I really just couldn’t believe it. Tomorrow, my little girl, the light of my life would be walking the stage and graduating! In a few short months she’d be leaving her mother and me for college, and writing her own next chapter. Proud tears form in my eyes as I get ready for bed, reflecting on all the fond memories of my little Claire growing up as I brush my teeth.

A few friends of hers were over for a slumber party. They were referring to it as a “fond farewell to childhood,” one last hurrah before leaving the safety and comfort of home. I can hear them giggling from the master bathroom connected to the bedroom I share with my wife, the fun they’re having echoing from a room on the floor above. Samantha, Janelle, Blaire and Claire. Best friends since at least middle school, Blaire and Claire going all the way back to kindergarten.

Samantha is the smart one of the group; studious and fairly bookwormy. She’s graduating valedictorian, and had her choice of prestigious universities, but chose to go to State University with Claire and Blaire. She stands about four foot five, and can’t weigh more than eighty or so pounds. She has honeyed skin, hazel eyes, and silky smooth, brown hair, which she generally keeps shoulder length. Sam typically hides behind thick rimmed glasses, and likes to wear baggy, form hiding clothes. She says it’s so people don’t judge her by her appearance, and will take her more seriously. 

Janelle is the athlete of the group. Not that the others aren’t athletic, but she’s got a full ride to an out of state university to play volleyball for a reason. I caught myself looking too long at her specifically at the recent pool party, thankfully she didn’t. She has milky white skin, free of any imperfections my naughty eyes could find. Her chest filled out the bikini she wore, a couple of D-cup breasts pushing against the scarce fabric. She has shining blue eyes and twisting curls of golden hair, when she allows it to hang over her shoulders anyway. It’s usually tied in a tight ponytail. Long, muscular legs complete her six foot build, her overall athletic tone and surprisingly voluptuous figure making it difficult to keep my eyes off her, even when she’s strolling around in an oversized sweatshirt and baggy pants to match.

Blaire is my daughter’s best friend, and could honestly pass as her sister. Their height has about an inch difference, with Claire standing just a little taller than Blaire’s five foot four. Claire is a healthy hundred and ten pounds, and Blaire’s figure is essentially the same – not that I’ve looked particularly close. They both have curly red hair, though Blaire’s hair is usually longer and a deeper shade while Claire likes keeping her strawberry blonde hair short. Claire’s blue-green eyes seem to accentuate her freckled nose, while Blaire’s green-blue eyes make the light freckles on her cheeks stand out a little more. Their busts are roughly the same size, since my wife likes to inform me of their bra/shirt swapping habits. I have noticed one difference lately; Blaire’s hips and ass have developed quite pleasantly, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to “compare” with my own daughter.

I hoped their friendships would last beyond college, but knew how people lose touch. Out of the dozens of friends I’d had in high school, only John and I stayed close. Even that was mostly over social media, all my current friends came from work or some other recent aspect of my life. 

After brushing my teeth and taking the prescribed blood pressure medicines, I went to join my wife in bed. My pills have the fun side effect of making me unusually randy and my wife is typically happy to help with my urges, but tonight she was already sound asleep, having taken some sleep aid earlier to help her sleep through the night. Didn’t want to struggle sleeping before such an important day. I was just about to take some of that same stuff when I decided to get a bottle of water from the kitchen. Without even thinking about it, I strolled into the hall wearing nothing but a pair of form fitting underwear, the red pair that my wife said accentuated my package just right. 

The refrigerator sent a cool wave of air across my bare chest when I opened the door, and I was suddenly aware of my situation. I’d just wandered into a public area where any of the young women staying here could easily happen upon me, while wearing underwear specifically selected to seduce my wife. A certain part of me became steadily harder, straining against the smooth fabric. The rest of me simply tried to return to my room undetected, hoping the girls were all still having fun anywhere else in the house. It wasn’t to be.

I heard a gasp from behind as I slowly turned from the fridge. To my shock and horror, Janelle was standing in the kitchen. Her eyes were trained square on my barely covered groin, slender fingers of one hand covering her open mouth in mock surprise. I’d seen this expression enough on her face to know it wasn’t genuine, but still did my best to cover up.

