I woke up the next day later than intended. The girls were all finishing up breakfast by the time I made it to the kitchen, Janelle leaning over to eat some cereal placed on the island, the exact spot where I’d pumped two loads into her the night before. My eyes lingered on her barely covered ass, the tight yoga pants leaving little to the imagination. She smiled brightly at me when I walked in, biting her lip as she looked at my crotch. Samantha, Blaire, and Claire were all at the table, each of them sharing a coy giggle as I slipped around behind Janelle to get to the refrigerator. My wife was humming happily to herself over a couple of pans while she cooked eggs and bacon, and I cozied up next to her with a cold bottle of water. She kissed me on the cheek when I picked up the spatula, agitating the eggs while she turned the bacon. 

Eventually, my loving wife excused herself for a shower, leaving me to distribute the fresh breakfast. I’d never felt more awkward than at that moment, having recently sown my seed in three of the gathered young women, some of my deposits likely still in their bellies. A sore erection began to take shape in my baggy pajama bottoms, and I glanced at each girl to make sure they hadn’t noticed before quickly turning away. They all ate and giggled to one another as I devoured some toast at the counter. Did they all know? Were my daughter’s three friends aware they’d all shared an encounter with me the previous night? Had they planned it?

Each girl gradually left the table, finishing their breakfast before going to get ready for the ceremony. Janelle was the last one in the kitchen with me, dragging her fingers across the surface of the island as she strode towards me. She stopped at the portion of the counter where I’d filled her the night before, then hopped up onto the island. I looked at her silently as she sat there, clearly expecting me to do something, then beckoning me to her when it was obvious I wasn’t going to approach on my own. Uncertain feet carried me over, and I found myself once again between her legs. They were covered this time, barely, but I was absolutely aware of how perfectly level our groins were in this position. 

“Last night was amazing,” she whispered to me. “I can’t wait to have you inside me again.” A bare foot slid up my knee, toes scraping against my pajamas. I placed my hands on her thighs without really even thinking about it, the smooth fabric covering her muscled legs exciting me further. 

Shaky breath managed to clear my throat, “That was probably a one time thing, just a moment of weakness on my part.” Neither of us really believed the lie, every physical fiber of my being demanding to take her again then and there. Consciously I knew we couldn’t, but primal urges prolonged our contact this morning. 

She leaned forward, her lips delightfully close to my ear. “We’ll see about that,” she teased, her hand dipping between our legs and fondling my stiffening package. She moaned softly as her grip tightened, but mercifully let go and slid off the counter. 

“Try not to imagine me in the shower,” she said, hips swaying as she strolled away. The girls at the table giggled in a way to suggest they all knew of our rendezvous, and I began to wonder if they’d been talking about their own, individual encounters with me last night. I turned away to hide my reddening cheeks, the thought of Blaire’s friends all gossiping with her about fucking her father suddenly too much to consider. Sliding chairs and fading footsteps signaled the departure of those remaining, but I stayed motionless at the counter, pretending to admire our tiled backsplash until certain all was clear.

The girls drove themselves to the graduation, Chelsea and I rode together. We occupied the ride by reminiscing about time gone by; our little girl growing up and now getting ready to be on her own, how she’d grown, the strength of her friendships, and eventually turned to children. “Do you regret only having one?” my loving wife asked.

I pondered it, as I usually did whenever she asked the question. Blaire was our little miracle baby. According to the doctors, there was no medical way she should have survived. Chelsea nearly lost her life in labor, and was unable to conceive following Claire’s birth, but we’d been perfectly happy being able to focus on one child. I had hoped to father more children, something I’d expected coming from a larger family, but to say I regret not having more, especially when my wife sacrificed so much?

“No, I’m happy with how our lives turned out,” I replied. My hand squeezed hers affectionately, and we shared a smile. I didn’t have to look at her to know she was crying, this conversation generally led to tears, and with the graduation ceremony rapidly approaching, I was in danger of showing emotion, too.

