My restless slumber was interrupted. I’d been having an _incredibly_ wet dream, so much so that I could feel the juicy arousal between my legs, goosebumps rippling across my body, tank-top clinging to my damp torso as the sweat made my skin shimmer in the scarce light of night, and was filled with _desperate need_. Clumsy fingers fumbled with my phone, _3:02 a.m._ I chuckled to myself. While I knew the 3 a.m. hour was considered the “witching hour,” thanks to my self proclaimed Wiccan roommate, I’d never considered myself superstitious enough to believe ghosts, demons, or witches were _actually_ going around in the dead of night. 

A shiver trembled down my spine, regardless. It was the middle of June, and the window air-conditioner struggled to keep my small room cool. So, why was it so _damn_ cold in here? I pull the blanket tighter around me, but the chill remained. _Perhaps it’s so cold because I woke up as a hot mess?_ The thought occurs that I just need to get myself off and get back to sleep, but I couldn’t shake the strange feeling of being watched. I certainly didn’t feel alone in my darkened dwelling, but told myself I was just being silly.

I slide a practiced hand down my body beneath the thin sheet, my other hand pulling the soggy top aside. A bare breast catches the chill of the night as the blanket falls away from my firm c-cup, a stiff, pink nipple poking into the air. Fingers pinch and twist softly at the hardened nipple, and a moan flutters from my lips. My wandering hand finds wet panties, the cotton covering my throbbing slit coating my fingers in slick arousal as they slide across my concealed sex. I bite my lower lip as my fingers tease me, relishing the feel of my vulva and aching clit beneath the thin, soaked fabric. The hand at my breast dips to my waist and pulls the damp tank top up, allowing both breasts to roll freely atop my heaving chest. The cold night bites into them, sending more shivers down my back. I slide my panties aside with one finger, and send two others into my warm tunnel, thumb rubbing circles around my hardened bean.

The fleshy hood normally over my clit falls away when I get so aroused, and thick lips part around my swelling pussy, giving my organ the appearance of a drooling, pink flower between a pair of thighs. Most of my partners make similar comparisons, especially with their faces framed by my inner thighs, their memories now swirling through my mind as the fingers probe deeper. Moans and soggy sliding grow steadily louder as my climax nears, blissful agony of orgasm creeping ever closer to the edge but _frustratingly_ out of reach. I sigh, and decide to use my trusty vibrator to entice the stubborn climax. My fingers retreat from their greedy tunnel, scratching at my vulva and clitorous as the hand roams up beneath the bed sheet. I lick the nectar from my fingers, a subconscious desire fueled by my _undeniable_ horniness, then send the wet hand to my nightstand. My other hand continues massaging, twisting, and pinching my breast, keeping my pending climax teetering as I open the drawer and fish out the small, curved, purple object.

The vibrator isn’t in its usual space. My hand brushes against hair ties, spare makeup kits, wires for various chargers, and the coarse wood edges of the drawer, __but no toy__. Frustration erupts inside as my deliciously close orgasm falters, and I begrudgingly roll onto my belly to search for the silicone device. It’s not there. I move everything inside the drawer, rummage through the contents on the nightstand, groan at the sensation of liquid anticipation dripping down my thighs as I knelt on my bed, and resign myself to finishing the job by hand. My face plummets to the pillows, knees digging into the mattress with my ass up in the air. The blanket covers me from the small of my back down, and I decide to strip despite the lingering chill. I struggle out of my top, the blanket sliding down my legs as I send the discarded garment to the floor. As my hands move down my body, face still buried in the pillows, I feel something that makes my heart skip a beat.

_Hands_. Not my own hands, and too large and cold to be of this world. Hands on my hips, slowly dragging their own long fingers down my back. Other fingers (thumbs?) sliding between my panties and ass, then continuing onward as my cotton undies are pulled down my frozen legs. I’m in shock, too stunned in abject horror to react as my wet panties rest between my knees, breath caught in my chest while hoping this is some terrible continuation of my earlier dream. A scream gets caught in my throat as the hands settle on my bare, elevated ass, fingers groping and spreading the firm, round cheeks. I was able to turn my head just enough to peek around the pillows, but couldn’t see anything behind or around me.

