It was pretty late at night when I finally got a text from Nora telling me to meet her at the camp showers. I had spent hours hanging out at the nearby playground. I tried to recline on a large rock at one point, but the stationary target made me into a feast for all the mosquitos in a ten mile radius, so I kept pacing instead. Everyone else was off relaxing around fires, toasting marshmallows, and playing card games on picnic tables by the light of little battery-powered lanterns. And I was by myself walking in circles under the stars, swatting mosquitos, and thinking about Nora.

All that time spent alone with my thoughts was not great for my nerves. I started to second guess myself. Before my phone lit up, I had half convinced myself it was an elaborate prank Nora was playing on me. You know, trick the horny 19-year-old boy into thinking he was going to get some pussy so he spends a sleepless night pacing around a swing set. Whenever my thoughts started wandering in that direction, I would remember the way that Nora had led me into the woods and the way she had begged me to fuck her. That was not a girl playing a prank on me. Nora wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

When I walked over the brown building that housed the campground showers, it looked like I was the only one there. I pulled my phone out of my pocket. There were new messages from Nora:

Nora: In the showers

Nora: Alone

Nora: <3

That lone heart emoji sent my heart off at a gallop. After having a crush on Nora for years, I was actually sneaking off at night to shower with her. I would have waited a thousand nights for that. I tapped out a reply, “One sex.” I was nervous and shaking a little, so I think I can be forgiven for hitting the send button before I caught the typo. As soon as I realized my heart dropped and I typed out, “SEC” and sent it. I took a deep breath, desperately trying to collect myself before going in to to see her. Even though we had already hooked up once before, meeting Nora like this was still nerve-wracking.

A small army of moths swarmed the light above the door to the showers. One dove at my head as I walked under. I reflexively flinched. “Shut the door! Don’t let any more in!” Nora said. I slammed the screen door behind me. Nora was laughing. It wasn’t exactly the smooth entrance I had been hoping for, but I suddenly didn’t care so much. I was in the room alone with Nora. She was just wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. The expression on her face gave away that she had been just as happy to see me again as I was to see her.

“I thought today would never end.” I said.

“Me either. I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day,” I think she was trying to rein in her smile to seem more relaxed than she felt.

I moved towards her and said, “I can’t believe we’re really doing this.”

Nora responded by taking off her shirt. “I can’t believe you made me wait so long.” She was stunning. Her body was so toned and tan that it drove me crazy. Not to mention her tits, which were literally perfect. They were a nice handful punctuated with nipple piercings. On top of all of that, she had these tan lines from where she usually wore her bikini top. She was completely irresistible and with the way she was looking at me, I couldn’t help myself. I scooped Nora up into my arms. She let out a surprised yelp, before wrapping her legs around me to hold on tight. She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply. I sat down with her on the bench against the wall. Having this beautiful girl on my lap made my cock strain against the fabric of my shorts.

Nora paused our kiss with a finger on my lips. She climbed off of me and turned around. I got a little strip tease, a private show just for me. First, she pulled down her sweatpants and then her panties. Nora turned halfway around to look at me as I took in the sight of her. All I wanted to do was bend her over the bench and fuck her like I had earlier that day, but I needed to be patient. We could afford to draw this out a little bit. I wanted to enjoy every moment with her this time.

Nora grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up. “Well, I’m naked, now it’s your turn.” She bit her lip and rubbed my hard cock in my shorts. I had left a little wet spot of pre-cum and she rubbed that with her thumb and grinned up at me.

“What?” I said, feeling self-conscious.

“Nothing!” Nora was still smiling. She grabbed my shirt from the bottom and lifted it up. I helped her pull it off over my head. She ran her fingers through my chest hair. “Fuck, Grant,” she said in a low voice. Her hands ran down my stomach to my waistband. She was taking her time as she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down with my boxers. Nora held my cock. “This is what I was thinking about all day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“You have a great cock, Grant. Has anyone ever told you that?”

I laughed, “How would you know?”

“I’ve seen enough mediocre dick to know great dick when I see it.”

“I didn’t realize I had a great dick,” I said.

“Oh, you do. It’s not just that it’s big,” Nora said, “It’s so pretty.”

“What do you mean pretty?” I felt like she was making fun of me.

