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The door slammed shut as the General left the room. I pulled myself up from the floor and stumbled towards the dresser, rifling through the clothes before selecting a modest burgundy dress to put on.


“Princess? Are you in there?” Amanda whispered, knocking on the doors.

“Yes! Come in!” I called out, glad to finally be together with a friendly face.

The doors opened and there stood Amanda, accompanied by a soldier. “Oh my god Amanda! What are you wearing?” I asked the handmaiden, surprised to see what she was dressed in. An attire even a tavern whore would have been embarrassed to be seen in.

Amanda placed the tray of food on the table before explaining to me the newly implemented uniform rules for the handmaidens. I sighed and pulled Amanda into my embrace and took brief solace in each other’s company.

“Time to go.” The soldier standing at the door called out, indicating it was time for Amanda to leave. The handmaiden made her exit, leaving me alone in the room with the soldier standing at the door. I could almost feel the lustful eyes of the soldier burning into my skin as he lingered. I felt naked and exposed, even as I was fully dressed. The soldier took his time to appraise body before leaving and shutting the door.

I ate a little of the breakfast and went back to the window overlooking the courtyard below. I gazed outside and watched the soldiers training in the courtyard, but lost interest quickly. Hours passed, and I found myself pacing across the room repeatedly, bored to bits alone in the room, with nothing to do. Is it safe for me to take a walk outside? Am I even allowed outside of the room? The General never made that clear to me.

Cracking the room door open slightly, I peered out at the corridor. It was empty. I stepped out of the room and started walking apprehensively. My heart raced as I noticed two soldiers walking towards my direction. I composed myself, put on a brave front and continued walking with a steady pace, letting out a sigh of relief when they passed. The soldiers smirked at me as they walked past, but did not attempt to stop me. I could sense their eyes following me as they walked past, lingering at my butt. Women know. We always know.

Feeling more confident, I headed down the stairs, went past the training soldiers in the courtyard and into the garden. The garden was my favourite spot in the entire castle. I sat on the bench and enjoyed the cooling breeze. Watching the squirrels play on the trees and the butterflies fluttering above the patches of flowers, I recalled all the time I spent with Clayton at this castle. I wondered if Clayton was doing better today. The General promised me. I hope he kept his promise. How are the handmaidens were doing? My heart wrenched as I imagined the ordeal they must have gone through last night. Some of them are like sisters to me. I pondered too about why the General did not do the same to me. He tried to, and I could tell he wanted to. But for some reason I could not comprehend, he did not. Does he have other plans for me? Does he have trouble with his…*thing*? Or perhaps I’m not attractive enough for him?

After some time, I felt my stomach rumble and made my way to the dining hall for lunch. I sat alone at the table, in the same seat as the night before. The seat beside me was empty. I was glad that the soldiers in the hall kept their distance from me. Although I was keenly aware of the lecherous stares from some of them, I did my best to ignore them. The General did not show up for lunch.

After lunch, I roamed aimlessly along the maze of corridors, getting lost in a quieter part of the castle.

“Umphh. Umphhh… Ahh.. Umpphhh.” I turned a corner and came face to face with one of the handmaidens kneeling on the ground on all fours, the soldier behind her driving in and out of her.

“Lucy!” I gasped as I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Ahh the Georian Princess. We missed you last night. Would you like to join us?” the soldier pulled out of the handmaiden and walked towards me. His disgusting *thing* glistening with Lucy’s lady juices, swinging with each step he took.

“Run! Princess, RUN!” Lucy screamed as she hung on to the soldier’s leg. “Please! Fuck me. I’ll suck your cock… You can cum inside me… Please!”

“I’m so sorry.” I mouthed at my handmaiden as I turned and ran as fast as I could in the direction I came from.

I ran for several minutes before stopping to catch my breath. Voices emanated from the room I was standing next to and I peered through the door. The General and his two Lieutenants were in the library, huddled around the giant table that was covered with maps and various documents. I listened in as the three of them argued across the table. I did not comprehend most of that was said, for it was mostly military jargon, but I understood that the Lieutenants had suggested an aggressive push towards the royal castle, but the General ultimately decided on a more conservative approach to avoid unnecessarily risking the lives of his troops. A smile crept onto my face as I overheard the General requesting the Lieutenants to dress the handmaidens more appropriately. I shut the door quietly and continued with my exploration of the castle.

I wandered around the rest of the castle for the next few hours, careful to avoid the more deserted parts, learning more about the history of the castle I had visited so frequently over the past year. The Emerald River used to flow from the mountains north of Georia, all the way down to the independent colonies in the South. The City of Tadleigh, located along the river, grew rapidly to become an important trading post between Georia and the southern nations. The Tadleigh Castle was constructed 254 years ago to defend the city. However, the river dried up, trade eventually stopped flowing through the town, and the Tadleigh people left for greener pastures. There used to be tunnels running underneath the castle that were used frequently by smugglers to sneak contraband items in and out of Georia. They were mostly sealed when the Kingdom of Georia took over control of the castle and the surrounding lands 10 years ago.


I was already seated at the dining table when the General entered the dining hall with his two Lieutenants, looking exhausted, having spent the entire day in the library discussing their military plans. The General took his place next to me and signalled for the start of dinner. The handmaidens entered the hall with trays of food, and I was pleased to see each one of them dressed in new robes that all covered their bodies appropriately. I turned towards the General, contemplating if I should thank him for the handmaidens’ new robes, but decided otherwise.

