Forgive me if there are any editing for grammar mistakes in this, I am a long time lurker. But a first time poster.

This story takes place 3 years ago, just before Covid had started becoming a thing. I had just graduated undergrad and was applying to medical schools, and I needed some clinical experience to help my chances of acceptance. I had gotten certified as an EMT over the summer, so I decided to put that to good use and took a job as an Emergency Room technician at a local ER.

For those of you that don’t know anything about healthcare, working in it comes with a certain degree of sexual tension between co-workers. The high stress environment coupled with successful but sleep deprived individuals make it one of the most sexual work environments that’s out there. I had started at the ER and fit right in with the nursing staff almost immediately. I worked nights and without administration watching over our backs like during day shift we were free to have a little more fun.

I won’t lie and tell you that I’m the best looking guy out there. But at 6’3” tall and 210 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes I catch my fair share of attention. A number of the nurses had taken a pass at me by the time this happened. For the most part I wasn’t really interested in them. About two months into working though, I ran into someone I was. Walking around a corner one day in the ER hall I ran head first into a short blonde woman in scrubs. I had never seen her before, but was definitely taken off guard and flustered from nearly knocking her off her feet. I apologized to her immediately and she shyly told me that it was alright she hadn’t known that we had such good looking guys running around. I laughed it off and scurried to a room that I was supposed to be moving a patient in.

After my run in with her I learned from the charge nurse who I had befriended that her name was Kathie (not her real name) and she was a newer doctor that had recently started working nights. From then on I made a point of saying hi to her whenever I saw her even in passing. She learned more about me and I about her. She became a lot more flirty when I mentioned to her that I was eyeing medical school and had the gpa and mcat scores to get in. She told me she loves intelligent guys that are driven. I told her I really didn’t consider myself “intelligent” but I was definitely driven. We always talked between rooms in the hallway during work.

I should tell you what Kathie looked like. She was short (5’1”ish) and petite, her hair was blonde which she wore long and often down. Her ass was always covered up by baggy scrubs, but was noticeable even in them. What really made her noticeable though was her boobs. She wore long sleeved shirts with her scrubs tht were form fitting and showed them off with pride. A full D cup as a I found out later. She was married (don’t hate on me please I know it’s wrong). To a guy that was a nurse on day shift that everyone absolutely hated. A total know it all who everyone disliked. Luckily he was leaving after getting a job as an NP.

The ER I worked at wasn’t far from my undergrad college. And game day during football season was notoriously wild. One of the other doctors had a house he rented on a street not far from the stadium, and he always threw huge tailgates. He always invited me and others to come to them. One Saturday I was getting particularly trashed at his tailgate when kathie strolled up unaccompanied. She started taking shots with the other doctors at a table but I noticed her eyeing me every once in a while. She eventually came over to talk to me about school and work and how I liked everything. It was getting more and more flirty the drunker we got. She started to get a little handsy with me even. Before long the game started and we had to part ways. I bid her goodbye and walked to the game.

When the game finished and the crowd started it’s migration to the bars downtown from the stadium, (if your wondering what university this is, the end of the game finished with the song In heaven there is no beer- props to whoever knows the school) I got a notification on my phone from Snapchat. Kathie had added me. I added her back and she instantly snapped me asking what I was doing. I told her going downtown to keep the party going. She sent me back a provocative pic of her hair messed up saying that we should meet up. Naturally I got pretty excited but played it cool by saying I’d let her know what bar we ended up at.

As the night wore on her snaps to me became more bold. To the point where she started telling me how she wasn’t satisfied by her husband anymore. She asked if I found her attractive, I told her the truth that I of course did. She asked me about our age difference and I told her age is just a number. She was home now in her Snapchats. After a few more flirty and suggestive snaps she hit me with the Hail Mary. It was a picture of her in bra and panties saying her husband was gone working the night shift for once and I needed to get over to her house right away.

I was torn whether to go or not, since she did have a husband even if we all hated the guy. But a nude snap later and the alcohol had me thinking with my dick. She ordered me an Uber from the bar (perks of being a rich doctor I guess) and when it pulled up I ran to the door of her massive house quickly. I didn’t even have to knock, she opened it and shut it right away. Kathie gestured for me to follow her and we walked up a stairway to a bedroom. She told me to sit and I sat down on the bed. She moved to the bathroom and shut the door. I was drunkenly left to ponder wtf was going on.

