My GF and I had a splendid night yesterday. We started off going out to get some cookies, and coming home to eat them and spend some time together. She cleaned my boots for me while I relaxed a little bit, and soon after we got out Battleship and played a round. I won, but still had to clean up the game and put it away. Taking 45 seconds to walk into the living room, and put the game away, I came back into our room to see her stripped naked on my bed giving me puppy eyes. My jaw dropped, as I turned and shut the door.

I took off my pants as my cock was growing, and softly asked her if she wanted it. She giggled and let out a coy “Maybe…” I kissed her, and slowly started to give attention to her neck and ears. Soft bites and kisses, occasionally returning to her lips. I moved my way down to her body, and started to eat her out. Her moans were loud at first, telling me how much she was enjoying herself. I slipped in two fingers, moving them in and out while focusing on her clit with my tongue. Her breathing started to get rapid, and her stomach muscles flexed as she released all of her juices on my hands and mouth. I gave her a couple extra licks, just for good measure. She trembled on every single one.

I moved up to be face level with her, as she asked how I wanted to fuck her. I thought to myself, what should I do? Should I tell her to flip around and plow into her from the back, or do I want to see her face as I slowly move in and out. I chose the latter, as she opened her legs and smiled at me. I slipped in my thick cock in her slippery pussy and it went in with ease, a change from the normal tightness I face when entering her. She looked up at me, and gave me an evil grin as she started to clench her vagina around my cock, telling me she loves to see me struggle to get inside her. I raised her butt off the bed, to make it easier to move in with the pressure I was facing, and she let out a moan as if I was hitting just the right spot.

“Oh my god, it feels so good”. I love when she gives me praise, so I made sure to keep going just like that for a few minutes. Eventually, I told her to get on her side so I could fuck her that way. It’s her favorite way to cum.

She gets on her side, and grabs her vibrator. I begin moving in and out of her, being careful to not put my whole cock inside of her as I don’t want to hurt her. I start to caress her face and tell her how much I love her while going just a little faster. Her mouth opens up to scream, but she can’t get the sounds to come out. I tell her it’s OK, and that she can be loud and the sounds come flooding out of her as I feel her cumming on my dick. She is shaking, and I give her a kiss to let her know that i’m still here.

She asks how I want to be finished, and I tell her that I want to finish in her mouth. Quickly getting on her knees, she spits on one of her hands and starts to rub my cock while whispering dirty dirty stories to me in my ear. It feels so good, and I tell her i’m about to cum. She turns and sucks on my cock, not being able to fit it all in her mouth. I am only able to hold it in for about 30 seconds, as I yell and bust into her mouth. She keeps sucking even after I came, putting me into another world of pleasure. She spits it onto a towel, and collapses onto me. Some of the best sex i’ve ever had in my life.

Love you baby, hope you enjoyed the story. Your turn;)