Day 1 – “Out Clubbin”

ping ping ping ping

Abigails phone lit up the back of the uber as rain trickled down the window and glistened in the street lights. She helt her head to the cold glass window as the scattered neon lights flashed passed her. “He always does this.” She thought to herself. “This wasn’t even last minute and he still didn’t bother to not smoke for ONE NIGHT. Just one. To come out with me and not let me third wheel like always.” ping ping ping
she finally swing her head off the glass staring down at her phone.
Fee: helloooo.
Fee: where r u???
Fee: R u guys cominn??
Fee: Me n Criss started off without you guys so you gotta catchh upp when ur heree. Fee: hurryyy
Fee: upp.
Abigail let out a deep breath as she quickly typed “almost there. Just me. Something came up with Tims dad and he had to help him so he couldnt come.” She let out a sigh as she hesitantly pushed send. She couldn’t help but lie about her sweehearts absence. Saying he’s busier with other stuff is better than saying he smoked too much and is probably passed out. She couldn’t stand to hear another night of Fee telling her to get rid of him. She quickly flipped the camera to herself. Street lights flickered just enough light to see her makeup as they drove past. The dark smokey eyeshadow really brought out that green in her eyes. Her lips in that new nude lipstick Fiona bought for her a couple months back. Hey hair straightened and a tight black dress to match the makeup.

Black heels with the lace up straps to match. She pushed a hand into her bra and made sure to pull her boobs as far up as possible. Suddenly her cleavage looked even more plump than before. She smiled at the camera. She looked stunning. Her eyes sparkled in the street lights. She quickly dropped the smile and let out a deep breath as the uber started coming to a halt. “Thanks” she quickly said while exiting and grabbing a small side purse from the seat that she had almost forgotten about. She stumbled across a patch of grass and onto the walkway where she slowly walked up towards Criss’ front door. Suddenly another car pulled up on the road side and before she could even knock the door swung open.

“Wow Abby you trying to look hotter than me or something?” A visibly drunk Fiona said as she grinned a big grin looking at her baby sister.
She only even complimented Abby like this when she’s had one too many drinks. Half a champagne bottle in hand and some unzipped knee high heel boots, Fiona struggled to step out into the front porch. Despite the staggering and clumsiness, Abby still thought her sister looked good. She wore a dark red lipstick, brown eyeshadow with a winged eyeliner. A tight bright red dress that barely covered her ass. She looked incredible.

Criss also walked out the door with a smoke in hand. She knew the look on his face all too well. His red eyes gave him away. “Hey.” He croaked. “Hi.” She said before turning her attention to her sisters boots.
Criss wore his usual basketball tee with jeans and a set of fresh sneakers. “How much did you even drink?” She questioned her sister as she struggled to stand up straight.
“Shhhshhshhhh dont worry abouut itt” slurred Fiona”WE’RE COMING WAIIITT” she shouted at the uber who was still idle on the street.

As Abby crouched and zipped Fee’s second boot all the way up she saw the red skirt ride up ever so slightly and briefly reveal that she was not wearing a thong. Fiona drunkenly pulled her skirt down not even realizing how much she had just exposed herself. Criss too out of it to even be paying attention. “Drink this in the uber lets goo” Fiona said, handing over the half bottle of champagne as she heavily stepped towards the uber. Criss following her. Abby looked at the bottle and with almost no hesitation threw it in the tall grass..

The uber ride was pretty much Fiona asking the uber driver questions from the backseat with Fiona barely making a sound. Criss letting out a little chucked and a “yeah” every now and then
15 minutes later

“We’re here.” Faint hiphop music could be heard from outside as they saw a long line turn the corner from the entrance to the club. There were so many people. Fee’s eyes lit up at the line. “I knew we should’ve come earlier, look at that line, i know the show was sold out but i didn’t know it would be this bad.”

The event was an 18 and over event. One night only. Local artists were there to get the night started for the main event. The Weeknd was in town and was going to do an hour-long show at the end of the night. There was so much hype with other artists like doja cat and maybe ariana grande potentially doing a surprise feature. All hearsay but the tickets sold out instantly. Criss, Fee and Abby quickly rushed into line. The crowd roared inside the club as the many still waiting in the line started getting restless. Suddenly a heavy rain crashed down. Everyone in the line pushed themselves close to the wall so the thick line of people could fit under the long awning that was propped up along side the building. Suddenly Abby found herself touching the people in front of her. And to the side of her too. There was just enough room to move a little but barely in the dense line of people.