“Sorry, Mr. Jones,” she started, her milky cheeks turning red. “I’m just a bit thirsty.” Her voice trembled slightly as she walked around the island separating us, eyes scanning up and down my well toned dad bod.

I take care of myself, generally. Fairly regular exercise and conditioning to keep my family history of bad blood pressure in check makes for nice muscle tone on my arms and legs. My torso carries more fatty tissue than I’d like, but I’m genuinely comfortable when I look in the mirror. Standing so exposed in front of a barely legal teen who I’ve known since early training bra days, however…

She turned around the corner of the island, the oversized sweater thankfully covering what I knew to be a generous bust. The sweatshirt appeared to be all she was wearing, her long legs shining magnificently as she swayed her hips back and forth. They must have treated themselves to some kind of spa evening, the mental image of my daughters friends massaging cleansing oils onto each other doing nothing to help me conceal the painfully strong erection hiding behind my hands and water bottle.

Janelle gave a coy smirk as she approached. I hadn’t moved from the refrigerator, having been too stunned and mortified to move. She opened the fridge and leaned in, her sweater sliding up over her naked, shapely ass. I inhaled sharply and closed my eyes, desperately fighting against the temptation and urges pounding inside, my water bottle crinkling in my constricting grasp. 

“Oh, Mr. Jones,” Janelle cooed, bringing me to open my eyes. “Is that for me?” The refrigerator was closed, and she’d dropped to her knees next to me, now at eye level with the throbbing erection pushing against my elastic underwear. Her eyes flicked up to mine as I looked down at her, thick golden locks of hair curling away from her head as we both seemed to wait for what came next.

“I uh,” I stammered, “I thought you were thirsty?”

She moaned softly, her eyes fixating on my struggling hardness at her face, “I am, will you help me?” Big, puppy dog eyes flashed up to me as she curled her fingers around my waistband, pulling slowly downward. I fumbled my hand to the side and clumsily put my water on the counter, but made no effort to stop her as she pulled my tight underwear away. My erection extended down with their cover, inch after inch of veiny shaft becoming exposed to the girl as her eyes and mouth widened. When the underwear fell far enough, my member shot up, the thick head of my cock bobbing deliciously close to her lips. She gasped at my size,  saying “fuck,” to no one in particular. 

The pressure in my balls and need for release was already at desperate levels, so it was nothing short of miraculous when I didn’t blow my load then and there. Or when she wrapped her hand around my shaft. Or when those sweet, tender lips stretched around my girth. The warmth in her mouth was a delight, her inexperienced tongue wonderfully teasing the underbelly of my shaft as she took me as deep as she dared. She gagged and struggled to take my cock to the back of her throat, but only managed to get a couple of inches behind her suckling lips.

I still kept my hands away, paralyzed in uncertainty. Every instinct urged me to take this girl, use her in every conceivable way, but something else echoed about it being wrong. That neither of us really wanted this. Perhaps that’s what kept me from painting her tonsils with my cum, or showing her how to take a real cock in her throat, but eventually she stood back up and flashed a smile at me.

Janelle turned around and put a knee on the island’s counter, standing on the toes of her other foot. The muscles of her leg flexed beautifully, her bare ass more than inviting when she arched her back to me. “Please,” she whimpered, “fuck me. Please Mr. Jones, fuck m-ooOOHH!”

She didn’t even finish her seductive plea before I’d lined my orally lubricated meat up with her young pussy, sliding into her slick tunnel with unleashed desire. Her inner heat and tightness were astonishing, and the moans streaming from her mouth like music to my ears. I thrust wildly into her with reckless abandon, the urgent need for orgasmic release carrying me to the point of no return. My hands were locked on her hips, arousal slicked pole pistoning in and out of her slurping pussy when she whined those three, magical words.

