Hi all, this story is part of the “Best Vacation Ever” series. We didn’t think we would have another one after my wifes last [story](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/sy6cxn/group_couples_trip_the_one_with_the_burrito_cont/) , but here we are. I won’t get too much into description but both me (M40) and my wife (F39) Kate are Asian, 6ft and 5ft4 respectively and somewhat fit. More detailed description in the earlier [parts](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/s5o9ck/mf_best_vacation_ever_part_1_nude_beach/) found on our profile. Oh and for those wondering, my wife has more or less taken over this account. I’m just on here posting stories just so they can all stay under one account. Hope you all enjoy!

So after that amazing night with our friends (Brian and Emily), things more or less progressed as you would think. We all got cleaned up after that eventful evening and went to bed as normal. The next morning, things definitely felt a little off as we all now saw each other in a slightly different light. There was a lot of shy blushing from everyone and some awkward silences as we all packed up and cleaned the place before leaving. We all made some small talk about how great of an experience that was and that we should try and do it again. We said our goodbyes and off we went back home. To be honest, I think we were all still in shock as to what happened the night before.

Me and Kate chatted a bit more on the drive, almost recapping the night before. It was a big moment for her, and it was nice to see her smile and laugh about it. And honestly, it was kind of a turn on hearing her talk about Brians huge cock and Emilys tight body. Instantly as soon as we got back to our place, my wife jumps onto her laptop.

“Whatcha doing?” I laughed as I carried in our bags from the car.

“Just looking up where we can all go travel to next!” Kate smiled as she researched away.

It seemed Brian and Em were just as excited as Kate was in trying to find another getaway for us. The next couple of weeks we would message back and forth on our group chat, sharing ideas of where to go and what to see. We eventually settled on heading over to the Island and checking out Tofino (touristy surf spot on the West Coast). We figured that since it was still January, that the crowds wouldn’t be as busy and that we could do some storm watching if the weather turned on us. We book an airbnb that Em found, nice and private setting that was on the outskirts of town but still close enough to the nice beaches. And of course we made sure there was a private hot tub onsite. So the weekend comes around and we hopped onto the ferry and off we went.

Me and Kate arrived first, we took the Friday off work and caught the super early morning ferry over. Our check in wasn’t until 3pm so we walked around town, go some tacos and checked out a couple of the beaches close by. Weather was not great, rainy and cold, but we were on vacation so it didn’t really matter. We pulled into the airbnb and it was a nice little cabin tucked away in the forest. The rain really started to come down now, so we just relaxed on the couch and watched some netflix. Brian and Em pulled into the driveway just after 7pm. We had dinner ready for them as they got settled into there room. After dinner, and some drinks, we all decided to check out the hot tub. It was still raining pretty hard but the hot tub was slightly covered by the thick overhead tree canopy.

We all scurried out and jumped in quickly. Both me and Brian were in swim shorts, while Kate and Em had on similar string bikinis (black for Kate, red for Em). It was fairly cold out with the rain and a bit of a breeze, probably 4-5 degrees. Both Kate and Em’s nipples were poking out hard, while obvious goosebumps can be seen on any exposed skin above the hot water. Things again seemed a little awkward, there was this shyness with all of us as well as this sexual tension in the air. We all knew what was going to happen, but it seemed like we all didn’t know how to bring it up or take it to the next step. Eventually we would all relax a little (with the help of some liquid courage) and chatted about the plan for tomorrow. After 10 or so minutes, the girls decided they were done with the cold and wanted to head back inside. Me and Brian decided to stay a little bit longer, which was good since I was hoping to have a quick chat with him about expectations and what he was hoping to try out with Kate. The wives quickly hopped out and wrapped there towels around themselves and ran back into the place.

“Damn Em’s looking pretty good” I said breaking the silence.

“Yea Kate too, she’s looking amazing in that bikini” Brian replies, taking a sip of his beer

“Yea she picked a pretty skimpy one to bring along for this trip for you guys!” I laughed, “Soooo…..are we going to do this again?”

