Friends, today I am giving you fucking tips which is very important for you, as you may have known or heard, it is important to test the girl before fucking her. If you are going to fuck a girl who is a virgin, it is very difficult to fuck a new virgin girl. But if you fuck a married girl or woman, you will have a lot of fun, today I will give you the same advice, take virgin wood only when you are a master at fucking, otherwise you may face many difficulties. Like breaking the seal of a girl’s pussy. Persuade her to kiss.

On the other hand, if you take the pussy of a married woman, she will help you to fuck, and if you are new to fucking, she will tell you how to fuck. The biggest thing is that she will not cry which is often seen in a Neeldki that she takes a lot of time to fuck. If you are newly married, it is a different matter, you will gradually learn everything. Let me tell you about my friend. He took his girlfriend for a walk and then took her to his friend’s house which was empty. He told that he kept on celebrating the girl for half an hour, then he saw her pussy.

Rules for fucking a girl

Kiss the girl first. Kiss her red lips and cheeks. To warm it, cut it on the ears, neck and waist. Don’t rush to fuck. Squeeze her nipple, shake her nipple. Repeatedly put your hands on her thighs. This will make the girl completely hot. Then use your Khukar Lund. If you try to gamble early, there can be serious consequences. You will throw away your goods but if she is not satisfied then she will not let you go. It can also be the reason for your divorce. So don’t make the mistake of fucking your wife or any girl before it gets completely hot.
You should warm up your partner so that his sex power is at full boil and he will get satisfaction from your ten, twenty or thirty strokes. You too will get satisfaction and so will your partner. The biggest question is how do you know when to fuck a girl. It is very simple when the nipple or nipple of the girl becomes tight or alert then it should be understood that fucking should be started.