As the dinner progressed and the soldiers started to get more handsy with the handmaidens, I decided that that was my cue to go, and got up to leave the hall. Returning to the bed chamber, I was surprised to see the General following closely behind me.

I stood anxiously beside the bed as the General approached me. “You look radiant as always” the General complimented as he planted a kiss on my cheek. My breathing hastened and I shifted my feet nervously, as I mentally prepared myself for what was to come. I’m not naïve. I know what the General wants from me. What all men want. I understood that as his prisoner, it was bound to happen whether I wanted it or not, although I was terrified of it actually happening.

“I’m exhausted. Let’s have an early night.” The General said. I stood in surprise and averted my gaze as he stripped in front of me and changed into his sleeping clothes before getting into bed.

I walked towards the dresser. Even with my back facing him, I could feel him watching me as I took off my clothes. I pulled on a piece of white silk sleeping gown and tied the string around my waist to secure it. I got into bed with the General and laid down beside him, facing away from him. I felt him shift his body closer towards me. His hand slid over my body, embracing me from behind. I froze when I felt his hand over my breast, but he simply left it there, cupping my breast over the silk gown with his warm calloused hand. I sighed a little sigh of relief when I heard his snoring, and soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with a groan as I rubbed my eyes, adjusting to the morning sunlight filtering through the windows. “Good morning, princess”, the General greeted. Our bodies had shifted during the night and I found myself cuddled up next to him, my face buried in his strong muscular chest.

His hand started to explore my body over the silk gown, sliding up from my thighs, over to my butt, stopping at the string around my waist that kept the gown on my body. The string came undone with a gentle tug. He laid me on my back and the untied gown fell over the sides of my body. I was fully nude once again, lying in bed with the General.

The General’s hands roamed over my exposed body, lightly caressing both my breasts as I felt my nipples harden in the cool morning air. He got on top of me, and my body tensed up in response. He lowered himself and started planting kisses on me, starting with one on my forehead, he then kissed my cheek. He moved his lips downwards, and I found myself unconsciously tilting my head to one side, exposing my neck to him. He planted a kiss my neck, and on my collarbones. I felt his lips on my breast and gasped as he took my sensitive nipple into his mouth. As he sucked on my nipple, I involuntarily let out a soft but unmistakable moan, and felt my face blush with embarrassment.

His touches felt nice and comforting and I soon got lost in his tender kisses. His hand went between my legs and he began stroking my smooth inner thighs. I could feel my loins moisten, and I was sure that he could feel the heat radiating from my folds just mere inches away from his fingers. It was only when I felt him try to spread my legs apart with his knees that I snapped out my daze and pushed him off of me.

“Shhhh. It’s ok. I’ll be gentle.” he reassured me, stroking my hair.

I shook my head at him. “I- I n-never… I haven’t…” I stuttered, unable to find my words.

He looked me in my eyes, astounded. “What do you mean you haven’t? Haven’t you and Clayton…” he gestured crudely.

“We…we’ve done… … some things… but n-never…” I trailed off. I’m no prude. I have done certain *things* with Clayton, but we’ve never done *that*, despite Clayton’s persistent requests. Nobody’s ever touched me *there*. And I couldn’t bring myself to willingly give myself up to this stranger I barely knew.

The General laid down on his back, staring up at the ceiling, not sure how he should proceed. He turned towards me and our eyes met. His brown eyes gazing into mine, he reached for my hand. I peered at his hand holding on to mine and the huge bulge in his pants and nodded. I have to at least give him something, I reasoned with myself. I reached across and I felt it. The warm bulge under his pants. I moved my fingers tentatively over his pants, tracing the outline of his erect cock. I slowly closed my fingers around it, moving my hand up and down slowly with deliberate strokes.

I moved my hand toward the waistband of the General’s pants. He lifted up his hips, allowing me to pull down his pants. His cock sprung out into the open, and I wrapped my fingers around the shaft, touching one that did not belong to Clayton for the first time. It felt bigger.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh” the General threw his head back and exhaled a long deep moan as my hand started moving slowly, jerking him off. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to do. I had only done it for Clayton a few times. The General sensed my inexperience and started giving me instructions. Speeding up, slowing down, gripping harder or softer, teasing the head of his cock with my thumb, I followed each of his directions.

“Ahhh..yes yes yes…keep going. Just like this. Ahh..ah..ah..arghhh…ARGHHHH” he moaned, almost like a baby, as I brought him to the brink. He groaned and twitched uncontrollably as shot after shot of cum erupted from his cock. I stopped, but he urged, almost begged, for me to continue stroking his cock. “Keep going…keep going. Ahhh..ooohh..ahhhhh”, and I did.

When it was over, I had his cum all over me. My hands were wet and sticky and multiple shots had landed on my body. There was a pool on my stomach, splatters on my breasts, some got on my hair and there was even a dribble on my face. The General saw the mess he created and flashed me a cheeky grin. I shot him back daggers from my eyes as I returned his smile with a frown. God, my hair is going to be so difficult to wash.

He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I parted my lips slightly to receive the kiss.