It was the second-to-last night of our family vacation in Hawaii, and I was still reeling from [my little sleepover]( with my cousin Sammy two nights before.

Finally, after years of daydreaming and fantasizing, to see and feel her body, to hear her moan my name, to make her throw her head back in pleasure and to cum with her hand wrapped around me was all such a rush. And the fact that she’d wanted it for all that time too – let alone the fact that we actually hooked up – made me giddy as all get-out.

It was nearly impossible to act naturally around our family as we snuck cheeky glances at each other at dinner or quick little kisses before heading off to our separate rooms for the night. I swear our grandma almost saw me grab Sammy’s butt in the pool once.

All that to say, having some time alone with Sammy again was pretty much all I could think about. I distinctly remember going up to my room from the pool to “use the bathroom” or “get some extra sunscreen” both days between the events of my previous story and this one. (I was definitely in the bathroom, and there was definitely a creamy white substance involved, but it wasn’t sunscreen!)

That day had been a busy one. I’d elected to ride with Sammy’s family on the road to Hana instead of boogie boarding with my brother.

It was an hours-long winding route that led us to a hidden waterfall we had all to ourselves, save for Sammy’s parents and two younger siblings. Sammy was first to jump into the pool below from atop the waterfall, and she wasn’t shy about showing the red spot she’d gotten when she hit the water ass first.

Then there was the little fruit stand where we bought some fresh cut pineapple and passion fruit. Sammy fed me from her fork when no one was looking. And finally, the black sand beach where we got caught in a rainstorm, the chilly deluge simultaneously wetting Sammy’s [light blue bikini top]( and stiffening the nipples beneath.

Wrapped in towels in the back of the rental van, we shared her iPod headphones and listened to The Beatles and M.I.A.

We arrived back at the hotel late, met up with the rest of the family, and scarfed down some pizza, before everyone went back to their roomsto pretty much go to bed.

As amazing as the day had been, I wasn’t satiated. I needed more time with Sammy, even if we didn’t hook up again. I just wanted to be near her.

So I stepped onto my room’s balcony to text Sammy away from my parents’ prying eyes. I asked if she was still awake and looked down at the pool while I waited for her reply.

There was a couple canoodling in the hot tub. I thought of how fun it had been to sneak down there with Sammy before and wished that could be her straddling and kissing me in the warm water, without a care for who might see. My phone lit up and pulled me from that fantasy, only to launch me into more.

“Yeah,” Sammy said.

“Are your parents?” I asked.


“Mine are, but I’m going to tell them I don’t feel tired and am going for a walk to reset. Want to meet me downstairs?”

“Duh! Meet by the fountain by the beach.”

And just like that, I was lying to my parents, telling them I was going for a walk alone when I was really meeting my sexy cousin whom I very much hoped to get naked with. Such a wholesome young man, I know.

I trotted downstairs and sat down at the fountain. Sammy wasn’t there yet. In fact, no one was. It was only about 10:30, but the hotel might as well have been closed for the night.

I watched the moonlit fountain sending streams of water through the air, remembering Sammy’s adorable freckled face lighting up as she made similar things happen to my cock. Vacations are for making memories, right?

I could see it like it was happening now, her hand coaxing out hot spurts of cum that rose in the air and trailed down her knuckles. How hot would it be if she did that again, and licked it up this time?

She was wearing a Fall Out Boy tour t-shirt and some little pajama shorts. A small beaded bag hung at her pendulum hip, and her bare feet scuffed along the pavement, arresting my visions of her tasting me.

When I stood to hug her, my cock subtly pressed at the fabric of my board shorts. She squeezed my ass to let me know she felt it too.

We walked along the sand for a while, then along a little sidewalk that connected all the hotels along the beach. We got about two hotels away from ours and stopped to sit on a bench and look at the stars for a while. We barely talked the whole time, but we didn’t need to.

She scooted close to me and put her head on my shoulder.

“This has been a fun trip,” she said.

“Yeah, it has,” I said.

“I don’t want it to end,” she said.

And then more silence for a moment. The breeze off the ocean was warm, and hair smelled so good.

“I really want to kiss you again,” I said.

