Ok, so I have been babysitting for this family for a long time now, and I’ve always had a crush on the dad. He is so tall, like 6’2″, stays fit, always wears a suit for work. His kids are cute and easy to take care of, 5 and 3, and his wife is soo dumpy. Like, she’s overweight, doesn’t put any care into her appearance or exercise like he does. I can tell she annoys him and he wants more.

I’m 19, hot, skinny, natural blonde. I have perfect perky tits, and my stomach is so flat my hips hurt out and if you look straight down you can peek into my jeans. I’m home from college this week for spring break, and I decided I’m going to try to fuck this guy. Let’s call him Nick. Ever since I was home for winter break, I’ve been thinking about him. He came home one night after playing basketball, wearing workout clothes; just like basketball shorts and his college tee shirt, and I could tell there was something there. I was sitting at his kitchen island, and he was standing so close, he was standing in between my legs as he drank his water, eyeing me over, and looking down at my cleavage. Eventually, he cleared his throat, stepped away, pulled out cash to pay me (tipped me wayyy too much I’ll add) and told me I could go home.

So, yesterday, I went over to baby sit while they were at work. She works nights as a medical receptionist or something so I went over around noon, and then Nick was going to come home after the gym, around 8. I was wearing a button up shirt so I could have more buttons done when I saw her, and show more cleavage when I saw him. I was also wearing a pleated, cheerleader type skirt and tennis shoes. Before Nick came home I added thigh high stockings to my ensemble. My hair is down, very thick and wavy, and I’m not wearing much makeup beyond red lip tint and black eyeliner to make my eyes pop and more doe eyed.

I put the kids to bed early, and just before he got home, I went into his bedroom, cracked the door open, and started touching my clit, playing with myself. I took out my tits and started grabbing them, squeezing them. I heard Nick unlock the front door and come in, but I pretended not to hear him. I wanted him to find me like this.

He came up the stairs, checked on both his kids’ rooms to make sure they were asleep, and I could hear him tentatively start walking toward his bedroom, unsure what was going on. I heard him call out my name softly, but I pretended not to hear, and instead gently let out my softest, sexiest moan.

He stopped dead in his tracks, he had definitely heard that. He started to open the door to look in, so I looked up at the ceiling, pretending not to notice him. He saw me there, laying on his bed, knees up and spread, panties pulled to my knees, skirt and stockings on, rubbing my clit, occasionally inserting one finger into my soaking pussy. My tits were pulled out and one hand was clutching one, squeezing it’s juicy perfection. I let it another moan.

This was it!! The moment I had been planning!! I was so so nervous. Was he going to yell at me?? Come in and fuck me??

I rubbed my clit harder, so horny and excited that this was finally happening. He pulled out of the room, quickly, pretending he hadn’t just walked in. I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I could tell he was still on the other side, listening to me. I kept going. Moaning his name, saying dirty things like how much I want Nick to fuck me. I’m almost certain I could hear him pull his cock out and start stroking himself there in the hall. I kept going until I orgasmed. I could hear him groan, and I’m pretty sure he came too.

After I finished I pulled my panties up and got dressed, and I heard him quietly go downstairs. I headed downstairs and pretended to be surprised to see him there in the couch.

He told me he’s going to a conference this weekend at a nearby town, and asked if I could come up and help watch the kids at the hotel for him. I’m almost certain this is a rouse to get me to come to a hotel with him. I agreed, and I absolutely cannot wait!!

Retelling the story makes me so horny so over again!! What should I do next? What should I do at the hotel?