“Cum in me,” she whimpered through her moans. I barely even registered the rest of her coaxing words as my hips jerked forward, pelvis crashing into her exposed ass, the hem of her sweatshirt bordering that voluptuous bubble butt so perfectly as the first powerful pulse erupted along my shaft. Ropes of potent sperm flooded deep into her pussy, my throbbing organ buried to the hilt. I could feel the slick curtains outside her sex against my balls as they emptied their contents into her, every last drop surging into her unprotected folds. Her moans echoed throughout the kitchen, accompanied by my satisfied grunts.

I began to worry about consequences and getting caught as clarity returned. My heart raced at the sight of our conjoined bodies; the final pulses of my cock into the tightly gripping pussy in the valley of her rounded ass, fluids soaked her thighs and my groin, the counter beneath soiled in our juices. Any worries faded away at my renewed arousal, and the prospect of round two, my rigid cock pulling from her harder than ever. My coated meat shimmered in the kitchen lights after springing free. Janelle lowered her leg, bringing both feet to the tile floor without leaking any of the deposited seed. She lay her face on the counter, seemingly content and unaware how unfinished we were. I pulled at her sweater and dragged her from the island, drawing an excited squeal from her as she was twisted to face me.

“You didn’t think that was all, did you?” I hissed, opening her legs around me. A devilish smile spread across her face as I pulled her sweater up and over her head, leaving her completely naked on the countertop. My erection ached for more, and this time I intended to savor the experience. 

She planted her hands behind her, arms hoisting her into a half sitting position to get a good view of my swollen member as I slapped it against her slick entrance. The thick head pushed her soft lips aside as she spread wide around it, the sound of our wet organs sliding together drowned out by her sharp groan as the first few inches slipped back inside. I pulled out, guiding my meat up against the upper side of her walls as it withdrew, then slid it along her sensitive clit before driving back down and in again. This repeated a few times, driving her deeper and deeper into our lust as my first orgasm began leaking from her inner pink. I groped her breast and suckled the hardened nipple atop it as my cock slid into her again, sucking and teasing her nipple as my member sank slowly inside.

Her body began to tremble in my grasp, the tight walls constricted sporadically around me as a climax burned through her. The moaning stopped, and I let her tit fall from my mouth to witness her own turmoiled blend of pleasure and pain etched on her face as she held her breath through the bubbling orgasm. Her eyes clenched shut, brow furrowed, mouth opened in a mute scream, flesh reddened by untamed ecstasy from her cheeks to her bouncing breasts. The fingers of one of my hands pinched her nipple, the thumb of the other rubbing her aching clit as her body began to glisten. Sweat rolled across her chest and down her spasming abs, and her walls clenched prohibitively tightly, inspiring me to plunge as deep as I could go and wait out the rest of her orgasm. She threw back her head and unleashed the shrieks of ecstasy she’d been holding back as her convulsing muscles massaged my enveloped manhood. I stopped teasing her body and allowed her climax to begin subsiding, happily watching the violent spasms shake her against the counter after her arms slipped out from behind her back. 

It took almost a full minute of standing still for her body to mostly recover, and the first few thrusts in her post orgasm pussy were tighter than anything my cock had ever felt. We’d be locked together if not for the natural lubrication oozing from within, which made for mind-blowing sex. The tenderness from a previous orgasm increasing my own sensitivity, her inner heat and constriction, the soft, near mindless mewling coming from her parted lips as we fucked. It was almost too much to handle, but I was good for a few more minutes anyway. She lay limp on the counter as we continued, beyond satisfied to be used by her older fling. The sticky-sloshing sounds of our sex permeated the air.

I picked her dangling legs up and placed them on my shoulders. Her calves rested on my chest as I pounded into her, shaking her body atop the counter with each thrust. Her wet skin slipped easily across the smooth counter, allowing me to bounce her against my pummeling hips. The familiar tightness of my own approaching orgasm began to grow, and my breathing became ragged. She sensed the change as well, and started coaxing me on once more. First as little more than a whisper, but growing into a steady stream of, “yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, daddy please give me more!” My rhythmic thrusting turned chaotic as I tumbled over the edge, her voice guiding me into what would be a shared climax.