She looked at me and puckered her lips playfully. I kissed her quick and we looked at each other again. Then we kissed longer, with tongue. Only our mouths touched. Her arms were crossed, trying to hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. My hands were on autopilot, my left reaching for her smooth and tanned legs while my right found its way to the increasingly defined bulge in my shorts.

There were some cabanas set up on the beach below, rented out by wealthy hotel guests during the day but totally unoccupied now. Just as I was about to untie her shorts, Sammy grabbed my hand and pulled me along as she made her way to the farthest cabana from the path.

When we got there, Sammy was instantly on top of me. Kissing me deeply, nibbling my ear, licking my neck. I took off my shirt, hoping she’d do the same and press those gorgeous tanlines against me.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about the other night,” Sammy said against my lips.

“Nonstop,” I said. “Cannot get you out of my head.”

She leaned back off me and tugged off her shirt.

“Get your head into these,” she said, giving her [perky tits]( a squeeze and her yummy little nipples a tug. I sat up and put my face between them. Fuck, they felt warm and soft against my cheeks. Her quickening heartbeat drummed on my lips as I kissed her sternum.

There was no doubt she felt me throbbing now. She started to grind against me so slow and rhythmically that both our shorts started to dampen. She reached into mine and gave my cock a squeeze.

Still kissing her hot and heavy, I moved my hand from her boobs to her waistband, but she stopped me again at the entry gates.

“I started my period today,” she said.

“Fuck,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Let’s just touch ourselves for a while and see what happens.”

So there we were, lying on some other hotel’s cabana bed, shorts pulled down, shirts off, looking out at the ocean and then at each other as I stroked myself against her leg and she toyed her clit with one hand, cupping my balls with the other. She looked at me as if to say she could feel how heavy and full they were getting.

“I don’t think I’m really bleeding yet,” Sammy said. “I want you to touch me.”

My fingers were circling her seeping hole by the time she’d finished the sentence. I slid one in and Sammy let slip the faintest gasp. Then another as she took a firm hold of my shaft, which pulsed and twitched at her touch.

She produced a bottle of hotel body lotion from her little beaded purse and squeezed a big dollop into her hand, smearing the mango-scented makeshift lube over me like an eccentric painter experimenting with finger painting.

She was an artist, no doubt about that. Somehow, her smooth, slippery hands felt even better than it had when I first slid into my ex with no condom. Fuck, what would I give to do that with Sammy now?

We kissed as we [touched each other](, each of us panting and moaning in bliss, but never loud enough to be heard over the waves by anyone walking by. But there was no one else. Not in that moment. Only me and Sammy and our bodies and our lust and the tragic joy of fantasies finally realized. We might as well have been on our own private island with nothing to do but each other.

By now, she’d turned into me, grinding against my leg again while I reached around her volleyball ass to stretch her gorgeous slit around my middle and ring fingers. She kissed and pressed her teeth into my chest, barely able to focus on the meandering massage she was giving to my vein-ridden cock and tightly clenched balls.

“I’m getting close,” she whispered. And just as hushed, I sent encouraging words on hot breath directly into her freckled ear.

“Cum for me, Sammy.”

“Cum for me again.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck,” she moaned, definitely louder than she should have.

I stuffed my fingers in deeper.

“I’ve been waiting for this pussy for years, Sammy. And it’s mine now. You’re mine, now. And I want you to cum.”

I don’t think either of us knew where that came from, but we know where it went. Straight to the edge that Sammy had been riding. And it pushed her right off.

The walls of her pussy clamped down on my fingers, gushing sweet juices around them that dribbled off my curved knuckles. Her body twitched like it was electrified, and the hand she’d wrapped around my cock tensed for a long moment before relaxing into a soft, five-fingered hug. Her moans were unintelligible, but their meaning was clear.

Sammy all but collapsed into the cabana bed, breathing like she’d just climbed to the roof of the hotel.

I began stroking myself, mystified by her radiant body that rose and fell with each breath like the waves crashing to shore so nearby. She took a final yawning breath of sea air to regain her composure and looked not at me, but directly at my cock and the pearl of precum welling up at its tip. Even though she’d finished, she said, she sure as hell wasn’t done.

Sammy crawled over me, her nipples grazing my stomach. She wiggled her way backward until her face, flushed and freckled and filled with fuck-lust, hovered over my cock.

