A few people have been asking how my roommate ended up taking slutty photos of me, so I figured I’d explain it to you wonderful people.

It all started one day where (in typical fashion) I was lying on my bed rubbing my clit sexting one of my FWBs. We were getting to a particularly spicy part where he was ordering me to focus on particular parts of my body (which played right into my submissive side), and he ended up daring me to try and send a picture of my ass to a stranger.

He had already gotten me pretty soaked at that point so of course I said yes…I got up and walked to the edge of the bed, bent over and tried to get a halfway decent angle shot. I had to turn the room light on to get better lighting and I think that let my roommate know that I was up and doing things?

Basically she knocked once (of course) and walked straight into the scene with me bent over the bed trying to take a pic of my ass 😅

I freaked out a little and ran to put on some pants…but she was just standing there laughing!! We had always been a pretty open house sexually so she just held her hand out for the phone and said “Let me take it!”

So now I’m bent over with my dripping pussy in full display to her as she starts snapping pics. She hands the phone back to me with a smile on her face, smacks my ass and says “that was really hot” and walks out of the room.

Still in shock and horny, I basically finger fucked myself into heaven afterwards…
After that she asked to do it again and I figured she’d get wayyy better angles than I ever could!

What do you think? She’s a bit shy to take pics of herself but I love being a model for her (and all of you!!) ☺️