“Fill me up, daddy, please give me more. Fuck, just like that,” her voice fading into a breathy whisper as another orgasm tore through her, the tight walls of her pussy clamping down around me as my second load surged through. A primal part of me imagined the increased pressure creating more forceful spurts from my tip, potent sperm erupting closer to her quivering cervix on their search for an egg or two to fertilize. I couldn’t help but think that was somehow her goal as well, since her long, trembling legs had wrapped around me. In any case, I had little choice to pump my load anywhere other than the deepest place my cock could reach, nor did I possess the desire.

I held her hips tightly and smashed into her, pressing my body hard against hers as a renewed series of pulses twitched along my entrapped manhood. She moaned and I bellowed as our fluids mingled, my legs beginning to tremble beneath me as I experienced pure bliss. Her fingernails dug into my chest and scratched down, leaving faint red trails as our climaxes crashed together, spasms rocking through our paired bodies until exhaustion took hold. The strength left me, and I found myself collapsing onto her atop the counter, our legs dangling off the side. Our lips met for the first time as our shared bliss melted away, and we kissed passionately in the otherwise peaceful kitchen. I devoured her with a misunderstood hunger, my hand behind her head pushing her up into me as our kiss deepened. She wrapped her legs around me once again and began to gyrate her hips. Our kiss broke as a sudden grunt broke from my chest, and I gazed down at her.

She smiled up at me, her head still supported in my hand, and said, “Just making sure I milk out as much as I can.” 

“You’d better stop, or we’re gonna have to have another go,” I warned, beastly desire heavy in my voice. 

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” she breathed, moaning softly at the returning hardness inside her. 

“Fuck,” I said, placing my hand on her belly and struggling back to my feet. My eyes went to her pussy, tender lips wrapped snugly around the thick shaft protruding outward. We’d both grown red from stimulation, and I had little doubt she’d have a slightly funny walk across the stage tomorrow. I desperately wanted to give this girl another injection, but we both needed some rest. With my hands sliding down to her hips, eyes slowly advancing up her glistening body, I said, “We should probably,” thrust, thrust, “get some sleep.” Thrust, thrust, “Big day tomorrow,” thrust, thrust, thrust, “don’t want to be too tired, or…” hard thrust in causing her to toss her head back and release a sharp moan, “sore.” 

She whimpered softly, bit her lip, then nodded. I rubbed a thumb over her hardened clit while inch after inch of cream coated cock slid out of her gripping pussy, every instinct screaming at me to slam it back deep, and sighed when the thick head popped out. A spasm shook through her as the bulbous head emerged, and I couldn’t resist the urge to slide my length against the sensitive upper portions of her sex before finally, reluctantly, stepping away. She continued to lay on the counter, legs slowly lowering, our pleasure leaking from her steaming pink. I pushed her sweater between her legs, pinching it between her butt and the marbled countertop.

“Don’t leave too much of a mess,” I added before pulling my underwear up over my returned erection and walking back to my room, water bottle in hand.

Generally when I get an erection since being on this prescription, they hang around for over an hour. One of the side effects, I guess. I assumed this one would go away more quickly since I’d just had some amazing sex, but it was taking its sweet time. The erection seemed bigger somehow, too. Usually I’ll be just about ten inches, full mast, but now it looked to be almost long enough to touch my belly button while being restrained against my body by the elastic waistband. Probably just my overactive imagination, plus a slight bit of narcissism from being irresistible to such an attractive younger woman. I smile to myself in the master bathroom, admiring my physique (and lower body sex mess) in the mirror. 

One thing is for sure, I’ll need a shower before going to bed tonight. With my wife. Who I just cheated on… with one of my daughter’s best friends? And now the guilt starts settling in, no sexy blonde to distract me this time. I turn on the shower and let it get to steam inducing temperatures before hopping in. Thoughts of my unfaithfulness and how my family will respond when they find out, which they will, spiral throughout my mind. I’m so preoccupied by the neverending swarm of guilt as I pull the curtain open that I didn’t even notice another set of footsteps joining me in the bathroom. 

