Chloe and I have been together for 13years (dated for 2, engaged for 1 and married for 10) and have a
4-year-old son. We are both Filipino and are very close to both our families.

With that being said, all our vacations since we have been together have always been centered around family, either visiting or going on trips with them.  We have had weekend getaways but because of our careers, and our child, those are very few and far between.

Last month we celebrated our 10-year anniversary and Chloe’s mom gave us a 5-day Bahamas Cruise, for just the two of us and my parents were going to babysit our little one during our vacation.

One of things that was always great in our marriage is our sex life. Even with our busy lives we make sure to have at least one hot sexual night a week.  It was our escape as a couple, something we do for us. Needless to say, we were both excited with the idea of having 5 full days to ourselves, and if we knew our family wouldn’t demand to see pictures of our trip, we would probably stay in our room the whole time and fuck each other’s brains out.  The more we talked about it, the more we got

Chloe bought some lingerie, some toys, all kinds of oils.  We were going to watch adult movies and probably sneak in some sex in a public place where we could get caught.  We had all kinds of naughtiness planned.  We even talked of the possibility of maybe having a three

Chloe considers herself bi-sexual, though she admits that her attraction to women is purely sexual and not emotional. She had an experience during her college days where one drunken night she and her roommate experimented on each other.  She said the experience left her unfulfilled and would like to
re-visit the experience when she gets the chance. Though it was a yearning she said, it was nothing she ever chose to pursue.

The day of the cruise came, and we were happy that we got upgraded to a nicer cabin. We also noticed that the boat was just maybe a little over half full.  When we got settled, Chloe decided to take a shower and change into something more comfortable.  She decided to wear a sundress as we explore the boat, and I dared her not to wear any underwear, so she left them off.  Neither of us didn’t really think about how windy the upper decks could be and there were at least a couple of times a few
people around us got an eyeful.

Chloe decided it was enough of that and we headed back to our cabin.  To reward her for her boldness, I sat her on the bed, lifted her dress and went down on her.  Unfortunately, it did not last long since we got the announcement that we had to do the evacuation drill.  Chloe decided to put underwear on as we headed to our muster station.

That night we did everything you can do on a cruise the first night.  We were so excited to explore, eat, drink and be entertained.  At the end of the night Chloe and I sat a lounge and listened to some live music. The band played a song we loved, so Chloe and I danced.  It was like we were falling in love all over again. 

As we were making our way back to our table, Chloe pulled me close and whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me back in the cabin.  She told me to give her 15 minutes and then come back to the cabin.  I have to say that was the longest 15 minutes of my life.

As I stood up to leave, I asked the waiter if there was a place for me to get a flower and he asked me what kind I was looking for.  I told him a red rose and he came back about 2 minutes later with the rose.

When I got back to our cabin, I knocked on the door and Chloe told me to come in.  She was standing on the balcony wear black heels, black stockings with matching garter belt and the tiniest pair of panties I have ever seen.  Chloe made sure I got a good look of her front, and then she turned around and leaned over the railing to show me her beautiful ass which I absolutely adored. I came close to her, fondled her bare ass cheek with my left hand and gave her the rose.  Chloe took it,smelled it and kissed me. 

That night we fucked like we were our much younger selves.  Chloe left her lingerie on, and I came three times, once in her mouth, once in her pussy and once in her ass (in that order). We snuggled as we slept feeling happy and satisfied. 

The next morning, I woke up at 6 and got up about 30 minutes later.  I looked at my beautiful wife as she slept and thought about fucking her again. However, I knew if I woke her up this early while she’s on vacation, she would probably bite my dick off.  So, I decided I’ll wait until she wakes up.  In the meantime, I made myself some coffee and sat on the balcony waiting for the sun to rise.About 20 minutes later I heard a balcony door open and realized it was my neighbor to the left. I got up went to the bathroom to get a robe since I was only in my underwear (I don’t like sleeping naked) and went back to the balcony. 

By this time the sun was starting to come up and I decided to lean over the railing and see if I can see any marine animals.  Then I heard something that sounded like sobbing, and I instinctively looked over to my neighbors and saw a woman sitting on the balcony crying.  I said, “excuse me”, greeted her “good morning” and asked if she was okay.  She nodded and she said she was going to be fine.  I asked her if I can get her anything and she said “no, thank you” and it was then I decided to
mind my own business and give her some privacy.

