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Sex position, sex is a human need which is not only necessary to fulfill physically. It is also important to feel her joy and thrill. Because sex does not only bring a man and a woman closer physically. Rather it helps to maintain love, enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment in their life. But it is very important to know how to keep sex life strong and fun.

Because if you have sex in the same way every day, it can reduce the interest of not only men but also women towards sex. So how can you keep the thrill of your sex life intact. How to enjoy sex in a new way every day. And how you can fulfill your and your partner’s desire in sex by spending a long time with your partner in bed. Today we are going to share with you through this article.

These are the best positions for sex

If you want to be able to enjoy sex in a better way. And take a new experience every day while building a relationship. So for this you should not try the same boring position every day while building a relationship with your partner. Instead, you can try different sex positions with your partner. And a lot of people also want to know what is the best position for sex. So today we are going to tell you about the best position of sex.

Start with the basic position

  • If a woman or a man is having sex for the first time, then they should try from this position.
  • In this position the man should lay the woman under him and himself should lie on top of them.
  • But one thing to keep in mind while having sex is to maintain the arousal and do not wear clothes.
  • Then the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina and moves. And while moving, the man has to take care that he does not keep his hands under control.
  • That is, seduce the woman’s breasts, kiss them, kiss the woman constantly on the lips, ears, neck, hold the woman vigorously from the side of the waist.
  • So that the arousal in the woman’s sex remains. And the woman should also move from the bottom.
  • If the woman needs support from below then the man should place the pillow under the woman’s hips. This adds a little more fun for men and women.
  • This sex position is easy and helps men and women to achieve extreme pleasure.

66 sex positions

  • This sex position is also called love from back side.
  • To try this position, lie down behind the woman.
  • After that the man grabbed the woman from behind and towards the front.
  • So that the man can give his feeling on the breasts, abdomen etc. of the woman.
  • Which increased the woman’s arousal towards sex.
  • The man should hold the nipple of the woman and keep stirring her constantly.
  • Because the nipple is a sensitive organ of a woman.
  • Then from the back side slowly insert the male’s penis into the woman’s vagina and move slowly.
  • In this position the penis moves inside the vagina in a much better way.
  • And while constantly enjoying this sex position, woman gets extreme pleasure from man.

Doggy style

  • Doggy style sex position is the favorite sex position of women.
  • For this sex position the woman should become like a doggie with the force of her palms and knees.
  • After that, the man moves his penis comfortably by inserting his penis in the woman’s vagina like backwards.
  • From this sex position, the penis can comfortably move to the inside of the woman’s vagina.
  • This can increase the thrill of sex for both men and women.
  • The man should keep kissing the woman’s back with his lips while moving the penis.
  • Or a man can grab a woman’s breast with his hands.
  • Doing so helps to enjoy sex in a much better way while maintaining arousal in sex and can also lead to the attainment of extreme happiness.

Women on top

  • There is no need for men to be on top in every sex position.
  • Rather there is a sex position in which the woman lives upstairs.
  • And the woman on top position is the very favorite sex position of a woman.
  • In this position, first the man should lie down.
  • After that the woman should sit on her knees and sit a little ahead of the man’s thighs.
  • Then the man should insert his penis into the woman’s vagina.
  • And women should move from the top, men can also move a little from the bottom.
  • If possible, the woman should untie her hair.
  • Because open hair makes a woman more sexy.
  • From below, the man should keep pressing the woman’s boobs, abdomen etc. with his hands vigorously with his hands.
  • So that the woman becomes more aroused and moves faster, this increases the thrill of this sex position even more and you both get extreme pleasure.

Lap dance position

  • This sex position is also great for increasing the enjoyment of sex.
  • And in this sex position both men and women can enjoy.
  • To try this position, first the man should sit with his legs straight.
  • After that, the woman should sit in the lap of the man.
  • But keep in mind to keep each other’s face away, then the man should insert the penis into the woman’s vagina. And both should move slowly.
  • After that both men and women should do lip kiss to increase sexual arousal.
  • The man should kiss the woman’s boobs and hold them fast with his own hands.
  • And the woman should also pull the man harder and harder.
  • As the thrill of this sex position increases, both men and women enjoy it and achieve extreme pleasure in sex.

69 sex positions

  • This process of relationship building is a bit different but if he wants to enjoy sex a lot then he can try it.
  • In this sex position, men and women lie on top of each other.
  • But the mouth of a man is like the vagina of a woman and the face of a woman is towards the penis of a man.
  • In this position the woman is below and the man is above.
  • And in this the woman takes the penis of the man in her mouth and the man spreads magic in the vagina of the woman.
  • And both get the extreme pleasure of sex easily from this position.

So these are the best positions for sex, so you can try these if you want. But be careful not to overdo it and make no mistake. Because it can interrupt your romance. So try the best position of these sex and always keep your life full of adventure.

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