Trigger warnings: In addition to the overarching non-con/dub-con themes in the entire story, this chapter and subsequent chapters may contain scenes depicting death. The death scenes take place separately from, and are unrelated to, any of the sexual content in the story. It is not the intention of the author to write about any sexual content relating to snuff.

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I smiled as I recalled what happened with Olivia this morning. It was only a hand job, but fuck, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the best orgasms I have had in my entire life. The image of my cum splattered all over her body and the cute little frown on her face will forever be ingrained in my mind.

No. No. We can’t. I can’t. I had consciously been calling her “Princess” instead of her name to avoid getting too attached to her. She’s the daughter of the Georian King. I can’t fall in love with her. The Leader of the Kastran Nation will be furious if he hears about this. What would my troops think of me? Will they still follow me?

The Kastran Nation was a small prosperous nation located in the southern tip of the continent along the Dramadian Sea. The land we sat on was rich with resources that our people had extracted and traded with our neighbouring nations for centuries. It was never clear to me what exactly happened, but our long-standing trade deal with the Georian Nation fell apart, along with our peaceful co-existence. Within a few years, the Leader of the Georian Nation began leading his troops south, invading and occupying the land that belonged to us and our neighbouring nations. Their forces pushed progressively towards the coast, looting and ravaging everything in their paths. By the time the war ended, the smaller nations such as Kastra had been almost completely razed to the ground. The Georians, with large swaths of land conquered, styled their Leader as King, and renamed themselves the Kingdom of Georia.

I still remember clearly the day my village was set on fire by the invading Georian troops. I had hiked up the hill overlooking the nearby villages together with Leah and her annoying little brother who insisted on tagging along. Leah’s family lived just down the street from my place. We grew up together, went to school together and got into all sorts of trouble together.

We sat under the tree and I listened to Leah complain about stuff. Something about something her mother said, another thing about her best friend whose name I no longer recall, and about how her hair looked ugly and frizzled in the dry weather.

“I think your hair looks good” I recall myself saying, and her rolling her eyes at me in response.

She stood up and pointed towards a house in the neighbouring village. “That’s where Jordan lives!” she informed me excitedly. “Oh, what do you think he’s doing right now?”. My heart ached as I listened to Leah gush over how handsome and perfect her crush was.

“What’s that?” Leah’s brother interrupted, gesturing at the thick plumes of smoke rising up from our village in the distance.

“Oh shit. The two of you stay here. I’ll go back and help put out the fires.” I ran down the path leading back to our village. By the time I arrived, it was already too late. Every single building had been set on fire, not a single living soul was in sight. Dead bodies were strewn about. Fresh crimson blood flowed freely down the streets as the buildings burned.

I stood in front of my house, the heat from the flames searing my eyebrows as the fire raged on. I called out for my father and my mother, but there was no response. I ran down the street towards the well, grabbed a bucket of water and hauled it back towards my house. Most of the water had spilled out of the bucket by the time I returned. I tossed whatever remained of the water at my house and raced back towards the well. I kept going back and forth and back again, in my futile attempt to put out the fire. The sun soon began to set in the distance as the fire kept raging. My parents, Leah’s family, our neighbours, everyone in our village was dead.

I hiked back up the steep path toward the summit, tears flowing down my face. I hid as I saw a group of Georian soldiers coming down the path. Once they had passed, I sprinted up the hill with every ounce of energy I still had left in me. It was already dark by the time I reached the summit. “Leah! Where are you?” I called out. “Leah! It’s me! I’m back!”

“A-A-Arthur?” I turned around to see Leah’s brother emerging from the bushes.

“Where is Leah? Is she ok?”

With a face full of tears, he led me towards the cliff and pointed. With my knees trembling, I looked down the cliff. Leah’s lifeless body was sprawled motionless on a ledge halfway down the hill. She had fallen off the cliff while trying to escape from the Georian soldiers.

My knees buckled and I broke down upon seeing Leah’s dead body. “NOOOOOO! LEAH! Nooo…” I hugged her little brother as we cried, mourning the loss of Leah and everyone we knew.

I remember clearly that the night sky was a deep crimson red that day. From the vantage point on top of the hill, we witnessed the surrounding villages going up in flames, one after another.

Several hours passed, and the sun began to rise. I decided it was time for us to go. I had no idea where, but we needed to get out of that place and start afresh somewhere new.

“Let’s go Morgan. It’s just the two of us now.”


“General Arthur. Arthur. Arthur!” Lieutenant Morgan shook me, bringing me back to the present. “Are you thinking about her again?” he asked, with concern in his eyes.