I sat back down and after about 5 minutes she peeked over the partition and apologized.  She said she was not being rude but was just being emotional.  I told her “No worries”.   It was then that Chloe rubbing her eyes still wearing nothing but her lingerie walks into the balcony
and said good morning.  She was surprised as hell when two people answered her back.  She looked at me and looked at the balcony partition and saw our neighbor.  Chloe took 3 seconds to ponder and said, “I don’t have anything you haven’t seen before” and sat down beside me.

We introduced ourselves and our neighbor introduced herself as Breanna.  Chloe invited her over for coffee and she accepted. Chloe got up to make some coffee and cover up.  I stood up and opened the partition door between our balconies, invited her in and offered her my seat.  Chloe stuck her head out and asked Breanna how she took her coffee and then came out wearing a robe.

We got to know each other a little better and I told her that Chloe and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  Breanna smiled and said “I figured you guys were celebrating something.  I heard you last night”.  Chloe and I apologized, and she said it was okay. 

Then Chloe asked if she was traveling with a group or if she was alone and she said that she was supposed to be celebrating with her fiancé, Lee but they instead broke up.  She said that she went on the cruise to getaway from the situation.  Then she started crying and Chloe gave her a hug.   

When Breanna felt better, we invited her to join us for breakfast and we headed back to our cabins to get ready for the day.  That second day was a day at sea.  We had breakfast, explored the boat, then decided to layout by the pool.  Chloe and Breanna went back to the cabins to get changed while I found a spot for us and ordered some drinks.  About15 minutes later the girls found me and they both looked absolutely ravishing.   Chloe bought a bunch of lingerie and bikinis for our trip, and she realized she wasn’t gonna be able to wear them all, so she decided to let Breanna borrow one. Though Breanna was about an inch taller than Chloe and a little bit more ample in the chest area, they
had a similar body size. Breanna filled in Chloe’s bikini very nicely.  I tried not to be noticeable when I ogled at Breanna, but nothing escapes Chloe and I caught her giving me the eye and a little smirk. Somehow there was a little naughtiness behind the smirk and Chloe probably did this on purpose to get a reaction from me.

The girls thanked me for the chairs and the drinks, and they settled down.  We started talking about our lives and what we did for a living.  We found out that Breanna was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and now lives in Reykjavik, Iceland.  She said she followed her ex-fiancé Lee to Iceland to pursue a job as a Veterinarian for Icelandic horses.  It was then that we found out Leigh (not Lee) was a woman. Chloe asked if she was gay, and she said she was bi.  In fact, Leigh was her first
lesbian lover.  And Leigh left her for a man.  What hurt her the most is that the man was a friend of hers and he started hanging with her and Leigh about a year ago.  Breanna also said that besides feeling betrayed, she also felt left out.  After she found out about Leigh and Andy, she asked both of them if she could be part of the relationship.  She did not mind sharing Leigh with Andy just so she won’t lose Leigh, but both of them declined. 

Chloe continued the conversation with Breanna and pretty soon I felt left out and decided to explore the boat more.  I kissed Chloe and told her that I’ll see her in about an hour or so.  As I explored, I found a basketball court and some guys looking for another player for a 3 on 3. I volunteered and found myself entertained for the next hour or so.

I headed back to the cabin for a badly needed shower and when I got there,Chloe and Breanna were passed out on our bed. I jumped in the shower and when I was done,Chloe was awake still lying-in
bed. She asked where I went and told her.  She asked if I had fun and I said I did.

She said that she got too hot (temperature wise) and I guess Breanna was not much of a drinker, so they headed back to the cabin, chatted and then dozed off.   I reached over and put my hand in Chloe’s bikini top, found her nipple and put it between my thumb and finger.  Chloe looked up at me and smiled.“Can I have her and her sister tonight?” I asked.Chloe smiled, reached over to my dick, and said “of course you can.  As long as I can have him”. Then Chloe mouthed “I want to suck your dick”.

I looked at Breanna and she was sound asleep, so I said to Chloe, “Why don’t you?”.  She smiled looked over to Breanna, and then took my dick out and put it in her mouth.Though we kept our movements to a minimum to avoid rocking the bed so much, considering we can get caught both excited us.  Soon Chloe pointed to the couch, and we moved there. 

I sat on the couch and Chloe got on the side with her ass in the air.  She put me back in her
mouth and I reached over and pulled her bikini bottom on the side and played with her pussy.  If Breanna woke up and turned around, she would have a good view of Chloe’s ass in the air and my finger in her pussy.  I did wish for her to wake up and see what we were doing. But alas with
my beautiful wife’s awesome blow job skills, I did not last very long. 

