statement for a minute before leaning in to kiss me. We kissed pretty intensely for a minute before I decided to reach up and grab her tits through her shirt and kissed her even deeper. “Fuck” she said. “What?” I replied. “I shouldn’t do this.” “Yeah it’s ok” I said “I get it”. She then blurted out “I really want to fuck you”. We started kissing again and this time I reached up under shirt grabbed her tits through her bra. “You want to go in the back?” I asked her. “Uh huh” was all she said. I stood up and grabbed her by the hand and started walking back into the kitchen.

When we got back there we started kissing really deeply again. I squeezed her ass hard and pulled her into me. She reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. It was already rock hard and I was super turned on by that point. I pulled her shirt off over her head and reached behind her and undid her bra. Her tits were amazing. Lighter colored nipples, big round boobs that didn’t sag at all. I was a little in shock about what was happening and that I had the new waitress topless in my kitchen.

I bent in and sucked her nipples and felt her pussy through her leggings. She moaned and I could tell that she was really enjoying it. “Not a word about this to anyone” she said. I said “of course” before leaning in to kiss her again. I continued to rub her pussy through her pants and then reached down the front of them and rubbed her slit through her underwear. Her thong had a wet spot and she was squirming a little. I was taking my time cause I wanted to enjoy it as well as tease her a bit.

I finally reached into her panties and touched her pussy. I rubbed the outside of it with my hand before my middle finger finally parted her lips and I started to slip it in. She was holding onto my shoulders and looking into my eyes while biting her bottom lip as my finger slipped all the way into her soaking wet hole with ease. She felt amazing and I curled my finger up into her g spot as I explored her insides. I pressed the tip of my finger lightly into her g spot as I moved it back and forth. I withdrew it from her pussy and started stroking her clit. It was big and felt swollen and her lip began to quiver as I rubbed it up and down.

I pulled my hand from her pants and stuck my finger into my mouth to taste her and she smiled and giggled a little. I really had the urge to eat her pussy. I love eating a girl out and I wanted to taste her badly. “I want to lick it” I said to her. She didn’t say a word as she slid her pants and thong down to the floor and stepped out of them. I admired her fully nude body for a minute and asked her to turn around. She did and bent over a bit sticking her ass out. It was really fat and tight and I felt my cock throbbing in my pants as I stared at her. “You like?” She asked. “Yeah you’re amazing” I told her.

I stepped forward and kissed her again while she reached down and pulled my shirt over my head. I leaned in close and felt her big tits and hard nipples against my chest. I fingered her pussy some more and this time I slipped two fingers in stretching out her tight hole a little. She moaned loudly and I again told her I wanted to taste her. I pushed her back towards the prep table and she slid her ass back on it and spread her legs.

I squatted down so I was facing her pussy and kissed her inner thighs. Her pussy had some dark hair on it but not a lot. Seemed like she didn’t shave for a week or two which I actually kind of liked. Her pussy was a plump like her ass. She had pretty big lips that looked so suckable. I pushed my lips against them and opened her up with my tongue. She had an amazing natural smell that’s hard to describe. It wasn’t like fresh out of the shower but smelled amazing as I delved my tongue into her hole. I felt her wet labia against the sides of my mouth as I slurped and flicked my tongue inside her hole. Her clit was big and moved my mouth up to suck it. I put it gently between my teeth before releasing it and flicking it rapidly with my tongue.

She had her hands on the table and arched her back pushing her mound into my face. She was really juicy and I licked up as much of it as I could cause she tasted incredible. She pulled my head into her hole real hard and loved that. “I need you inside me” she said. “I don’t have a condom” I told her. “I’m on the pill” she replied and I knew them that I’d be going in raw. I pulled down my pants and released my dick. It’s sprung forward and she stared at it. “You have a really nice cock” she said. I know my dick isn’t huge but it’s better than average and girls had complimented me on it in the past.

She spread her legs wide and inched her ass forward so she overhung the table a little. I thought for a minute how I was about to have sex on my workspace where I had just been plating peoples dinner and it made me smile. I positioned my cock in front of her hole and she grabbed it firmly and slid it inside her an inch or two. She pulled me out and rubbed the large head of my dick against her clit and gyrated her lower half against it for a few seconds.

She put it back inside her as I watched. I leaned in and it slipped all the way inside with ease. Her pussy was soaked and it gripped my shaft hard. I relished the feeling of being fully inside for a minute. She was really warm and it almost felt like her cunt was grabbing onto my cock holding it inside her.

I slid out a bit and pushed back in hard before I started pumping away. She held into my shoulder with one hand as we both stared down at my cock pounding into her. We were both moaning and she told me not to stop and I could tell I was hitting her spots. My cock began to get visibly creamy with her juices which I loved. I fucked her harder and was pounding it inside her and shaking the table.

I felt her cum on my cock which was covered in her gruel. Her pussy pulsated against my shaft and I knew I was going to explode soon. “Where do you want me to cum”? “You can cum in me if you want” she said. That was music to my ears and my cock swelled and balls tightened in anticipation.

I pushed it inside a few more times and felt my my dick began to squirt out my load. I buried it all the way back in as I felt it pulsing and my balls drain. It seemed to go on forever and I could tell I was filling her up good. She moaned as she stared down at my cock jammed deep inside pumping out my seed. We kissed and I rested for a minute inside her and finally withdrew. My large load immediately began to pour out onto the table.

She reached down and stroked her cummy pussy feeling my warm semen oozing out of her. “Fuck that was so hot” she said with a smile. She hopped off the table and squatted cupping her hand under her dripping hole. “I Can’t go home to him like this.” she said and we both laughed a little. I watched as she squeezed my thick cum into her palm. I grabbed her a clean kitchen towel. She wiped my cum off her hand and then took another towel and wiped off her pussy. She came over and gently cleaned our juices off of my cock and then pulled up her pants. I looked over at the table where I prepped everyday and the little puddle of jizz on it. She caught my stare and went over and cleaned that off as well. “Thanks” I said and she just smiled.

We talked for a minute. She was a little nervous to go home to her boyfriend. I asked her if she felt bad and she said “not yet” and laughed a little. I kind of felt bad for him but there was no way I could turn down that opportunity. Saw her the next night at work and we didn’t say a word about the night before the whole shift.

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