The hot water showers onto my chin and neck, steam rising from all around as I allow my body to be consumed in warmth. I reach for the soap on a small shelf beside my thigh, focusing my thoughts on helping the throbbing erection subside. My eyes close as I position my face directly under the shower head and begin to rub the scented bar across my chest. The hydrophobic curtain flutters at my side, and I pull my head back to open an eye. It appears to still be closed, everything seems quiet save for the rush of water hardly a foot from my face, so I close my eyes again and return to cleansing myself. But something is amiss.

Even with my eyes closed, I can tell something around me has changed. The water doesn’t flow quite the same down by my feet, the drain sounds different, and it feels as though someone is there. Just as I’m about to wipe the water from my face and have another look, a hand closes around the base of my still hard cock. A warm mouth slurping the bulbous tip beyond a set of teeth forces my eyes wide open, and I see a head of dampening brown hair atop smooth, honeyed shoulders at my waist. My free hand swoops down, fingers sinking beneath the silky strands of hair before trying to pull the girl away.

“Sam?” I asked in a dazed shock, “what are you doing?”

She struggled a little to let my thick cockhead pop from her mouth, then pumped an uncertain hand up and down my shaft while looking up at me, “Just here for my turn, Mr. J.” She winked at me before licking my girthy pole, then added, “Such a great cock to give my virginity to.”

I pull her to her feet, “Have you all lost your mind?” 

“No,” she says coyly, still stroking my cock. “But I’m ready to lose something else…” Her eyes trail down my chest, and end up on my rigid manhood. 

My heart rate increases, urges undeniable as yet another young woman offers herself to me. This petite girl’s head hardly comes up to my chiseled chest, and I think about how easy it would be to pick her up and fuck her all over this bathroom. My hands rest on her shoulders as she strokes me, the soap slipping down into the tub. 

Her big, doe eyes looked into mine, “Want me to get that for you? Mr. J?” The sultry tone in her voice pushed me over an edge my civilized self didn’t even know existed, something more primal taking the wheel. Her feet left the watery floor of the shower and wrapped around my waist, ankles hooked behind my ass while I held hers firmly in my hands. She held my shoulders tightly as I lifted her, then pushed her palm into my chest when I moved to guide my member against her slick slit. “It’s my first time,” she reminded, “please be gen-”

Her body tensed up against me as I lanced into her, plunging the first few inches beyond her outer limits in one swift movement. The words she’d uttered to deaf ears gave way to a soft shriek, which dissolved into a moan as the next couple of inches slowly slipped inside, her body weight impaling her onto me. I made no effort to force her down further, allowing her body to take me as deep as it dared before we started our copulation. The expressions on her face gradually cycled through pain, discomfort, determination, and settled into something resembling pleasure as I held her steady, then shot back to pain when I jiggled against her. I realized I’d pressed against the deepest reaches of her shallow tunnel, and would have to be more careful going forward. While Janelle could take me balls deep, Samantha’s petite body would require more… precision. 

I slowly lifted her, then brought her back down, careful to not push into her tender cervix. The hot water rained down against her back as she rose again, then slowly slid back down to maximum capacity, her body gradually adapting to the size of the intruder. Our pace steadily increased with each lift and drop until she gave the magic command, “Harder, daddy.” With that, I did something I’d always wanted to do in the shower. I twisted her around, spinning her while still on my cock, and held her by the thighs. Her back rested against my chest, half buried manhood protruding from her stretched pussy as the water crashed down onto her. Forceful jets blasted her breasts, nipples, clit, and everywhere else as I began lifting and thrusting, her soft moans abandoned to the haphazard shrieks of unexplored ecstasy. 

It didn’t take long for her first orgasm to hit, uncontrollable spasms shaking through her body as I continued fucking her under the warm stream. Her cries cut off as her arms whipped out for purchase, air held hostage in her lungs by the rampaging climax. One hand slipped uselessly across the side of the shower while the other clutched at the curtain, her feet flailing and crossing in front of us with tightly curled toes. I pulled out of her noticeably constricting warmth and held her, trying to shield her as best I could from the shower’s continuous assault for fear of her orgasmic dismay tearing the shower curtain free from the rings above.