She looked behind and saw Fiona with her arms around Criss as she leaned in for a drunken kiss. Abby quickly turned around pretending not to watch them as she couldn’t help but think about Tim and how lonely she felt with him not coming. Suddenly she felt a hand grope her ass. She quickly turned her head to the left but that guy had his back facing her. And to her right. Was a couple of girls laughing chatting up the guys in front of them. She felt the hand again. This time it touched her waist, and followed around the back of her waist down to her ass. She froze in her place as the hand continued down. She felt the fingers slide under dress and quickly turned behind her to see Fee still locking lips with Criss… Fee’s eyes were closed as criss opened his eyes a little to give Abby a quick glance before closing his eyes again. “Was criss touching me?? While kissing my sister?” She thought to herself… she noticed only his head was turned and as the rain got heavier the crowd pushed together closer… suddenly she had criss pressed in against her side. Fionaonly briefly stopped kissing criss when the crowd pushed together and went right back at it. Abby could now feel it. A thick long and slightly squishy thing pressing into her upper hip. It was criss’ cock! “It’s just from kissing Fee and we were pushed together” she thought. As intrusive as the thought she felt a hand on her stomach. This time she looked down and could see it was had slipped her mind that she had easter Sunday in the morning..

Day 2 “Easter Sunday”

Imagine all the older parents wanting her for their sons. She’s probably always getting told “i’ve got a handsome son, you’d just love him. I’d love to introduce you to

She walks into the church and instantly turns a couple heads. It’s the easter sermon and the church is more full than normal. Most of the dads that have come with their families sneak a look at her bubble butt as she walks into church. The mums there adore her and always stop to chat a little. The pastor gives her a friendly smile when she looks over to him. She notices he had been looking at her before she was looking at him almost like he was waiting for her to acknowledge him
As she looked back she caught the eyes of a few of the older men looking at her and they quickly tried to look away and pretend they weren’t just staring. Unconsciously she shifted her weight onto the one leg. Bending for a second slightly. She knew this made her ass look extra plump making the crease under her ass cheeks more prominent. Almost instantly she heard two of the men behind her cough a little and then try to make conversation with their families to distract themselves. Nobody wants to hide a boner in church

Abigail finally takes her seat in one of the aisles. She unknowingly gets seated to the left of one of the older dads. Her mother next to her and her father next to her mother. The older gentleman despite being with his family used the opportunity to pretend as though he’s making room for her. Acknowledging her presence with a slight nod and smile as his eyes drifted to the blouse that was cut right above her cleavage. She looked so innocent. A silver chain with a heart pendant adorning her neck and flowing over her collar bones. The long skirt she wore cut just at the knee and although it was loose and flowy it hung heavy against her body. Hugging the curves of her bubble butt. The olde gentleman noticed and proceeded to look away

As she sat down her skirt rode up her thigh a little. She could see out of the corner of her eye the older man looking down at her exposed lower thigh and she pulled the skirt over her knee. The pastor started his easter preach. As the man next to Abigail quickly started adjusting his seating position as he tried to find comfort by tugging at his church pants which pressed into his crotch a little too tightly now. Abigail could no longer focus on the pastor. Suddenly everyone arose and prepared to sing songs. As the hall fell quiet the organ started to play. Voices flood the hall in harmony as Abby tries to focus on the song. She looked down to read the words but her neighbor’s hand moving towards his crotch caught her attention. As she peeped at him from her peripherals she noticed he was trying to hide a noticeable bulge with the pamphlet from his wife and children. Not that they would be looking there during church.

Suddenly the hall fell quiet again in a thunderous wave of people finding their seats once more. She noticed her skirt had climbed her leg again and she almost smiled to herself. She pretended as though she didn’t notice while everyone waited for the pastor to proceed. The man next to her was sitting a little more wide legged than before. He seemed less restless. She pretended to fix her hair and tilted her head towards him to sneak a peek at his crotch. Her eyes widened as she saw a thick shaft climbing his thigh as he loosely held a pamphlet over his bulging member. She looked up and noticed he was looking at her from the side of his eye. Abby quickly turned her head pretending she saw nothing, but was able to catch a slight smirk on his face.

“He’s in church…. here with his family… what is he thinking?!” She thought to herself as if that didn’t also apply to her too.

Suddenly the man adjusted his seating rather quickly. He placed a hand on either side of him to prop himself up a little bit. Abby felt his hand tug at the dress a little more revealing a little more of her thigh. He made it seem like an accident as it sent a shock wave though her body. She definitely was not expecting that. She looked back over out of the corner of her eye and noticed the hand that had tugged at her skirt now rested over his bulging cock. She could see him moving his index finger along the underside of the head which was very visibly outlined on his church pants.

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