He knew the man who brought him up since he was nine well enough to not have to wait for a reply. “It’s been 10 years. Maybe it’s time to move on. She would have wanted you to move on.” He advised.

“I know you like the princess.” he added. He cut me off as I started to protest. “I’ve seen the way you look at her. It’s the same look you had in the past when you looked at my sister.”

I sighed, unable to come up with any response to that.

“I’ll finish up here. You go find your princess.” He teased, as he ushered me out of the library and shut the door.

I walked mindlessly as I tried to sort out my jumbled thoughts when I found myself standing in front of our bed chamber. I took a deep breath and pushed the doors open. To my disappointment, Olivia was not in the room. I went door to door searching for Olivia in various parts of the castle.

I turned a corner to find a naked Lieutenant Dylan sitting on a bench with two handmaidens kneeling in front of him. His head thrown back as he groaned and moaned, the two handmaidens’ tongues dancing an elaborate ballet around the head of his cock. I decided to not interrupt his soiree and went to look elsewhere.

I eventually stumbled upon the unmistakable sound of feminine giggles emanating from behind a set of doors. Without announcing myself, I pushed the doors open.

The room plunged into silence in an instant. I found myself standing in a bathroom as three pairs of eyes stared at me. A giant wooden tub of water sat in the middle of the room. Olivia was sitting in the tub, the soap bubbles floating on top of the water obscuring her body from view. Two handmaidens stood beside her, with a brush and a sponge in their hands, assisting her with her bath.

“It’s ok.” Olivia gave the handmaidens a reassuring nod as the handmaidens left the bathroom with worried looks on their faces, closing the door behind them.

“Can I help you, General?” Olivia asked, angling her head slightly, a twinkle in her eye.

“I can think of a number of things you can help me with, Olivia”, I said, calling her by her name for the very first time, while I took off my clothes before joining her in the tub. I leaned in to give her a kiss but she pouted and pushed me away playfully. “Help me with this first.” she demanded as she shoved her wet hair into my hands. “I can’t get it off. And it’s all your fault!” She sulked.

I laughed as I helped Olivia wash my dried cum from her hair. My hand meandered around her body as I took the liberty to also assist in washing other parts of her, relishing the slippery touch of her wet soapy body.

“My turn?”, I asked, hoping that Olivia will reciprocate by washing me in return.

“Go ahead, the tub is all yours!” she chuckled as she got out of the tub, her wet body glistening in the light.

Disappointed, I got out of the tub after her and reached for the towels to dry my body. Olivia stepped up towards me, and I felt her hand on my cock, tugging at my painful erection. “Is this how you wish for me to help you, General?”

I moaned as Olivia’s warm hand wrapped around my cock. “I was hoping for something a little more…” I trailed off as I traced my finger on her lips.

“Gasp. I’m a princess, General. Not a whore!” Olivia scoffed as she let go of my cock.

“I-I.. I…” I stammered, struggling to come up with the words for an apology.

“Well, I’m no prude either”, Olivia grinned and lowered herself onto her knees. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and gave it a few gentle tugs.

“Ooohhhhhh” I moaned as she worked my cock with her hands, applying to the task what she learnt from our session earlier in the morning.

Olivia looked up at me with her doe-like eyes as she parted her lips. The sensation of my cock sliding past her lips into her warm mouth was heavenly. “Aaahhhhhh. Oliviaaa.”

Olivia managed to take half of my cock into her mouth before she began to suck on my sensitive glans. I looked down at Olivia on her knees, her naked body gleaming, her long blonde hair that framed her gorgeous face still dripping from the bath. It was a middling blowjob at best, but I could tell she was trying, doing her best to please me.

After working on my cock for some time, Olivia stopped and raised her head, flashing me a pair of pouty eyes. “My jaws are tired”, she whined. I returned a reassuring smile, took hold of my cock and started jerking myself off, eyes fixated on the ravishing beauty kneeling in front of me.

“Ahhh.ahhh..ahhh… I’m gonna cum”, I warned as I felt my impending orgasm. Olivia gathered her hair and held them behind her head, her eyes transfixed upon my cock as I pumped myself frantically.

“Ahh fuck yessss….ahhhhhh” my knees quivered as I came. Olivia winced and snapped her eyes shut as she felt spurt after spurt of my cum fly in her direction. Once she felt it was safe, she cautiously opened her eyes. Her brows knitted in a frown, she glared at me as I took in the sight of Olivia kneeling in front of me, face plastered with my cum, dripping down onto her naked breasts. At least none of it got on her hair this time.

“Looks like we need to take another bath.” I helped her up onto her feet, and guided her back into the tub.