Question: I am a beautiful woman of 26 years and my husband is 31 years old. In the early days of marriage, sex was satisfying even when there was less foreplay and orgasm between us but now I am not aroused because my husband does not seem willing for it. Only once in the last 7 months have we had a physical relationship. I have had physical relationships with others in the past and they had different expectations. My husband hugs me but avoids intercourse under the pretext of fatigue. I had a lot of arguments with him about this. On this he said that he will try but the sex between us ends very soon. He is always in a hurry. I don’t remember a single occasion in the past when I have experienced extreme bliss. He doesn’t even want to meet a sex expert. He doesn’t even talk about any kind of sexual desire. I am trying to suppress my desires but because of this I am starting to feel irritable now. I have also tried to masturbate by watching porn but it did not help me. Sometimes I think I should give medicine to my husband but I am afraid that it may have a negative effect on his health. It is also feared that we may become addicted to the drug because it is not a natural solution. Please suggest what I should do in this situation.

Answer: This is a very unfortunate situation. They need help. They should go to a sex expert and also to a psychiatrist if needed. A similar case came before me. A newlywed man had no desire for his wife in his mind because he felt that his wife looked and behaved like his mother.