Looking up at me and kissing the base, Sammy moved up my shaft with tiny little pecks, crossing paths with my precum and catching it on her lips. She paused at my head.

Astonished excitement swelled through my body and leaked out in more dribbling pre. She let me wonder for just a moment, then grabbed my cock and put it where it’s always belonged – tucked between those pouty lips I’ve forever longed to kiss.

Sammy bobbed gently at first. She said she’d only sucked one other cock before, so it still felt sort of new. Could have fooled me.

Maybe it was the way she tied up her hair without coming up for air, or the way she twisted her hand around me to make it seem like she was taking me deeper than she was. Either way, she sucked like a goddamn blowjob queen.

Once she tried to deepthroat me, but she gagged pretty easily. I told her I was sorry and that she shouldn’t go deep. Exactly what she was doing was exactly what I wanted. That didn’t stop her from trying again.

“I kinda like it,” she said.

God, it was thrilling to feel her mouth around me. Our previous hookup was one thing, but this was way more intimate. This was semi-planned, and super personal. And fucking hot! Sammy popped her lips off my head just like I’ve always liked.

I asked her to lick up and down the back of my cock, and she did so happily. Her tongue pressed hard against my urethra, milking out more precum as she drew up to my frenulum. The attention she gave that magic spot at the back of my head materialized a moan like I haven’t emitted in all the years and sexual encounters since. I felt completely enraptured by her. Totally under her spell. This girl was either lying about having only sucked off one other guy before, or else she’d studied tons and tons of blowjob porn. Sammy had skills.

“You look so fucking hot sucking my cock, Sammy,” I said.

“Mmmm, I feel so hot sucking your cock,” she said, without fully removing me from her mouth.

And then I started twitching, involuntarily bucking my hips so my swollen head found its way back to Sammy’s throat. No gags this time. She knew I was close and she was ready for it.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” I asked. Sammy hesitated. Maybe it wasn’t her thing. “Or your boobs?” I said.

“Hell yes,” she said. “Get on top of me.”

Sammy flew onto her back and pulled me over her by my thighs. My knees sunk into the cabana bed on either side of her, pinning her down. Not that she was going anywhere.

My overflowing balls floated on her tight tan tummy as I compulsively thrust against her vigorous pumping hands. It felt nice and was heaven to watch. But her rhythm wasn’t quite right.

I tried to take over, but Sammy swatted my hand away.

“I’m making you cum,” she said, almost scoldingly. Her confidence made my stomach flutter.

“Faster or slower?” she asked.

Slower. I needed slower.

Then, like a masseuse rubbing away decades of tension, she stroked me in gentle, swelling waves. Her hand like an elevator making slow trips up and down a skyscraper, always stopping at the top floor to rub my spit- and precum-soaked frenulum with her thumb.

“Cum for me, baby.”

Oh my fuck! She called me baby.

Maybe she didn’t mean it. Maybe it just slipped out. But it didn’t matter, because so did my cum.

Well, sprayed out, more like. Like a water pipe bursting under pressure. All over her tits. Five ropes? Six? Maybe more? Ribbons and ribbons of flying cum connecting the freckled dots between the tan skin that everyone at the pool got to see and the pale bits that were just for me.

I knelt there, paralyzed for a moment. Sammy continued gently squeezing the final drops of cum out of my still-pulsing dick. A little dab had formed where her thumb met her palm, and she wiped it on her left nipple, winking at me.

Okay, so no licking it up. But fuck, I’ll take it!

“Holy shit,” I said.

“Yeah, holy shit,” she said.

What else could we possibly say?

Being a tad short on cleanup materials I gave her my tank top to wipe up the thick white rivers reflecting moonlight off her tits. I’d just walk back shirtless and say I got too hot if my parents noticed.

Sammy did her best to get a few errant sticky strings out of her hair, figuring a shower and the pool would eliminate any traces in the morning.

Once cleaned up and dressed, our breath caught and our legs no longer Jello, we hugged. We hugged for a long time. Then we kissed, like couples kiss.

And then we walked back to our hotel, holding hands until we got within about 100 yards. At the fountain, she smiled her big bright smile with her gorgeous, ocean-green eyes. Wordlessly, she blew me a kiss to take back to my room with me.