She emerged a second later in just a thong. Her massive tits on full display. They were fake, but she had perfect small nipples and looked so good on her tiny frame. She asked if I liked what I saw and I enthusiastically said I loved it. Then she said that what happens tonight stays between us and I understood. Then she launched herself at me like a starved coyote finally finding a meal. Our mouths met and tongues explored each other. I rolled onto her and took control. I slowly made my way down her body pausing to suck on each of her nipples. Each time she let out a loud groan of approval.

I kissed my way down her body slowly pausing to admire her thong. It was Victoria secret and I could tell she wore it for the occasion as it looked brand new. I took a hold of it and she lifted her hips for me to toss it away. Her pussy was exactly as I imagined for a petite woman her age without kids, which is to say tiny. I locked from bottom to top before I settled in attacking her clit as she howled in pleasure.

I added a finger and continued to suck and lick her clit and I could feel her start to tense. She went quiet for a second before letting go and screaming, fuck yes bryan (not my real name). I kept up my assault on her clit and within a minute she was tensing up again on the verge of another orgasm. Her pussy was flowing like a river and had wet the sheets of the bed we were in. She was screaming at this point.

She sat up and grabbed at my belt. I quickly undid it and threw off my jeans and boxers. My dick was already rock hard. Now I’m not gonna say I’m super hung, but with a 6.5-7 in dick with a lot of girth I usually get no complaints. When I took off my shirt she gasped and told me I had a perfect body. She spun around and licked my cock from the base to the head before taking it as deep as she could in her mouth. She has the skills of an older woman who had plenty of experience in perfecting her technique. The blowjob was short lived as my dick popped free of her mouth.

She stared up at me and said I need your cock in me now. The look on her face I could best describe as hungry. She knew what she wanted. She turned around on her hands and knees and I got up on the bed. As I did that she looked back over her shoulder and grabbed her ass with both hands spreading her cheeks apart. What a sight to see, a woman head down, ass up waiting for you to fuck her. I slowly entered her as she gasped. I bottomed out in her and let her adjust to my girth.

Slowly I started thrusting. In and out to torture her. She was loving it, with each thrust she would let out a scream saying things like fuck, god damn that feels good, and pound my pussy. I was getting pretty worked up and going faster and faster. I felt her cum again, and I pulled out to avoid cumming myself. She turned to me and said don’t stop, it feels so good. She turned around and lay on her back rubbing her pussy as she did. I said don’t worry I’m only just starting.

I entered her missionary and we fucked like that for a while. We were kissing when she looked up at me and said I want it rough. That awakened my dominant side and I grabbed her legs pushing them above my shoulders. I piledrived each thrust into her hard. With each thrust she started talking dirtier and dirtier. Telling me how she was a naughty slut and needed to be punished. I swear with each passing minute she got more depraved. Telling me how I hot I was, and how she had wanted me to take her in the ER every time she saw me. Kathie told me that she was mine now, and I could have her pussy whenever I wanted. With all the dirty talk and hard fucking I felt my own orgasm building deep in my balls. I breathily asked her where she wanted my cum. Her response was immediate and sure. Cum inside me sir, she said, fill me up with your cum. She sensed my hesitation and cooed don’t worry, I just wanna feel it in me please. And with that I let go filling her with everything I had.

I slowly went soft still inside her as well lay there. I slowly got off her and saw my cum run out of her onto the bed. In one of the kinkiest moves I’ve seen, she reached down and fingered her cum filled pussy a little and pulled the finger back to her mouth, sucking all the cum off of it. Looking up at me she told me fuck, that was the best I’ve ever had. You don’t know how bad I needed this. I laughed and told her she was sexy. From there I got dressed and she showed me out so I could get home before her husband got there. I woke up to a snap from her the next morning telling me that we needed to do that again and that she loved sleeping with my cum in her all night.

That was my first of a few adventures with her. If there’s interest I may put out more!