We arrived at the school, a massive stone and brick structure with several smaller, matching buildings sprawled across campus grounds. The high school is the size of many colleges, with academic options to prepare any student for their next phase in life. Chelsea and I sat in the cat for a moment, sharing the silence and each other’s presence before attending the ceremony. With a deep breath, and kiss to her cheek, I opened my door. She wiped a tear away and followed suit, holding my hand as we walked into the main building. Three of the girls greeted us in the lobby, Claire nowhere in sight. They all looked so nice in their robes, golden with black stripes. Blaire had a pair of blue and gold ropes, signifying her role as salutatorian, Samantha sporting the black, blue and gold of the valedictorian. We took some pictures of and with them, then I received a text from Blaire.

Blaire: Need help in band room, please cum <alone> asap

“Hey, hon?” I said to my wife. “Blaire needs some help, would you mind saving me a seat?”

She smiled at me and nodded. “I’ll text you where to go, love you!” With that, she walked with the others towards the gymnasium, and I turned to the music hall. 

It wasn’t too far from the lobby to the band room, and I probably made it there in record time. Blaire greeted me at the door, pulled me inside, and locked us both in. She tossed her gold graduation cap aside, and stood before me with hands on her robed hips. I had to admire the woman she’d become, smiling at her as she approached. 

“I assume you know why you’re here?” she asked, playfully.

I smiled coyly at her, “Not for fashion advice?”

She giggled, “No.” I let her guide me to a chair, and sat onto it when she pushed on my chest. “It’s my turn.”

Hardness had returned in my pants, and I helped her remove my belt. “Ready for another go, huh?” I asked.

She gave me a somewhat puzzled look as the button came undone, and pulled my pants down as she responded. “Another go?”

“Yeah,” I replied, slacks at last on the floor. The upper portion of my cock was poking out between my leg and boxers when I reminded her, “You drained what little I had left late last night.”

Her hands pulled my boxers away, allowing my manhood to stand skyward. “That wasn’t me,” she said as she pulled her robes up her legs, straddling me on the chair. Her warm, wet pussy enveloped my tip underneath her graduation robes, and I groaned with her moan. She began sliding down, impaling herself on my meat before releasing her grasp on her robes. “That was Claire,” she finished, then dipped her head to my neck, teeth softly nibbling at my clean shaven flesh as she began to slide up and down my rod.

Claire? I thought, shock setting in on the realization. I fucked my own daughter? And came inside her?! The feeling of Blaire’s tight pussy was incredible, and I felt myself rapidly building to orgasm, with no way to postpone. My ability to hold back was diminished by my mind circling around the act of unknowingly seeding Claire, wondering why she (and her friends) wanted to do something like that with me. Blaire’s hands were on my chest when I managed to snap out of my stupor, moaning wildly as she rode up and down my pole.

“Fuck, Mr. Jones, you feel soo good,” she said between gasps. “If only I knew what you were packing,” she continued, grinding her ass down hard onto my lap, “we could have been doing this for years…”

She began to ride my cock more rapidly, twerking on my lap. My head fell back and my eyes rolled, a groan sliding from my throat as she picked up the pace. I could feel my balls tighten, and grasped her hips before my orgasm could start.

“I’m gonna cum, get off,” I beckoned. 

She smiled down at me and continued riding. “That’s what we’re hoping for,” she replied. Her greenish blue eyes pleading into mine as she said, “Cum inside me?” Her tone turned sultry as she added, “Please?”

I was gone at that moment, surrendered to pleasure and natural instinct. My cock stiffened and pulsed inside of her, hot ropes of semen erupting deep within her loins. She moaned happily, and came to a rest on my lap as I thrusted softly up at her with every throb of my cock. I grunted as my essence entered her young body, fingers digging into her hips while giving her the seed she’d so desperately wanted flowed into her. 