The squeezing and spreading continued, along with my inability to move or scream. Something slid into the crevasse of my restrained cheeks, grinding against both holes as it extended forward. It was thick and rough, just as cold as the unseen hands, but still _not visible_. I felt it slither up across my belly, applying pressure against my drooling pussy as it moved. A moan snuck out around the trapped shriek, and my body began to react to the invisible stimulation. The thick object slid back, dragging deliberately against my throbbing sex. My back arched, and spasms trembled across my body at the stimulation as the thick object withdrew, then danced circles around my pink flower.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the dresser mirror as pressure was applied by the unseen hands. They began to lift, my knees leaving the mattress as I rose into the air. Wide eyes locked on my lower half, or more accurately, _the shadow holding me_. Wispy hands of shadow held me by the thighs, the fingers circling all the way around. I could vaguely see what I was feeling in that respect, but the rest of the tall, slender creature was more apparent. It looked to be clothed in shadow, wearing the darkness like a smoky robe as it hunched behind me. If it were standing straight, I assumed it would be _easily_ eight feet tall. As it was, the creature had my rear directly in front of its elongated head, roughly three feet over my bed, or five feet off the ground.

My legs slowly rose from the bed until my toes could hardly reach the abandoned sheets. My hands grasped the cold, wooden headboard, but not in an act of resistance. It was as though my body was under the control of this entity, arms and hands working to prop my upper half up as the creature held me from behind.

I saw a shadowy appendage at the creature’s face, the unseen thing swirling around my dripping entrance. The shadowy – _tongue?_ – pushed harder against my wetness, and began to slither inside, penetrating me like a ghastly tentacle. While my conscious self wanted to fight free, scream, escape, or __anything__ even remotely _reasonable_, another part of me wanted _more_. __Needed__ more. I was gripped by fear (literally), and could do nothing but watch through the mirror as this entity sunk its thick, rough, toe curlingly _lumpy_ tongue deeper and deeper into my constricting folds. It slithered further than anything I’d ever had inside me, wriggling against my gripping pussy as it plunged to new depths. My body tensed as the tongue reached my cervix, tears forming in my eyes at the dulled pain.

 _Did the creature prevent the agony that should have been caused?_ Memories of friends talking about that pain melted away as mind altering pleasure crashed through me. The orgasm long denied suddenly ___exploded___ forth, causing me to convulse and writhe in the creature’s grasp, clenching legs held at bay by its powerful hands. My arms trembled and struggled to support me as the spasms quaked throughout my body, a long, guttural moan shaking from my mouth as my head drooped toward the bed below. I felt my pussy shudder as a jet of fluid ecstasy erupted like a geyser, the sound of water raining against my wooden floors vaguely registering as the entity continued to drill into me with its tongue.

My hands slipped from the headboard, and I began to fall. The creature maintains its grip on my quivering thighs, so I end up hanging upside down with streams of juices from my unending pleasure draining down my chest, rivers of delight running around my breasts and over my neck, then onto my face before soaking into my short hair. Breathing becomes difficult as the creature shakes its head against my leaking pelvis, the tongue twirling around the numbed gateway of my womb.

As soon as I feel myself losing my frail hold on consciousness, _it stops_. The creature eases its grip on me, its tongue making a slow, delightful retreat. I groan absently as my hands and arms crumple onto the mattress, the void remaining in the wake of the wiggling tongue making me feel hollow. Wet hair clings to my face as the blankets envelop my head, and the bed holds me still as the world swirls around me. I lay motionless, save a stray twitch and spasm, for what felt like hours, but could just as well have been a handful of seconds. 

My eyes wander around the dark room, and eventually find the mirror once more. Pressure builds beside my ankles as I watch the creature step up onto the bed behind me through darkened glass. Its tongue still dangles from a featureless face, but another appendage has emerged lower on the figure’s body. This one looks shorter, but _far_ thicker. It extends from what looks to be the entity’s waist, an invisible cock of shadows looming over my ass when the creature’s knees press into the bed on either side of my still shaking legs. All traces of fear have fled my body, lust and desire fuel my immobility as I wait for the creature to continue _our_ fun. My heart races as its unseen hands grasp my rounded ass, fingers spreading my cheeks while the cold rod slides between them. The creature thrusts once, twice, then a third time, chills dancing up my spine as the cold, firm shadow slips between and up my ass’s slick valley.

I take a sharp breath in when the creature’s cock retreats and gets into position. Magical pressure builds at my drooling lips, natural lubricant dripping from within, slathering its member as my labia smears across his shaft. The heat from my sex heightens the entity’s chill, and I bury my face into the pillow before unleashing a throaty moan. 