“Yea I guess if you guys are down with it, me and Em were hoping to have some fun with you guys tonight again. Actually, its all shes been able to talk about for weeks now”

“Haha yea we’re pretty excited about this too……well, shall we head in then?”

We got up and threw the cover back onto the hot tub. We grabbed our towels and made our way to the back door. Brian stopped me just as soon as I was about to reach for the handle. He motions me to take a look through the window. I look in and in total disbelief, see Kate and Em, fully naked, there wet bodies pressed against each other, making out on the couch. Both me and Brian stood there speechless. Kate was leaning into Em, practically on top of her on the couch. They were making out hard, there hands wandering and exploring each other. I could feel my cock start to expand fast watching my wife get completely lost into this amazing, Australian super-model of a girl.

“Shall we give them a bit more time?” Brian asks. I could see his hand over the bulge that was also quickly growing in his shorts.

“Nah lets go in, its freezing out here.”

We open the door quietly, but not quiet enough. Both Kate and Em pop there heads up as we walked in. The girls break out in giggling fits, now suddenly shy at the fact that we caught them both naked on the couch. I look over at the girls and then over at Brian, “Well it looks like you girls started the party without us!”

“Yea well….you’re more then welcome to join in!” Em exclaimed

Both me and Brian ditched our towels and dropped our shorts. Now I have to admit, from one guy to another, Brian had an impressive cock. Not as girthy as mine but it was a bit longer for sure. Both of us were standing there rock hard. I make my way over to the girls, leaning over to give Kate a kiss first, and then over to Em, gently giving her a soft kiss on her lips. Brian did the same, but he leaned over from the back of the couch. Everything felt so surreal, there was little to no talking between us but it seemed like we all knew what to do and where to go. Everything just flowed so naturally.

*oK this is where everything moved fairly quickly. There was so much happening at once, but I’ll try my best to cover everything as best as I can and try not confuse you guys too much along the way!*

I started kissing down Em’s neck and shoulders, gently carressing her small boobs but insanely hard nipples. She had this perfect slender body, that was ached up letting me embrace every inch of her. Her hands were already wrapped tightly around my thick throbbing cock, gently stroking it down to the base and back up. I moved down lower, showering her with kisses over the ridges of her washboard abs and over to the sides of her hips. Tiny moans escaping out of her, I then lifted one of her legs up and over my shoulder, and started kissing her long smooth leg closer and closer to her tight pussy. I teased her at first, spreading her lips and flicking her clit with my tongue. She was so incredibly wet. I did a quick glance over and I could see Kate, her ass high up in the air, wet glistening pussy lips parted, as she leaned over top of the couch. I couldn’t see much else but from the sounds that Brian and Kate were making, she was probably going to town on his long hard cock. I wanted so badly to get up and shove my hard cock deep into Kate right there, she looked primed for it with her ass sticking up the way it was. But I decided to let them have there fun for now.

I returned back to Em, as I started to tease her pussy with the head of my cock. She moves one hand over her swollen clit, the other brushing up my abs. She then gets up and pulls me around so I was now seated in the couch. She kneels down and proceeds to take my whole cock down into her mouth. I could feel the tip hitting the back of her throat as her hands continued stroking. I lean my head back in pleasure, placing my hands behind her head, pulling her long blonde hair back out of her face. I look over once again to see Kate, on her knees beside me now. She looks over and gives me a deep, wet kiss. We continue making out hard, but she stops, her mouth open but nothing but a sharp moan coming out. She was getting drilled hard from behind by Brian. I leaned into Kate more, kissing her deeply. I could feel every moan sneaking out of her mouth between kisses. I then suddenly feel Em’s mouth lift off of my throbbing cock. I slowly pull my mouth away from Kate, but before I could see what was going on, I feel Em hop on top of me, straddling and lowering herself onto my rock hard cock.

I return back to Em kissing her on the lips, and then burying my face into her tiny breasts. I suck and tease her hard nipples with my tongue, as she rocks her hip into me. Her pussy felt so tight, wrapped around my fat cock, she was pumping fast back and forth. I then feel her body sway slightly to my left. I look up to see her now leaning over and making out with Kate, in the same manner I was in minutes earlier. Moans coming from both girls, sensual grunts coming from both me and Brian as we fuck each others wives hard. I could feel Em’s body start to tense up, her hands wrapped around me tightly. Her hips driving hard into me, she lets out a long deep moan. Her body trembles and slowly goes limp in my arms. We softly embrace in a warm hug, her perky tits pressing into my chest.