When she finally regained some level of control following the climax, I snagged a nearby towel and tossed it to the ground. The shower continued its artificial flood as we exited, and I made sure to close the bathroom door before we started our fun again. She leaned against the white marble of the long counter, her body glistening arousingly on all sides. The full wall mirror gave me a good view of her flawless back, and my eyes made sure to drink in her delightful front as I approached. Perfect, Hershey kiss nipples stood firm near the center of each small breast, soaked hair plastered to her neck and sticking to her upper chest helping accentuate her deep breaths. Slight muscle tone below her protruding ribs and over her pelvic bones gleamed pleasantly around her navel. Dark, well kept pubic hair decorated a small triangle over my objective, and I eagerly helped her onto the smooth counter. 

With one foot planted on the marble, leg sharply angled up, and the other dangling over my shoulder, her delicate pussy came into view for the first time. Small labia like butterfly wings glistened around the slightly gaped opening, dark flesh deliciously guarding her inner pink. Her clit was protruding slightly from the protective hood, a sensitive pearl pleading for attention as the steaming tunnel below oozed in anticipation. Her scent was beyond arousing, casting me deeper into the pit of primal desire as I breathed her in, my mouth watering as the distance separating us vanished. My open mouth crashed between her trembling thighs, the force of our connection pushing her wet ass back along the smooth counter as her flavor flooded across my probing tongue. She moaned as I licked, sucked, slurped, and delicately nibbled at her, devouring the warm, savory juices flowing from her precious flower. I dragged my tongue up her sex and rolled it against her hardened clit, sticking out from under the hood. 

She began to squirm on the sink, rough spasms shaking her against the mirror as I eagerly consumed the sudden increase of nectar. Samantha stifled a moan, the muffled screams of pleasure barely audible over the shower. Her chest heaved, petite breasts jiggling as she convulsed. My mouth left the gap between her legs and traveled up, lips locking around one of her stiff nipples. She grasped the back of my head, taking a fistful of hair as she held me to her. My coated tongue danced circles across her areola, teeth gently grazing the nipple as she rode her waves of ecstasy. Without conscious thought or noticing, my painfully hard cock rubbed against her, the veiny ridges rolling over her clit as the thick head prodded her belly. She pulled my head back, her dazed eyes gazing into mine as she delivered an exhausted nod.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered, “give it to me.”

My hand was already working to line us up before she begged me to go back in, my thick meat retreating down her body until the bulbous head squished against her restrictive tightness. The heat radiating from within was incredible. I took my time before sliding back inside, slathering my member with the lubricant oozing out of her throbbing tunnel. My reddened cock glistened in her arousal when the thick tip slowly split into her. Her tiny pussy strained around the girthy meat pushing in, spreading the outer portions of her sex, and pulling the fleshy hood away from her sensitive clit. My palm covered the exposed bean, fingers resting around her navel as I squeezed into her.

Slowly, inch after eye rolling inch, until she grimaced at the soft impact of cock against cervix. I scolded myself inwardly, but was also admittedly excited. My hand rubbed against her clit as I considered unloading potent sperm into her, flooding the narrow gap between my pulsing member and the quivering gateway of her fertile womb. Then, after every drop gushed from me, I could slide forward, close that last little gap and send my deposited seed through. My breath became ragged at the possibility, and I looked into her face as I pulled out then pushed back in. I may not be able to read minds, but this girl didn’t have the look of someone interested in “pulling out.” A smile spread across my face as I took her in my hands, and guided her on the counter.

I turned her over, knees on the hard surface, face to the wide mirror, ass facing me. She extended her legs out, getting into the most wonderful splits I’d ever seen as she presented herself to me. Her feet almost reached the ends of our sink, and the parted lips of her pussy waited eagerly, right at cock level. With both hands on her hips, I lined up with nothing but my stiffness and pelvic dexterity. My manhood pushed back into her, as deep as she could take me while one of my hands drifted down beneath her. I thrusted against her, conscious of her limits, and teased her clit with expert fingers. She was moaning heavily, liquid pleasure leaking along my protruding shaft and dripping from my swinging balls as she neared another orgasm. With her constricting body squeezing around the most sensitive parts of my already sensitive cock, my own climax wasn’t far off. 

