Honeymoon after marriage is a time where you and your partner get a chance to spend quality time alone. So the idea of ​​how to make this time special and memorable comes to the attention of every honeymoon couple. Have you just got married? And you too are wondering how to make honeymoon special. If so, let us tell you some unique tips that can help you make these movements memorable forever.

When planning a honeymoon, you should take special care to check your preparations at least two to three times. So that you do not have any trouble going wherever you are going. You can also book some surprises for your partner if you wish. Also, don’t forget to give some special gift to your partner. In addition, there are many other tips that you can use to make your honeymoon special together with your partner. So let us know what those tips are.

First Night Tips

To make the honeymoon special, you should first check your arrangement, such as booking your hotel, all arrangements for sightseeing, your budget, your return ticket, etc. Because if your arrangement gets a little messy, it can make your mood worse in the beginning. In this case, special care should be taken to make the honeymoon special.

If you know your partner’s preferences, and you have the budget to go to the place of their choice, then you should choose that place. This will give your partner double happiness, first with your partner and secondly their dream will come true. But if you feel that you do not know about it then you can talk to your partner about it even before marriage.

You can plan a surprise for your partner before you arrive at your honeymoon destination. For example, by booking a honeymoon suite, you can decorate the room just like a honeymoon. Or you can go to the room and plan something. This will not only make your honeymoon special, but also give you a chance to get closer to your partner.

You must also give a gift to your partner to make the special day even more special. And if possible with a gift that can make the atmosphere romantic. Like any sexy dress, or nightie etc. All the care should be taken not only by the husband but also by the wife, so you too can think to make your husband happy. Like when your husband is out of the room, put something on the bed before he comes, any letter or flower etc.

You can also arrange a romantic dinner for your partner to make the honeymoon even more special. In which there is food with very slow light, candles burning, flowers in the middle which you give to your partner, light music, which can help to make the atmosphere even more fun. After that you should also dance a little, so that this romantic date of your honeymoon can be made even more special.


If you want to go on a honeymoon you and your partner can feel refreshed. So that freshness can come in your love too, then the easiest way to do this is to go wherever you are and enjoy Couple Spa. At the couple spa both partners can enjoy it together. And doing so benefits both their body and mind in being fresh.

Girls are a little hesitant to do anything in the beginning, but after going on honeymoon you should give up all these things. Because there should be no shame between you and your partner after marriage. Only then can you openly enjoy this time with your partner. In this case, you must also think of something to make your honeymoon special. For example, instead of your partner in front of you somewhere, you should sit on your knees and propose to him.

It is believed that honeymoon is for love, but if adventure is added to it then it can also be made special and memorable. And nowadays there are different kinds of adventures everywhere, so you and your partner can also enjoy it. Also, every new place has something new to do, so you too can make your honeymoon memorable and special by enjoying it.

Sex Tips

If you go on honeymoon to increase love, then it is possible to express love. That is why you should express love to your partner to make your special time even more special. At the same time, while expressing to make it memorable, one should express love by holding flowers in his hands, sitting on his knees, holding his hand in his hands, kissing him, and thanking him for coming into his life.

When you go on honeymoon after marriage, you should also enjoy your sex life well. And in this both the partners should try to attract each other, as men can make the atmosphere of the room romantic. So a woman can also attract her husband by wearing a sex dress. At the same time, both the partners should give full support to each other to enjoy the sex movement.

Hot Sex

  • Enjoy the weather and that special time by holding hands with your partner.
  • Enjoy this special time by decorating the bed and creating a romantic atmosphere in the room.
  • Flirt with each other, and both enjoy each other a lot.
  • Express your love to your partner with regular flowers.
  • You can make your partner even happier by shopping for your wife.
  • The two should try to get to know each other.
  • To make your honeymoon special, don’t forget to thank your partner for coming into your life.
  • Go on honeymoon and keep as much distance as possible from phone and laptop etc.

So if you just got married, and you are going on a honeymoon too. So these tips given above help to make your honeymoon even more special. Also, this time is only for both of you, so if you can be in this time, then work etc. should not be interrupted. Because even if you go there, you will be in trouble of family and work, then your honeymoon of both you and your partner can be bad.