We glance back over to our left, to see that Kate and Brian had shifted over to a new position. Brian was now on the couch with Kate seated, but facing away from him. It was incredible watching her bounce up and down on Brians long hard cock. Her eyes were closed, mouth open moaning in pleasure, her hands gripping onto her breasts tightly, squeezing and massaging them. My cock, still inside of Em, felt like it expanded even more at the sight of my wife getting fucked raw by my friend. I start to pump slowly inside of Em, in which she leans over my ear, slightly out of breath, and whispers “nono, give it to Kate”. Em slowly gets off of me and then walks in front of my wife. She leans in and gives Kate another super deep, sensual kiss. Kate slows down her fucking to the point where she was just barely seated, grinding on top of Brian, while taking Em’s soft lips in. Em then pulls her up. Both me and Brian now seated on the couch with our raging hard ons, watching as our wives kissed and embraced each other. There breasts and hard nipples pressed together, Ems hands wandering down low, slowly massaging Kates wet pussy.

“You don’t get to cum in Kate….that’s Andys job” Em quietly says to Brian, as she looks over at him while still fingering my wife. “But I don’t think she would mind taking your big cock in her mouth though, would you Kate?”

Kate, her eyes closed, body pressed hard against Em’s, quietly moaning in pleasure. She quickly shook her head no.

“Here….lets try this” Em leading Kate back over to the couch. Me and Brian both got up, making way. The girls get into 69, with Em underneath of Kate. Em then motioned for me to get behind Kate while Brian moved in front. Kate had this shy, uncertain look on her flushed face.

She knew she was about to have all three of us take advantage of her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Em started working Kates clit with her tongue and with one of her free hands, while the other hand was gripping and massaging her breast from below. This caused Kate to melt instantly, moaning and writhing in pleasure. I started to enter Kate from behind, feeling the wet creamy juice from her and Brians earlier fucking. She still felt so tight (glad that Brian was only longer and not fatter then me!). I watched as I stretched her out with the head of my cock. I look forward to see Brian, with his monster 8 and a half inch cock, slowly guiding it into Kates mouth. Kate starts to moan loudly, while trying to take all of Brian in as best as she could. I start thrusting harder and harder. I could feel Em’s tongue and lips glance off of Kates wet pussy onto my cock and balls every now and then. I had to close my eyes to regain what little strength I might have to not cum right there. We all kept at it for a few minutes, but that was all we could handle. I start to hear Brian start to groan loudly, almost at the same time Kates body start to buck and shake hard. That was it, that was the moment. I give Kate a couple more deep thrust, then exploded ropes of hot cum deep inside of her. Kate’s body starts to spasm uncontrollably on top of Em, while Brian cums deep into her mouth.

He starts to pull out slowly, painting the last bit of cum all over Kates face. I leave my cock inside of Kate, as she rests her head on Ems lap. I could see her eyes closed, her breathing fast, the outside of her lips soaked with Brians cum as well as a long white string running across the side of her face. I start to pull our slowly, my own cum slowly escaping Kates pulsing wet pussy, dripping down onto Ems awaiting lips.

We all laid there for a bit and laughed. Kate looked like she was more or less passed out in exhaustion, as Em continued to clean up Kates wet pussy with her tongue. Brian got up to go into the shower first, then me. Kate and Em just cuddled together under a blanket on the couch. As I was toweling off in the bathroom, I could hear more moaning from the living room. I come out to Kate, eyes clenched tight, as Em fingers her to one final orgasm.

We all ended up sleeping in the master bedroom together that night, the girls in between the guys. We said our good nights in which Brians adds in “That was fun, looks like we really did a number on Kate! Go team!”

“Well lucky for us, we have another night here! I think it might be Em’s turn to have a little fun tomorrow” I quickly said, giving Em a wink as I turned off the lights.