Samantha groaned against the mirror, placing a hand on the fogged surface as her other dipped between her legs. Her fingers grasped the thick shaft splitting her lower lips, unable to wrap all the way around the veiny meat. The manicured nails scratched enticingly across my lubricated surface, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the girl stroke my member as it pumped in and out of her struggling hole. I brought a strong hand down across the round left cheek of her ass, forcing a delighted squeal from her as she tensed up into her orgasm. Juices rained from her pussy as she spasmed atop the counter, legs trembling, puckered ass mimicking the convulsions in her slick tunnel. My hands gripped her narrow hips and guided her back and forth along my reddening manhood, just before tumbling over the point of no return, she moaned back to me. 

“Give it to me daddy,” she pleaded through clenched teeth. “Fill me, please.”

I strengthened my grasp on her hips, relishing the feel of her soft skin. Lost in the massaging embrace of her slurping pussy as her hand fumbled down my shaft. Her fingers reached my balls when the first pulse erupted from within, ropes of cum throbbing past her palm and wrist on their way into her fertile depths. She moaned groggily as my grunts filled the bathroom, the shower doing its best to drown our duet of ecstasy out as our climax crested. My eyes began to roll as I drained into the girl, the pleasure accented with a hint of pain, likely from overstimulation. I’d be a certain kind of sore tomorrow, but tonight my body was driven to fulfill one urge. I slowly pressed my throbbing organ deeper into Samantha’s quivering warmth, pooling my potent seed at the gateway of her womb. I was deep enough for the final pulses of sperm from my tip to have gushed against her cervix. With one hand at the small of her back, the other slipped forward and reaching between her legs, I pushed ever so slowly further. My fingers teased her aching clit as the thick head of my cock forced every drop of cum into her inner sanctum, holding her steady until her climax subsided.

Her legs had left the counter, wrapping around me sometime during our coupling. My cheeks flushed at the realization, just now noticing how lost in passion and lust I’d become. “Would you wear our love on your cock tonight, Mr. J?” she asked sweetly. I blinked, trying to shake some alertness back into my head. The typical cognitive thought that had been trying to regain control faded once more as my thick meat emerged from her steaming, gaped sex, coated in a white froth of absolute satisfaction. She turned on wobbly legs to face me, big hazel eyes gleaming up at me. Her fingers grazed across my half erect cock, and she bit her lip seductively. “You should probably turn off the shower and get some sleep, daddy.” Even on tiptoe she could only reach up to my chest for a kiss, but her warm lips pressed against my sternum while perky breasts and hardened nipples were noticeable further down. I hugged her, and walked her out of the restroom, then guided her through the master bedroom and into the hall. She turned to wink at me, and swayed her hips as she walked away into the night.

My mind was a cluttered mess. I hustled back to the bathroom where the shower still ran, and put my hand into the water. As I’d suspected, the water had run cold. It would be a while until the water heater had enough for a comfortable shower, so I decided to entertain Samantha’s request. Hardness returned as I admired my juice slicked cock, thinking back on the women who’d helped make it that way. I fumbled through the drawers for some sleeping aid, and threw on some silky shorts, then joined my wife in bed. A paing of guilt wracked me, and I couldn’t bring myself to even kiss her goodnight before falling asleep myself. 

Instead of divorce fueled nightmares, as I’d anticipated, my dreams were more focused on the pleasures I’d just experienced. Janelle and Samantha, together on my cock. It was a genuinely pleasant wet dream, but something was off enough to rouse me from it. I woke to the increasingly familiar feeling of a warm tongue sliding up my rigid manhood, lips locking over my bulbous head followed by light suction as more of my length entered a suckling mouth. Without even questioning it, I put a hand to the back of the head bobbing at my waist. I pulled away when the girl gagged, and she sprung up gasping for air. In the darkness of night, and the grogginess still clouding me from the sleeping pills, I couldn’t tell who it was for sure, but I assumed it was Blaire. She ducked her head back down by my cock and moaned, “Sam tastes so good on you.” 

