My wife wasn’t the same after the baby, but in a good way, I guess.

Before the baby, she was timid and wasn’t much of a go-getter for sex. She seemed to only go with it after she was warmed up with some foreplay. She needed to feel loved and appreciated. And maybe she was right that I wasn’t doing my husbandly duty of showing my wife how much I loved and appreciated her.

But then the baby came, which brought itself some new challenges. Parenting really pushed us to be a team. We were learning as we were going, and we may not have it down, but we do all right.

But not until one random night that I saw how it affected our sex life. How it changed and when is still a mystery. But one day after I had fed and put the baby to bed in the other room, I come to bed and she looked fast asleep. I got under the cover and embraced her big spoon style. I felt that she had no bottoms, not even underwear. I hadn’t felt her bare body like that in such a long time. It gave me a really hard erection really fast. She could feel the bulge of my pajamas and rubbed her ass to tease me. She rotated her head towards me and said, “I want you to use me, baby. ”

I did not hesitate to take my cock out and fucked her spoon style. It was the best sex we had in months, maybe even before she got pregnant. But it was something I wasn’t expecting, especially from her who was not an initiator.

About a week later I had continued my part of feeding and rocking the baby to sleep. Going back to the room, I noticed my wife again was laying in bed without bottoms, with the cover half way down, exposing her ass. I walked up to the bed and noticed she was already wet. She didn’t say a word, she laid there seemingly asleep. Of course my cock got hard and could not help but take it out and stroked a bit before getting on top of her. I went inside her and she moaned like I’ve never heard before and got me harder than before. Her pussy being wet before fucking her, it’s something I can never get enough of.

It became almost routine about once or twice a week that after I put the baby to bed, she would be prepared for me. We never talk about why she does it this way. We both know she doesn’t initiate sex. But maybe this is her way of initiating. I’m not complaining, she doesn’t say no, it feels almost perverted. And if it is some weird deviant act that some may see it as, I don’t care. She makes it clear without saying a word. She wants me by making me want her.