In 2016, during my last year of studies in Geopolitics and World History, I decided that I wanted to study abroad, meet new people, and experience a new culture. My best friend, who I had known for 10 years, and his girlfriend decided to go abroad with me, although they both studied Political Science. After looking everywhere in Europe and Japan, we decided on Toulouse, France, mainly because my friend and his girlfriend had taken French all throughout college and were ready to try to use it. We wanted to spend the entire year abroad, so we stayed from September 2016-July 2017.

During our winter break, we wanted to travel somewhere a little different, so we went snowboarding in Andorra (I had heard from several people that it’s one of the best locations for skiing/snowboarding). We loved the country and the people, and the snowboarding was unbelievable. On out 4th night, we decided to hang out at the hotel bar. Immediately upon walking in, I catch the eye of a group of girls, as the catch my eye. For some reason, they will not quit staring at me, and this goes on for 2 hours. Eventually, the bartender gives me a drink, saying that it’s from that table, while pointing at the group of girls. They raise their glasses and I raise mine, then after finishing my drink, send them a round. Finally, one of them comes over to the bar and asks me to join her and her friends at their booth.

The first meeting was pretty normal. All the girls seemed really excited to meet me, asking all the basic questions, “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “What do you study?” I gladly answered all of these, then they introduced themselves.

First was E. She was 4’11” with wavy, light brown hair. She had thick glasses and a perfect set of tits and a nice ass.

Next, C. She was 5’5” with straight, jet black hair. She was pale, very slender, but had very wide hips and an amazing shapely butt.

Finally, there was M. She was tall, probably about 5’11” with curly, dark brown hair. She was a little thicker than the other two, but nothing too noticeable, with a fat, juicy ass.

After tons of drinks and talking, they ask me to come to their room, which I accept, feeling extremely intoxicated. Once at their place, they start feeling me up and getting handsy. I decided that I wasn’t feeling right and could not stay, though they begged. I explained that I felt drunk and tired, but that I would like to see them again. They told me that they would welcome me into their room, as long as they were staying their, but they also gave me their numbers, in case I wanted to see them somewhere else. Having mixed emotions, I walked back to my room, which was shared with my buddy and his girlfriend.

When I got to my room, before I pulled out my key, I could hear my friend and his gf going at it, but decided not to enter, because I wouldn’t want anyone ruining my good time if I were him. After a few minutes of debating myself, I chose to go back to their room. When I knocked on their door, E answered, wearing only her underwear. “H-Hi…” I said. She grabbed my arm and told me to have a seat on the couch, which is where the other girls were, also in their underwear, casually watching a movie. When they saw me, they immediately got up and rushed over to me and started staring. M asked me, “Do you work out?” While E said, “Of course he does, look at how fit he is.” All of a sudden, my pants dropped. C had aggressively torn them down and was now observing, with jaw on the floor, my penis. C went to put it in her mouth but M grabbed it to stop her. She then said, “We won’t please him until he pleases us.” Then, she proceeded to walk over to the couch, beckoning me and the other girls to follow. There, she took everything off, instructing C and E to do the same. She told me to eat them out, which I did eagerly. E came once, creaming on my face. She apologized, but I assured her that it was no big deal. C was a freak. She was so loud and aggressive that I thought I wouldn’t be able to make her cum, but she did, 10 times. She was screaming “OH FUCK, YEAH, FUCK” the entire time while grabbing my hair and pulling me closer. When she came, she squirted so much that there was a literal puddle across the room when I was finished. M was last and told me to eat her ass. I ate it from behind while fingering her pussy, which made her cum several times.

After I had satisfied all the girls, they told me to stand up, as they got on their knees. I could tell that E was new to this because she seemed very shy and nervous, barely sucking my cock. C and M, however, were deepthroating the shit out of it, trying to see who could get the whole thing in the longest. The three of them alternated licking, sucking, and stroking my cock and balls for a good 20 minutes. I was about to finish when I asked where they wanted it. E opted out, obviously not wanting the mess, so C and M chose for me to cum on their faces. As I neared orgasm, they seemed to fight for a spot in front of my dick, though I was still able to perfectly glaze their faces with an equal amount of jizz. After this, they made out and were cum swapping.

Once they got cleaned up, they asked me to stay the night with them, and told me that they would like for me to accompany them back to Paris, and stay at their apartment with them for a few days. I told them that I needed to just grab my luggage from my room, so I raced down the hall to the elevator, then from the elevator to my room. I told my friend what had happened and what they had asked of me, rightfully shocked, he asked me what I was going to do. I had no idea, so I asked for his advice. He told me that he and his girlfriend would be fine and that I should do what feels right, which I responded to by quickly packing my bags and saying my goodbyes. I got back to the girls’ room and once they saw my bags, were over the moon. They told me that we had a night train the next night to Nice, which is where they live. We were all tired, so we fell asleep watching TV on the couch. In the morning, I was woken up by feeling a hand on my cock. It was C. She was mouthing “fuck me hard” but I denied, as her friends continued to sleep next to me. As everyone else woke up, we went on with a normal routine, such as breakfast, a trip to the hotel pool, followed by packing our bags for the train that night.