I came inside Chloe’s mouth as she swallowed everything.  I continued to play with her pussy until she came.  And as I usually would, I put two fingers inside her and then put my fingers to our lips and we both enjoy the taste of her pussy. Both of us cumming, put us in a mood to take a nap.  I stretched out on the couch and Chloe made her way back to bed, removing her top on the way.  I looked at her quizzically and she said she was more comfortable sleeping without it.

I woke up a couple of hours later and as I looked on the bed to see if Chloe and Breanna were awake, I was in for a shock. The first thing I saw was Breanna’s hand on Chloe’s right breast and then I
saw her tongue on Chloe’s other nipple.  Chloe had her eyes closed enjoying it.  Then Breanna’s hand moved to Chloe’s pussy.  First, she rubbed it through her bikini and then put her hand inside.   Chloe was moaning softly then she gasped as(I can assume) Breanna put a finger inside her.

Chloe opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled.  I nodded to her, giving her the signal to goon and I put my right hand in my shorts,stroking my dick as I watched.  Then I mouthed to Chloe “kiss
her”. Chloe lowered her face to Breanna’s, and they started to kiss.  I got rock hard immediately.  

Chloe knew I love watching two women kiss passionately.  With her eyes closed Chloe gave Breanna her most passionate kiss.  She was definitely putting on a show.  After about 10 seconds, I decided to pull my shorts down so the girls can how hard I was. Chloe opened her eyes and looked at
me.  She stopped the kissed and motioned to Breanna to look at me. 

Breanna turned her head my way, smiled and said, “it looks like someone is getting excited.”. Chloe put her hands on Breanna’s waist, moved her up and took off her top, so she can suck on Breanna’s breast.  Breanna’s hand never left Chloe’s crotch and it must have been more intense since Chloe started sucking her tits because I heard her gasp a few times. Chloe with her left hand started to touch Breanna’s pussy.  I saw Chloe insert her finger inside Breanna and she let out a moan. The whole scene was so hot, I had to stop stroking my dick because I would cum.

I silently tried to do a Jedi mind trick(complete with a subtle hand movement to Chloe to invite me to join them soon. Fortunately, Chloe opened her eyes and looked at me.  I pouted and she understood what I wanted.  She took her mouth off of Breanna’s nipple and ask her if I can join in. Breanna looked at me and smiled. “Of course” she said. I stoodup, made my way to the bed, slipped off Breanna’s bikini bottom and stared in awe at her ass.  It was like it was made out of porcelain, perfectly shaped and smooth, I just had to fondle it.  I let my pinkie wander and touched her asshole. 
Breanna looked at me and gave a naughty smile.  “Oh, you’re going there, I see”. She said.

For some reason I felt lost. I wasn’t really sure of what to do next since Chloe and Breanna were heavy into it, and I was not sure if I would be interrupting or something. Chloe must have read my mind.  She looked up at me and asked me to take off my clothes. I pulled off my shorts and myhard on was right by Breanna’s face. 

Again, I was not sure of what to do. Do I wave my dick in front of Breanna’s face and hope that she gets the message, or do I wait for Chloe to give me instructions?  I decided for now to fondle Breanna’s ass again and maybe finger her pussy.  Breanna was receptive to my
fondling, and I felt around her pussy to see if it was wet enough for me to put my finger in.   Her pussy
was moist, so I gently slid my finger in. 

I felt a hand on my dick, and it was Breanna’s. We masturbated each other for a little bit, and I felt her pussy getting more wet as we went on. I heard Chloe say something to Breanna that made me smile.  Chloe reached up, held my dick, and guided it to Breanna’s mouth.   Chloe with her lips on
Breanna’s nipple was watching my dick go in and out of Breanna’s mouth. It was so freaking hot.

With my finger I found Breanna’s clit and started to play with it and she started moaning.  After a few minutes, I guess Chloe wanted to get into the action.  She motioned Breanna to get off being on top of her and Chloe sat up.  Breanna sat beside her; Chloe pulled me closer and she and Breanna started to play with my dick using their mouths, taking kissing breaks from time to time. 

Chloe stopped to look at me and said, “Baby we will get you off now.  Then you can watch us play with each other”.  I knew what Chloe wanted,she wanted to go down on Breanna and fulfill one of her fantasies.  I was good with that.  My wife was not mean nor selfish.  I knew after they were done, she was going to give me the chance to fuck Breanna and her. 

Chloe took me into her mouth and gave me one of her killer blow jobs.  Then she would pass my dick on to Breanna, and they took turns sucking me off. 

