She is in my room and on my bed. Naked, collared, flushed, aroused. She is tied up in my rope. On her back. Legs open, knees up. Ass and pussy hanging off one edge. Mouth hanging off the other. She is blindfolded. One or more of her holes, which I may not be inclined to use, are plugged closed. The remainder, nerve endings alive with anticipation, are at my service.

She lies there for however long I please. The clock ticks and her heart throbs and her skin tingles. Vulnerable, pliant, splayed wide open. I tower above her undulating form. I am quiet and she is still. Like a doe wary of danger, in the primitive part of her brain, prey senses predator. And I am hungry. Greedy. Possessive. She is mine. She is *mine* before she is *her*. *Mine*, and only for me.

I may fuck her aching asshole hard and deep. She gasps with the sharp pain of being stretched, and grunts with the deeper hurt in her guts. But her mind pays no heed to flesh. It is drunk – indulged in the satisfaction of being filled.

I may ream her creamy cunt as her sloppy pussy grips on my cock, begging for my seed. With every thrust, I impale her down to my root. With each thrust, her cries become croons as self-preservation melts into needy lust.

Or I may abuse her mouth. Her throat is only my sheath. She gags and spits and sputters and gargles as I sheathe myself inside. I will not be denied, and she does not deny. What is dignity when her debasement is love?

I may use her how I please. She does not care. Only that she is used by me. She is my fleshlight. And I will use her to cum.

But my use of my woman is not dispassionate, no. I will attend to her with more than my cock. I may kiss her hurting pussy long and soft until it is better. Or I may tie her to a vibrator and wrest every last bit of her pleasure for mine.

Every sensation I ask of her, she yields to me with abandon. I am her sovereign and her sacrifice is her prayer of devotion to me.

When I’m done using her, my good little, cum-greedy, free-use girl gets to wipe away tears and cuddle in my arms. She nuzzles into the nooks and crannies of my body, feeding on my warmth. I kiss her lips and cheeks and hair and murmur sweet nothings into her ear as I lull her into a restful slumber.

She falls asleep in my arms, my cum oozing out of her swollen pussy.