Nora kneeled in front of me. My breath caught in my throat. She licked the length of my shaft while looking up at me. “I mean, I want it in my mouth.” She licked the other side of my cock. “Does that make sense?”

Every thought evacuated my brain. “Yeah,” I breathed.

Nora got up off her knees. “As much as I would love to suck your beautiful cock, Grant, you promised this time would be about me.” She sat down on the bench and spread her legs, putting her pussy on full display for me. “Let’s find out if you’re just a pretty face and a surprisingly big cock or if you know how to get a girl off.”

I was all too happy to drop to my knees on the tile floor. I couldn’t believe the turn that that day had taken. I didn’t feel like I had any idea what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted to taste her pussy. I paid attention to what elicited little breaths and moans from Nora and kept doing that. I seemed to find a rhythm that wound her up tighter and tighter with every passing minute. She was grabbing my hair and saying my name under her breath.

As she got closer and closer, the noises that Nora was making had me so turned on. I know it was selfish to stop eating her pussy as she got close, but I couldn’t help myself. My cock was aching and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I stood up and before she even realized what I was doing I pulled her to her feet and spun her around. I bent Nora over the bench and slid my cock into her wet pussy. I was being kind of rough with her, but I was so desperate to fill her pussy.

Nora seemed to enjoy it. She got a lot more vocal as I slid the length of my cock inside her. “Oh fuck, Grant. Fuck. Why are you so big?” It was so nice to turn the tables. I had wanted Nora for years. She had always seemed so hot and so unattainable to me, but in one day she had turned into a perfect little slut for my cock.

Nora held herself up against the wall, while I slid my cock in and out of her tight pussy. She felt amazing, but I thought this time I would last longer than I had in the woods that morning. After a few minutes, she was reduced entirely to gasps and moans. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her back towards me a little. “You’re such a good slut for me, Nora,” I told her while pounding her pussy. That was enough to push her over the edge. She made a face like a wince. “Oh fuck, Grant.” Nora groaned and came on my dick.

After she recovered, I pulled my cock out. She turned around and kind of fell into my arms. We held each other in silence for a minute. I buried my face in her neck and kissed her. Nora leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. That one peck turned into two or three. Before I knew it she had found my lips again. We were kissing like we had never stopped. I felt like I couldn’t get close enough to Nora. No matter how much I touched her body I needed more. I reached down and grabbed her ass.

While we made out, Nora led me backwards into one of the shower stalls. Without pulling away, she fumbled for the shower controls and turned on the stream of water. What shot out of the shower nozzle was frigid, icy water and we shrunk away to the other side of the shower. The kiss melted into laughter, but our desire was so overwhelming it could only be paused, not stopped. I couldn’t keep my hands off her. I ran them up her body and grabbed her tits. Nora reached down and grabbed my cock.

The water had warmed up enough to be bearable. We were still standing mostly out of the way of the stream. Nora looked up at me, her expression intense. “Grant, fuck me, please.” I needed no more encouragement. I picked Nora up and pinned her up against the wall, sliding my cock inside her again. She had her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her arms around my neck. This time the only thing on my mind was coming inside Nora. I bounced her up and down on my cock. Before long, I found myself at the edge of an orgasm. I was breathing heavily from the exertion. Nora whispered in my ear, “Fill my pussy, Grant,” and I came harder than I had ever come in my life.

I set Nora back down on the ground. We shared the shower without saying much to each other. We were both recovering, but I still felt like I needed to be holding her. I wrapped my arms around Nora from behind and rested my head on her shoulder. The steamy spray from the shower head hit our heads and ran down our bodies. Nora’s wet hair was all over my face. I didn’t mind at all. She relaxed into my embrace.

Nora broke the silence, “Grant,” she said, “I don’t want this to stop.”

“Me either,” I said. I wanted to stay in that moment and that shower for the rest of my life.

“No, I mean after this week. I want to keep seeing you.”

I hadn’t even thought about what would happen after the camping trip, but I completely agreed. I didn’t think I could keep myself away from Nora after today. I still had some reservations, “I do too, Nora, but what if Amy finds out?”

Nora turned to look at me. “She doesn’t have to know, but I have to keep seeing you.”

I nodded. “Me too.”

After the shower, we got dressed and walked back to camp together. I don’t remember who reached out first. I just remember that I walked back to the campsite under the stars with Nora’s hand in mine.