Cheer Practice

Liz squealed with joy as she tumbled onto the gymnastics mat. It was a hot and rainy day so the squad was practicing in the gymnasium. They were practicing some acrobatic throws, throwing teammates up so they could flip and twirl in the air before landing hopefully gracefully on the squishy mat in front of them.

Liz had just tumbled not so elegantly onto the mat. She was messing around as practice was almost over for the day. Her crazy jump had her landing on her back, the squeal of joy knocked from her lungs. She wasn’t hurt just winded by the foolish fall. Gasping for breath the girl of eighteen fixed her mini pleated skirt which had flipped up to reveal her panties and got up.

“Liz! Come here!” Her coach yelled at her blowing his whistle. She had done it now, he was gonna discipline her for her act of stupidity. Bracing for the worst she got up and walked across the gym to the bench where he was sitting. Liz was by all accounts a popular girl. Pretty, petite, and curvy in the right places. Her skin was fair but tanned from her athletic activities and her hair was tied up in a tall pony tail. She was a brunette with sun baked dirty blonde highlights and wide stunningly green eyes. The boys in her class drooled and fantasized the most despicable acts of lust when they saw her.

Mr. Raymond was Liz’s coach. He was broad, bearded, and tall. Bald with gentle grey eyes and a deep smooth voice. Many of Liz’s classmates swooned over him. His muscular physique was tucked tightly into a v-neck shirt and his pair of black gym shorts left little to the imagination. His bulge was quite visible between the spread legs of Sam Denworth, a reserve cheerleader. Sam couldn’t of been a bigger foil to Liz. While Liz was petite with budding breasts and fair skinned, Sam was dark, tall, and with large breasts and a round ass. She gave Liz a small smirk and grinded her ass against the Coach’s lap. His large rough hands were groping Sam’s full bosom shirt and all.

This was not an uncommon sight, it was well known that Mr. Raymond was a perverted man who took full advantage of the free use laws. His entire varsity squad was made of seniors over the age of eighteen and all of them at least once had been of use to him for his physical needs. Mr. Raymond’s eyes twinkled slightly as he looked at Liz.

“Are you alright Liz?” He sounded genuinely concerned.

“Yes Coach, I’m fine. Just took a small tumble.” Liz couldn’t help but watch Sam’s expression. Her face was becoming more and more flushed and her nipples were poking through the loose fabric of her gym t-shirt. Even from a few feet away Liz could smell Sam’s musky scent. It made her own loins tingle with desire.

Mr. Raymond nodded, “I’m glad. Can’t have my captain injured so close to our next meet.” He paused then added with a smile, “Among other things…”

Liz knew what he meant but she was not going to say it front of Sam.

“Alright girls let’s pack up and hit the showers. Liz see me after practice I want to talk to you about your proposed routine.” Mr. Raymond instructed, most of the girls gathered their things and headed towards the changing room, only Sam and Liz stayed behind. Liz began her rounds of picking up the equipment while Sam and her coach finally moved forward with their one on one activity. Liz saw out of the corner of her Sam’s shorts pulled down as he leaned her across the bench. Then his shorts were tugged down and his cock was lined up with Sam’s swollen pussy.

Liz folded up the tumble mat as the loud sound of flesh slapping flesh filled and echoed in the empty gym. Sam’s whines of pleasure and Mr. Raymond’s grunts of lust ringed in Liz’s ears as he pounded her hard. She bit her lip and glanced over to see her Coach fucking Sam like a dog. He looked absolutely in heaven and desperate to cum. The same expression he made the other day in her room after practice.

The memory of her last intimate encounter with her Coach made her pussy throb again with need. Looking away from the erotic display before her she finished packing up the gear. She only had to grab her bag and stand off to the side for about a minute before with a grunt Mr. Raymond grabbed Sam’s plump hips and held himself deep. His cock spurting his seed deep into her womb. Sam trembled and lay still after he pulled out, she moaned softly as he spread her fat cheeks wide to inspect his work.

“Liz, come here a moment.” Mr. Raymond said. It wasn’t a request, Liz could hear the tone of command in his voice. She approached her Coach, his cock was still hard and glistening with his cum and Sam’s grool. “Clean us up.” He said with a smile.

“Yes Sir.” Liz responded before getting to her knees. She started with his knob. It was sickeningly sweet and bitter all at the same time. She loved the taste of after sex. After a few minutes of worshipping his cock, now shimmering with her spittle, she turned her attention to Sam’s cunt. Liz’s tongue dug deep into the velvety purple and pink folds of Sam’s sex. Lapping away at her musky hole and digging Mr. Raymond’s cream out lap by lap. Sam moaned louder and within about 30 seconds trembled as she came. Her body finally relaxing, her arched back dropping so she could lay prone across the bench.

Mr. Raymond stroked his cock vigorously as he watched the two teen girls beneath him. He had just cummed but such a beautiful erotic sight was driving him wild with lust. “Liz.” He grunted with need. She moved back to his cock without hesitation just in time. As her warm lips wrapped around the head of his shaft he convulsed and gripped her pony tail pushing her deep. Thick, boiling sticky strands of cum splattering her throat and mouth. She coughed but he held her still, her nose buried in the wild brambles of his pubic hair. Her hands tapped at his thighs for relief but he didn’t release her sputtering pink face until he had his fill.

“Clean yourself up and meet me at my car in ten minutes Liz so I can take you home.” He pulled his shorts up. The shape of his cock outlined once again in the material. He smiled at his girls, both looked spent and tired but also needy. Just the way he wanted them. They always came back for more.