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Most people believe that once a woman has sex, she becomes pregnant, which is wrong. It is not necessary to have sex only for men and women for pregnancy. It is also important to be satisfied during sex, except when the male sperm enters the woman’s vagina at the climax of sex and fertilizes the egg by reaching the ovary, then the chances of the woman becoming pregnant increase. Are. But if a woman does not get pregnant even after having better sex, then it may be due to the mistakes made by her during sex.

For example, if a woman and a man are free after having sex, then at the same time the woman should stand up, pass urine, clean the vagina, remove the penis from the vagina of the man, etc. By enlarging some such sex, the sperm of the man cannot reach the ovary in the vagina of the woman due to which the chances of pregnancy of the woman are reduced. So are you also doing something like this, and you are also worried about not having a pregnancy, so today we will tell you some sex tips that will help you in how to have sex for pregnancy.

Follow these sex tips for pregnancy

For pregnancy, it is important for men and women to have better sex and also to be satisfied. Also let us know in detail what things you should take care of for pregnancy during sex.

How often do you have sex?

Pregnancy requires that you have sex and not once but repeatedly, because it is not necessary for you to be pregnant at once. It is found in only five percent of women. Also not kekal sex but you should have better sex again and again so that both of you can be satisfied. And for pregnancy you have to be better not only physically but also mentally, it helps to increase your fertility power. Which helps you to have a better sex relationship and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Also pay attention to the sex position

Women have to take good care of the sex position while having sex to get pregnant, because for pregnancy one should try such sex positions in which the chances of a man’s sperm reaching the ovary are high. For this, you have a missionary sex position in which men and women lie in front of each other, and then have sex, or doggy sex position, apart from this, the sex position is best for pregnancy. In which the woman is under the man, and the woman has sex with her head under the hips. Having sex in these positions helps to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Mood is also important

Sex is not just like any work but for good sex it is also important to have the right mood. Just as a man can resort to foreplay to correct a woman’s mood for sex, i.e. to arouse a woman for sex, so a woman can also attract a man with her sexy style and hot look to attract her. Does. Which helps to correct the mood of both for sex. And when the mood is right, you enjoy sex mentally as well as physically. Which makes physical relations better and also helps in increasing your chances of pregnancy.

Spend a long time in bed

Spending a long time in bed not only increases the love between your two partners but also improves your sex relationship. And the better the sex, the better your chances of getting pregnant. In order to spend a long time in bed and enjoy sex to the fullest, both your partners should accompany each other, foreplay in between. This makes you satisfied which also helps in increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Sport your partner

The fun of sex comes only when both the partners give each other full support while having sex and take the sex to the extreme. In this case, the participation of man and woman is equal for pregnancy because both of them have sex as excitedly. The better the relationship, the better the chances of a woman getting pregnant. That is why both men and women should keep trying to increase each other’s arousal for sex during sex so that you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

Make sex fun

Having a good sex relationship is very important for pregnancy, so to make sex fun, a woman should resort to foreplay to arouse a man and a man to arouse a woman. The partner should spend a long time with the partner in bed, because the better you have sex, the more you enjoy sex, the more it will help increase your chances of pregnancy. Apart from this, you can also adopt romantic tips like watching porn, doing dirty talk etc. to make sex fun.

Keep these things in mind while having sex for pregnancy

  • The woman should never stand up immediately after having sex but should lie down for at least five to ten minutes.
  • Some women clean their vagina immediately after having sex which is wrong. Doing so does not cause fertilization which does not lead to pregnancy.
  • After having sex, the woman should not pass urine as it prevents the sperm of the man from reaching the vagina of the woman, which causes problems in getting pregnant.
  • Women should also take care of their ovulation period and have regular sex these days as it helps in increasing the chances of a woman’s pregnancy.
  • Many times men also take out the penis from the vagina of the woman as soon as the semen comes out.

So here are some special tips that men and women should take care of for pregnancy, as well as if you want to get pregnant. So take special care that both men and women can enjoy sex to the fullest. And both get satisfaction in sex, because the more you are satisfied in sex, the more it helps to increase your chances of pregnancy.