Our first time fucking consisted of four hours on-and-off pounding. She’d said she likes it rough (they always do) but after two minutes, she had to reassess (they also do). Very small, very curvy, nice brown eyes, and an extreme enthusiasm for sucking cock. Oh, and dimples. Truth be told, her dimples were my favorite part.

This particular followup visit was fun, too. She put her tongue ring in for the occasion and gave me a wet and eager blowjob, even donned some lacy lingerie with holes in the right places.

I like small girls – it’s impressive when they can take everything thrown at them and still want more. She was no exception.

I was on top, railing her to the point that she was falling off the bed. She scooted back and threw a hand up to my shoulder, then put one around my throat. I smiled and said, “Oh, you want to play?” She bit her lip and squeezed a bit, so I returned the favor. I had a tighter grip, and I was in the better position to move her hand away after her eyes slightly unfocused, remove my hand, and Nosferatu her neck, leaving a splotch of red and purple. War paint, love marks, battle scars – call it what you will.

I was as deep as I could be in her with each thrust; she had a long, sustained moan, with some choice words to boot. “Pound that pussy,” she gasped. “It’s fucking yours.”

I held her by the shoulders and pushed her downward with each thrust. She was shaking – rightly so. But the best statement came out of her lips with her eyes locked on mine:

“Fuck me like I don’t matter.”

As you wish.

I hoisted her leg up to my shoulder and dug my feet against the baseboard for leverage. I pulled her hair back and exposed her neck, grabbed handfuls of her tits and bit her nipples til she screamed. I slapped her across her pretty face as she said please, please, please. She suckled my thumb and let me be as relentless as I’ve ever been, reckless abandon, utter disregard.

I put her on her knees and held her face down in the pillow so all I could hear were muffled groans. She fell prone and I spread her cheeks to see just how nicely her pussy gripped me. And when I came inside her, it was the deepest I’d been – nothing leaked.

She lay there twitching, barely conscious, used.

It’s always nice to fulfill a request.