I (37f) went round to a friends on Saturday night for a drink and a catch up with a couple of other friends. For the past few days I’ve been texting a man I’ve been texting on and off for a couple of years and he asked me what I was doing so I told him, he then asked what I was wearing so I sent him this picture https://imgur.com/a/vw16DIB and he then start begging me to let him pick me up afterwards and give me a lift home. I told my husband and he said it’s fine with him, meant he didn’t have to come out pick me up lol.

I went round to my friends and we had a good night. Thought the night I was texting this man and then told him to pick me up about 11. I told my friends I had an Uber coming and once I saw him pull up outside I said bye to my friends and got in his car.

It was a bit awkward at first but we soon relaxed and just drove around for a bit talking after he asked if I wanted to go straight home or “stay out for a bit” and I told him I’m happy to stay out.

As we were driving around we both got a bit braver as he made a couple of suggestive comments and I ended up stroking his thigh while he drove. He then asked where I wanted to “stop for a chat” which I knew was a blatant hint. I thought of somewhere me and my husband used to go for a smoke and a play when we were younger which was only five minutes away so we headed there. It was a dead end road with woods either side, no one was going to be there this late at night so it was perfect.

He parked up and straight away we were all over each other. Him running his hands all over my body, lifting my top up over my head and then taking my bra off and then undoing my jeans and pulling them down so I was completely naked, me pulling his jogging bottoms down and then his boxers and putting him straight in my mouth. He was instantly hard and was loving it, moaning as he ran his hands all over my body, stroking and groping me.

After a few minutes he told me to stop and get in the back, he took great delight that I got out the car naked with just my shoes on to get in the back rather than climb through lol. We got in and started kissing passionately and he laid me down and got on top and waited for him to start fucking me but instead he started slowly kissing down my neck, then down my chest, then down my stomach, then started softly kissing up and down each inner thigh and then really gently kissing my pussy and I thought I was going to explode when he finally started licking my clit and fingering me and it didn’t take long for me to orgasm and I said “your turn now how do you want to do it?” and he said doggy style outside the car 🙈

I got out, still naked apart from my shoes, put my hands against the car and he came behind me and straight away we started fucking. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started pulling it, sometimes pulling me back for a kiss, while his other hand alternated between squeezing my tits and slapping my arse. I’d forgotten about the cold and being naked outside and was just really enjoying myself. I told him to let me know when he was going to cum and it wasn’t long before he gave me the signal.

I quickly spun round and squatted down in front of him, grabbed his dick and aimed it at my tits, that was the plan anyway but it went everywhere, my face, hair, tits, thighs, even down my back lol.

We stood there laughing and I was about to ask him to get me something to wipe it with when headlights started coming up the road! We quickly jumped in the car and drove off, me still naked and covered in cum! Not sure if the two cars saw anything but I quickly chucked my top back on with no bra and put my jeans on, then found some tissue in my bag to wipe my face and hair.

We were both saying how close that was but admitted it was hot nearly getting caught and he reached over and started grabbing at me and asked for “some road head” on the way back to mine. I duly obliged and like the first time he was hard pretty instantly but within five minute we were round the corner from my house so he pulled over and he waited until he was finished and luckily there wasn’t as much as the first time! I swallowed it and sat back up, both of us looking happy and satisfied and he dropped me off with promises to meet again but no kiss goodbye 😂

My husband was asleep when I got in so I had a quick shower and brushed my teeth and told him all about it over a cup of tea Sunday morning