With exhaustion outweighing arousal, or any other state of mind, I was more than ready to just be done tonight. These girls seemed determined, however, so I simply lay there and let Blaire take her pleasure out on me. She licked me up and down a few more times, kissed the base of my cockhead, and straddled my hips with her back to me. Even in the near total darkness, I could tell she had a shapely rear. A part of me desperately wanted to turn on the lamp on my bedside table, but I was far too tired to reach for it. So, I simply groped her ass as the constricting warmth of her pussy slowly enveloped my cock. The delight began to overpower my exhaustion as my organ entered her completely. Even through the fog of my mind it felt as though this was a pussy made especially for me, it fit so perfect! She groaned softly, clearly trying not to wake the other occupant of the bed as her pleasure grew, and I was tempted to give her plump ass a solid spank. 

Blaire grinded onto me slowly, careful not to shake the bed too hard. I laid still, for the most part. My hands wandered up her smooth back, and grasped her ass as the soggy sounds of sex increased. I gasped when she rose up, lifting her ass halfway off my lap and then sliding almost noiselessly back down. Her stifled moan could barely be heard over the slick motion of our conjoined organs, her folds well lubricated from arousal sliding wonderfully up and down my pole as my wife slept soundly next to us. I could feel her fingertips rhythmically swiping across the underside of my cock, and knew she was teasing her clit as she impaled herself over and over onto me.

The walls around my shaft contracted suddenly, and Blaire’s motion on my lap faltered as her orgasm struck. I gave her ass a quick slap with one hand, and grasped her full cheek in the other as I lightly thrusted up into her quivering hole, a smile splitting across my face as I watched her tremble through the climax. The silence shattered when the agonizing pleasure consuming her body elicited a breathy groan. I stopped moving immediately, hips elevated into her spasming form while I waited with baited breath, hoping my wife would remain asleep. Thankfully, the soft snoring mere feet away continued, and Blaire’s orgasm had enough time to subside. My hips lowered, sweat slicked ass returning to the warm sheets below as the girl above settled.

Blaire turned on my lap, shadowy leg passing over my face in the darkness as the gripping walls of her pussy twirled around my buried member. I groaned softly at the sensation, and wondered how many times she’d practiced that wonderful move. Her head came closer as she laid over me, soft breasts pressing against my chest. I couldn’t quite make out the features of her face, but imagined her greenish eyes filled with lust while her cheeks flushed bright red as her lips met mine. She slowly rode my cock as we kissed, her tongue and soft moans sliding into my mouth. My arms reached around her, holding her tightly against me as I thrusted up into her grinding pussy. I grunted into her mouth, yet another orgasm aching to burst from my sore organ. While I knew to expect a slight tinge of pain from so many orgasms, there was little I wanted to do more in that moment than flood this girl’s insides with potent cum, and I could tell that’s exactly what she wanted as well.

My hands descended her warm back, fingers digging into her ass as my thrusts became more forceful. Her lips left mine, face pushing into the nape of my neck, her own fingers scratching at my shoulders. Sharp breaths sprung from her chest in mostly muted moans as she brought her mouth up along the side of my face. Her lips were positioned right next to my ear, voice heavy with need when she said, “cum inside me.” My eyes rolled back as the climax finally hit, hot ropes of semen pulsing up my shaft and erupting from the head embedded deep in her constricting warmth. Her teeth bit into my neck as another orgasm shook through her, soft screams of ecstasy muffled into the flesh at her lips. I felt tremors shaking through her as she silently shrieked into me, and guided her ass gently up and down my throbbing member. Her convulsing hole milked every last drop from my spurting cock, draining me more than I’d ever thought possible.

The orgasm seemed to go on forever as I emptied myself into her, leaving me feeling completely drained, and absolutely satisfied. I began to twitch beneath her, almost mirroring the spasms still coursing through her. Blaire laid atop me until I almost fell back to sleep, the feeling of my softening organ slipping out of her well used hole hardly even registering in my mind. I barely felt her roll off, and would only vaguely remember her pulling the sheets back up over me before she hobbled back into the hall. The last memory of that wonderful night was the near blinding light of the hallway briefly illuminating the short curls of her strawberry blonde hair as she limped from view.