She folded down onto me as the throbbing subsided, her lips pressing into mine in a kiss that grew passionate. Before long we were fully making out, her robe being lifted over her head and discarded as our passion grew. My softening organ grew hard once more, and I was ready for round two. I got off the chair, holding her by the legs as we rose, staying inside her all the while. She giggled again, a genuine smile on her face as I began guiding her ass back and forth against my thrusting hips. Her moans echoed in the band room, the most beautiful melody any instrument could play as my manhood thudded into her over and over. I carried her to a wall along the school’s exterior and began thrusting into her against it.

We were next to a window, but too preoccupied by each other to bother taking in any view outside. Her mouth opened against mine, our lips locked passionately as hungry tongues danced in the hollow halls of our mouths. She ran her fingers across my back, my buttoned shirt offering scarce protection from her manicured nails. My hands held her ass firmly, guiding her against my thrusting hips. I pounded into her over and over with short, deep thrusts, my full length buried inside her drooling warmth. Her feet eventually returned to the floor, my arms unable to keep the elevated fucking going much longer. My manhood slipped from her tightness, coated in our juices and throbbing eagerly. She wrapped her fingers around it and led me to the large, wooden desk near one corner of the room. I shed my shirt along the way, and watched hungrily as she climbed up onto the desk.

Blaire climbed onto the desk, positioning herself on all fours atop the wooden surface, the damp curves of her ass glistening tantalizingly before me. The focus of my desire was a little over a foot beneath my head, clearly too high to simply remount from the floor, so I joined her on the desk. It was barely large enough for us both, but quite sturdy. My feet anchored beside her knees, and I crouched awkwardly behind her, guiding my cock to her slick opening. She moaned loudly as I entered her again, my hands grasping her hips while my thickness surged forward. I began thrusting more rhythmically, the steady pounding swinging my heavy balls against her sensitive clit. 

Her moans pitched into soft shrieks as her upper body slumped to the desk, her head resting on some papers as her body shook in climax. I felt her pussy clenching my sliding member, the heightened tightness making it difficult to pound into her. I felt a sudden wetness drenching my thighs as her pussy convulsed, warm fluid erupting from her climaxing sex raining down between our legs on the desk. Her hands grasped the edges of the desk as her orgasm surged, desperately clinging to the solid object as waves of pleasure shook across her body. I held her hips firmly, pounding harder into her from behind to drive her climax higher, smiling broadly as her soft shrieks elevated into unhinged screams of ecstasy. The worry of drawing unwanted attention occurred, leading to me pressing my hips against her trembling ass, keeping my sensitive rod hilted fully inside her constricting warmth as her climax slowly dissipated. I dragged my fingers down her trembling back and slapped a firm cheek while I waited. 

After the screams faded to groans, then slurred into a shaky hum, with her head still spinning in the clutches of post orgasmic bliss, I carefully got off the desk and guided Blaire into another position. My hands turned her body; laying her side on the desk, elevating a leg up across my chest, and placing her ankles on my shoulders. My cock stayed within her spasming pussy as I rearranged her, the twisting sensation inspiring a groan of my own as she came to rest on her back. I groped a perky breast atop her heaving chest, my fingers softly pinching the hardened nipple. She jerked as I stimulated her body, drawing a sharp breath when my arm looped around her leg as the other hand dipped between her legs to tease the lips stretching around my buried member.

My phone chimed to indicate a text had been received when I drew my hips back, pulling away until only the thick head of my cock remained within, hands firmly grasping her hips as I took a moment to admire our messy, conjoined organs. Our juices coated my shaft, bulging veins glistening as they pulsed up my length. Her vibrantly pink sex throbbed visibly as her lips strained around the spongy flesh concealed beyond, pelvic flesh burning red with arousal while her exposed pink practically slurped at my protruding meat. I let her ankle fall from my shoulder, her leg lazily hooking behind my back as I rubbed a thumb over her stiffened clit, inspiring a renewed series of spasms through her tummy. My eyes remained fixed on her tight, young pussy as my inches slowly stuffed back into her, palm resting on the trimmed hairs of her pubic mound while the thumb ran circles around and over her sensitive bean. Her inner warmth massaged my cock as it pressed on, stimulating her from the outside while my own orgasm began constricting within my balls before I’d even begun thrusting. 