On the train, we had a private area, which held all 4 of us. I sat facing backwards, with C next to me, and E and M sitting across from me. We all had some light conversation, but after we had been moving for an hour, everybody was doing their own thing. E was reading, C and M were on their phones, and I was listening to music with my eyes closed, trying to get some rest. Eventually, C and M got up to go to the dining car, leaving E and I alone. I didn’t notice E close her book and pull my pants off of me, because I was sleeping heavily. I felt a weird sensation and woke up. As my eyes came into focus, I saw E going to town on my cock. I said, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” She replied with, “Don’t worry, I watched some videos last night and learned how to please a man,” which I am sure she felt left out, since she didn’t witness the grand finale of her friends finishing my cock. She must have learned a lot because she was like a completely different person. She was sucking my balls and fully deepthroating my cock and balls, which turned me into jello. She sucked the life out of me in about 5 minutes, when I asked where she wanted it, she said, “All over my glasses please.” I was so excited because I always wanted to do something like that. She took my cock out of her mouth and started jerking it like it owed her money. I could feel myself reaching climax, and I felt that it would be a huge load. When I came, her friends walked through and saw me finishing on their nerdy, inexperienced friend. I came so much and so hard that you couldn’t see through the glasses, there was just a white film over them. C and M seemed impressed and sad because they didn’t get to participate, I felt bad too, I wouldn’t be able to let them have any fun with me because I had just been completely drained and had no energy left.

In the early hours of the morning, we arrived and took a cab to their apartment. It was a nice, large place, and they each had their own bedroom. After we had unpacked and gotten settled, we spent a day in town, going through shops and just spending time together. We got back to the apartment just after the sun set and the girls grabbed drinks from the kitchen. We drank all night and got completely wasted. E and M were bad, but C was drunkenly freaky. We were all watching a movie on the couch when C said, “I want you to fuck all 3 of us.” To which I happily agreed. They told me to close my eyes and just go into whatever bedroom I wanted, instead of picking the order of which I fuck them. I did and they went to their rooms and I was ready to begin.

First up was E. She was sitting on her bed already naked, with a condom in hand. She threw it at me and said that I had to use it since she wasn’t on birth control. I didn’t get much time with her, we fucked cowgirl and she said she was done after cumming once, so I left her room and went to the next.

The second room I entered was M’s. She had been playing with herself listening to E and I, so she was ready. She told me to keep my condom on and that she wanted it in her ass. I picked her up and fucked her while holding her. I was slamming her asshole on my cock as hard as I could, with her screaming and crying for more. She then had me set her down, as she ripped the condom off my cock. She got in the doggystyle position and told me to squat behind her and fuck her asshole. While I was ramming her tight hole, she was playing with her pussy and kept cumming so hard that the bed was completely soaked. I asked her if she wanted my cum, but she told me to save it and let me go after she came one last time. I pulled out and saw her gaper, so I tongue-fucked her quickly. I then moved to the final room.

I had now reached C’s room. She was the freakiest of the group, so I knew this would be the most fun. She was sitting on her phone, so I flickered the lights to get her attention, once she saw me in her door, she went crazy. She motioned for me to come to her bed as she crawled to the foot of it to meet me. She grabbed my dick and then my balls, telling me that she wanted my cum. She threw me on the bed and sat on my face while sucking my dick. We only 69’d for 5 minutes, but she squirted every few seconds. I felt like I was being waterboarded because of the amount that she was squirting. She then got up and got in the doggystyle position. Her back was arched, with her face on the bed and her ass in the air. I kept teasing her pussy, but she yelled “JUST PUT IT IN.”I obliged her wish and started thrusting inside of her, it was pretty uneventful, except for all the squirting she did. After about 10 minutes of doggy. She flipped and got into missionary. Her feet were behind her shoulders and she wanted it rough. I started pumping hard, and she kept telling me harder, which I kept trying. I ended up having to lay down on her to thrust as hard as she wanted me to. I was going so fast that I was producing smoke, and it seemed that her pussy kept getting tighter. I started feeling like I was going to cum so I asked her where she wanted it. No answer. I asked her once again. She moved her feet from behind her shoulders to behind my back and held on as tight as she could. I knew what she was doing. I screamed “Oh God, no, no, no.” I tried as hard as I could to not cum, but her pussy was too good. I finally released all my sperm inside of her, but I was ejaculating in her for 30 seconds. I had pumped out so much cum that it felt like gallons. I pulled out and could see jizz overflowing out of her pussy. She didn’t sit up to let it flow out or go to the bathroom. She put her legs behind her shoulders trying to keep all the cum in her pussy.

This was the craziest experience of my life, I definitely will never regret it. C got pregnant shortly after this encounter.

I stayed in France. E and I got married 3 years later. We still fool around with C and M. Will post more soon.

Edit: if anyone wants pics, DM

Edit #2: C just sent me the creampie pics, if you want them, chat me and specifically ask.