The building pressure shifts into something else as the first few inches of ghost cock fill me, my wet tunnel stretching wider than ever as the girthy probe slides inside. Its hands hold my hips as more and more of its cock enters, the entity guiding me to him while my pussy struggles around the thick shaft. My breath catches in my chest, the moan turning to a soft squeak as I found myself impossibly stuffed with the creature’s cock, but it continued pressing on! I tensed up when the creature’s tip nuzzled the end of my passage, cold hips finally pushing against my quivering ass. He held me firmly to him while a light pain radiated from my inner sanctum, _possibly to give me time to acclimate to his size? Or maybe just relishing the tight warmth constricting all around its probing appendage?_ I gasped as the penetration lingered, legs trembling at the edge of another climax but utterly paralyzed by the extreme sensation. 

When the creature began to pull away I feared it might take my pussy with it, or even _turn me inside out_. The rigid rod was smooth, yet thick enough to grind against every delicate nerve as it retracted. My mind spun as an orgasm swept through me, hands clutching the sheets below as the dizzy climax shook throughout my body. A rough, wet thing glanced across my convulsing back as the cock plunged back in, drawing a scream of beautiful agony into the pillow. My arms fell limp as the creature’s grip on my hips strengthened, its thrusting into me steadily quickening. The tongue slid down my back, and slithered between the rounded cheeks below, then swirled around the puckered hole just above the plunging cock. My teeth clenched as I felt the coarse tongue press against my tight opening, the ecstasy erupting further as it slowly slid inside. Liquid pleasure gushed from my stretched pussy, soaking the sheets between my legs even further as I became double penetrated by the creature.

It’s tongue slithered deeper and deeper into my ass as it thundered into me from behind. I continued screaming into my pillow while my orgasm ever increased. My mind melted away at the sheer, unparalleled pleasure, and nothing else mattered in that blissful moment. I managed to turn my head to the side just enough to get a glimpse of my lover through the mirror, and was surprised to see a muted glow emitting from where I imagined it’s stomach to be. A soft orange had begun to emanate from within the creature stretching me to my absolute limit, and I could swear the glow was moving, growing? The realization had hardly set in before fading from my altered mind, scarce focus redirected to the creature pulling out of my throbbing sex. He twisted my body as soon as his member emerged from within, laying me on my back, my legs on either side of where its shadowed head should be.

I don’t know what happened to the tongue in that instant, but became mesmerized by the sight of my fully extended legs up in the air, firmly pressed against something that I couldn’t see. I could feel the cold form looming over my body, feet being pressed closer to my face as it folded me underneath itself. The wonderful cock split into my pussy once more, my toes curling inches from my face as the creature quickly stuffed itself into me. My moans had become a steady groan by the time the thrusting resumed, the orgasm ransacking my body growing more unbearable with every spasm. Large, cold, unseen hands ensnared my ankles, guiding my legs apart, laying me spread-eagle while the entity pummeled my aching pussy. The orange glow grows brighter, bathing my small room in dim hues. The light grows almost imperceptibly with every thrust, but I’m unable to focus on any details through exhausted eyes. A chill slides up my leg and settles on my inner thigh as a digit rubs against my hardened clit, sending jolts of blissful agony surging through my body. I spasm violently when another chill flicks across my sensitive bean, and a rough tongue slithers over my heaving chest. It circles around a breast, groping my petite globe. I feel it’s coarse texture glide across the hardened nipple, more spasms and twitches wracking my body. I groan loudly as the thickness entrenched within my tunnel pounds into my cervix again and again, the dulled gateway of my womb slowly awakening from its prior numbing. 

Both cold hands tighten their grip on my thighs, palms pressing into the soft, damp flesh inches from my wide stretched lips, fingers digging into the skin below as it lifts my ass from the drenched bed. I hear a low rumbling sound, everything rattling and shaking around me as if an earthquake were striking, which brings just enough awareness back to witness the orange glow fade. My eyes lock on the mirror, where I can clearly see the shadow creature on my bed, a leg clenched in its dark hand. A foot with curled toes dangles over its waist. The creature is slumped over me, it’s long head a foot over my chest. It’s tongue squeezes at my breast again, tip lapping across my nipple. The orange glow that was once in its belly has sunk down its form, now resting just over my elevated pussy. I feel a sudden throb inside, and watch as the glow slowly fades. Hot fluid gushes into me, flowing directly into the hollowness of my womb as its buried cock throbs again, flooding me with its cum. The cock pulses over and over, each jerk along its shaft forcing even more of its essence into my deepest reaches.

My already intense orgasm ignites anew, and I can practically feel my battered pussy slurping at the creature’s pulsing cock. I groan deeply as my body milks the entity, draining its seed into me. Consciousness slips away as the throbbing finally begins to subside, and I begin to fall into a deep, wonderful slumber. I don’t feel the creature leave, or anything else for that matter, having eagerly welcomed the sex induced coma. 