With a contented sigh, I began lightly bouncing into her. Sharp squeals of delight shook from her parted lips as she slid over the smooth surface of the desk, her hands flailing about as they searched for purchase. Her other leg slipped down my side, bending around behind me with her other. I continued toying with her clit as my other hand groped her rolling breast, then ran down her chest to her hip. She moaned as we fucked, almost loud enough to drown out another text pinging my phone. I sent both hands to her hips, my orgasm teetering on the edge. She squealed excitedly as I lifted her ass from the desk, pounding into her with long, quick thrusts. Our bodies slapped against each other again and again, flooding the room with the rhythmic sounds of sex. Her moans graduated to shrieks once more, joined now by my own grunting as climax neared.

It was her climax which helped trigger mine, surprisingly. A small, warm trickle of fluids gushed from her stuffed pussy, contractions working along my plunging rod, almost begging for another load. My body was eager to accept the invitation. I groaned as the pulses raced up my shaft, and grunted when hot ropes of potent semen erupted within her hungry pussy. The thrusting lost rhythm as I struggled to hold onto her, my body shaking through the strong orgasm. Her throbbing tunnel seemed to milk every last drop from me as I haphazardly humped against her, then her legs closed more tightly around me. My pulsing member sunk all the way in as she squeezed me into her, and I began to slump over her on the desk. She wrapped her arms around me, and our lips melded together in clumsy passion. The orgasm draining me caused the world to dissolve away, and I lost my grasp on consciousness, lost in her warmth.

I found myself laying on the desk when the climax subsided, my legs dangling over the tiles below. Blaire had managed to roll over and straddle me, my manhood losing a desperate war to remain hard within her warm embrace. My eyes glanced at my pants, a vague memory of text messages nagging at my dreary mind. She looked into my face, her eyes full of lust and desire, then followed my gaze. A quick giggle shook from her chest, and she ran fingernails down my chest as she dismounted, sliding down my body. She licked as my half hard cock, glistening from recent sex, and stumbled to my discarded pants on shaky legs. Her hand fished my phone from its pocket, and she walked it back over to me. She stood at the desk, her flesh sheening in sweat, liquid pleasure and semen staining her inner thighs. I unlocked the screen on my phone and looked through the received messages.

Wifey: I’ve got seats 2 rows from the front, will wave you down

Blaire settled between my legs, fingers clawing tenderly at my stomach and hips.

Wifey: What do you think about taking Claire and her friends on a nice, week-long trip next month?

My eyes left the phone when I felt Blaire’s lips wrap around my spent cock, sucking my sex slicked member into her warm mouth. Her tongue slid around the head and beneath my shaft, inspiring it to grow hard once more.

Wifey: Her idea, she says they want to treat us more 

“Janelle says you gave her two loads last night,” Blaire said after letting my half hard member flop wetly from her mouth. She rubbed my balls in one hand, grasping the base of my cock with the other. “Think you can give me three?” She slurped me back into her mouth, not waiting for my response as my body happily reacted to her attention. 

Wifey: Sam says to be sure to take your blood pressure medicine, she’s so thoughtful!!

I groaned as Blaire sucked my overly sensitive cock, my hand finding itself at her head. My fingers buried themselves in her red hair, encouraging the young woman as she bobbed her head over my lap. She began stroking my cock with one hand, licking and slurping our combined juices from the rigid rod preparing to pump another load into her.

Wifey: Where are you? What’s taking so long?

My phone clattered to the floor. The narrow grasp I had on cognitive thought slipped away when Blaire breathlessly pulled away from my fully erect cock, gasping as her sultry eyes burned into mine. A wicked smile crossed her pretty face as she climbed back up onto the desk, rubbing her body across my manhood. I took the back of her head in one hand and pulled my face into hers, our tongues swirling together in another deep, intimate kiss while her knees settled around my hips. Something told me we would be missing the ceremony, but I doubt either of us really cared.