I woke up the next day shortly after noon. My first thought was that I’d obviously dreamt it all, but soreness between my legs suggested otherwise. Another thing that made the reality of the night apparent was how I was arranged on top of the sheets, instead of in my usual morning cocoon. I was also naked and sticky, both more than a little unusual. My heart raced in my chest as memories returned, the smell of sex still hanging in the air. _Had I really just been fucked by a demon? Did it really cum in me? Did I actually_ ___like___ _it?_ I couldn’t deny the unbridled pleasure I’d experienced, and caught an absent hand wandering down my body, the ache for more outweighing the lingering soreness. I take a deep breath, and sit up on the bed with a groan. Sounds from outside my room alert me to the presence of my roommates. I can’t quite make out what they’re doing or saying, but I’m quickly distracted from the outside world once again.

My eyes catch the mirror, the portal through which I watched the shadow take me the night before. They linger, drinking in my naked body as I slowly get to my feet. I stumble across the hardwood floor on shaky legs, feet slapping across the cool surface as I approach the mirror. Light orange stains cover my abdomen and chest, with a deeper orange clinging to my thighs. Sticky remnants of the night to remind me of the coupling, and assure me of its reality. Raspy breaths struggle to fill my lungs as I hyperventilate, but a cool reassurance tells me everything will be ok. Not quite a voice, or inner presence, but something else. A new desire, something awakened within? Either way, I find myself growing calm, and my arousal begins to return. Not quite as overpowering as the night before, but enough to make my juices run. I send a hand between my legs and begin fucking myself at the mirror, watching my face express my need, then turn to ecstasy as the day’s first orgasm knocks me from my feet. I continue teasing my climax on the floor with my fingers, until my shoulder bumps into the vibrator I couldn’t find earlier. 

It’s different somehow. The orange device has the right texture and curves to it, and feels familiar in my hand, and the buzzing sounds the same when I turn it on, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s… different. In any case, it still feels amazing as the curved edge vibrates against my exposed clit, the way it hums into me as the rounded tip dives beyond my outer lips, singing vibrations into my needy hole. The curve of the toy glides it against my g-spot as another rounded tip of the toy nuzzles my clit. My fingers twirl across my buzzing clit, dancing into orgasm as the door swings open. I’m writhing on the floor, one leg elevated with a hand hooked under the knee with the other holding the vibrator firmly between my quivering folds as Alyssa steps inside.

“Hey,” she blurts out before seeing me, “you gonna sleep the-” Her voice shrinks as her eyes fall to me, “day away…”

Alyssa stands in the doorway, watching me convulse on my floor. My arousal has left a small puddle between my legs, a shimmering pool of ecstacy. Her face flushes into a deep red, and she turns to leave. She closes the door behind her following a hasty retreat, leaving me to my diminishing orgasm. I pull the toy from my clutching pussy and lay flat on my back. The thought occurs that I should have invited her to join me, causing me to chuckle to myself in post orgasm delight. _Something_ tells me she wouldn’t have been able to resist my request, but the thought is easily dismissed as I wearily climb to my feet.

I return to the soiled bed and sit for a while, waiting for my body to come down from it’s high. Once the feeling returned to my feet, and I could reliably wiggle my toes, I got back up and walked to the bathroom for a much needed shower. No one stopped me in the hall, and I was able to shower in peace until the urge returned. My quick shower turned into a half hour affair, with the showerhead playing a key role in my climax. I dried off with a soft towel, wrapped my shoulder length hair in the towel, and returned to my room to clean the sheets.

Addison stopped me in the hallway while carrying the damp sheets to the laundry room. “Forget something?” she asked sarcastically. 

I stopped and looked at her, confusion clear on my face as I searched my hazy mind for what she meant. When it was clear I wasn’t making any connection she continued, “I know you’re proud of your physique, but maybe use a towel?”

My expression turned cheerful, but still confused as I gestured up with my eyes and shoulders, “_I am wearing a towel_.”

“Yeah, on your hair,” she said, her tone shaking with sudden, obvious arousal. 

It hadn’t occurred to me that I was still naked. I laughed at my mistake and gave a quick, half-hearted apology before turning and continuing on my way to the laundry. 

“Gonna find something to cover up a bit?” she asked, but I really didn’t have much intention to do so.

I put the sheets into the washing machine, careful to make it a little unbalanced, then added detergent. A few minutes after the machine started it began to hum with the spin cycle, and I was already sitting on it when the uneven load caused it to bang around. I really hoped my shadowy lover would return tonight, my desires were becoming more than I could bear…