Maybe I was biased or was just more used to Chloe’s technique, but I swore she gave a much better blow job than Breanna.  She used her lips more and took longer and deeper strokes while Breanna had a much shallower stroke and used her hands a lot more.

The one thing that did surprise me about Breanna was the whole time they were both going down
on me, she groped my ass hard, and her finger even wandered to my asshole.  Though she never put it in, she did rub it a few times. 

I told them I was getting ready to cum and Chloe aimed my cum on Breanna’s chest then Chloe licked my cum off Breanna’s tits. 

I knew she was excited to play with Breanna,but she took her time licking my cum off giving both Breanna and me quite a show.Chloe told me to sit on the couch and enjoy the show.  They laid on the bed and started making out.  Chloe got on top of Breanna and started to kiss her all over, stopping to lick and suck Breanna’s nipples before she made her way down between Breanna’s legs. 

Both of us have this fantasy of Chloe eating pussy and she was in a rush to fulfill it.  She spread Breanna’s legs apart and made sure I got a good view of her tongue touching Breanna’s pussy. After a bit, Chloe asked Breanna if she was doing it right. “Do it like how you would enjoy it.” Breanna answered and it made sense. 

Soon after Breanna was moaning,and Chloe seemed to have gained more confidence.  Breanna came and Chloe licked it all up.Then they switched positions.  Chloe twitched the first time Breanna touched her clit with her tongue.  She was nervous and Breanna asked her to relax. Chloe
opened her eyes and looked at me. She asked if I was enjoying watching them and I said yes.  I started to stroke my dick. 

Breanna had her ass in the air and I so much wanted to fuck it.  I asked Breanna if I could, and she asked if I had a condom.“I am not on any form of birth control.” She said.My heart stopped for a moment as disappointed set in. “Yes, we do honey. There is some in our overnight bag.” Chloe said.

Thank God for my wife for always being prepared.  Sure enough, there was a box of condoms in our overnight bag.  I got one, put it on and then went back behind Breanna. I asked her if I can put it in her and she said I could.  I looked at Chloe for approval and she said, “go for it”.

I fucked Breanna as she ate my wife’s pussy.  This was a double whammy for both Chloe and me. Both of our fantasies were happening right before our eyes.  I did not know what turned me on more, Breanna’s gorgeous, smooth white ass or her tonguing my wife’s pussy.

However, it’s been sometime since I fucked with a condom on, and I was not enjoying it as much.  I wanted to rip it off so badly and finish inside Chloe’s pussy. I mouthed to Chloe “I want to fuck you” and she nodded.  She stopped Breanna and told her she wanted her husband’s dick. 

I pulled out of Breanna,and she moved out of the way.  I took the condom off and started to fuck Chloe.  Breanna moved to Chloe’s face and lowered her pussy to Chloe’s tongue.  The view, the feeling of being deep inside Chloe was just awesome.  I came deep inside of her. Then I collapsed in bed.

Chloe was insatiable. After my third orgasm for the day, I fell asleep unable to keep up.  I woke up sometime around three in the morning and Breanna was sucking my dick while Chloe ate her pussy
from behind.  Then they switched positions.  I swore Chloe did as much of her lesbian fantasies as she can.  I mean who can blame her?

The next time I woke up, sunlight lit our room.  Chloe was fast asleep beside me.  I raised my head to see if Breanna was on her other side and she wasn’t.  Half of me was thankful and the other half was
regretful. I wanted to fuck Brenna one more time, but I knew I did not have it in me.  I was exhausted. Plus, Chloe and I had a long day ahead of us.  We were going to do an all-day excursion.  I looked at the clock it was 7:15 and thank God the excursion was not going to start till
about 10, so I can let Chloe sleep at least another couple of hours.

I woke her up around 9:15 to start getting ready, and she was exhausted the whole time we were on the excursion.  When we got back, she crashed on the bed as I sat on the balcony and had a drink.  Chloe and I have not really had the chance to talk about what happened the night before
and there are some unknowns for me at that time. 

Did she (Chloe) enjoy it?  Are we doing it again?  Tonight? Tomorrow?  So far, I have not seen Breanna that day.  I thought I heard her say she was going on a different excursion than us and I wasn’t sure if she and Chloe made plans to meet at dinner or what.Chloe called out to me, and I joined her in bed. 

“Man, I am so exhausted”. She said.

“What time did you guys finish last night?” I asked her.

“You mean this morning? I don’t know maybe around 5.  We had sex 3 or 4 more times after you fell asleep and then we talked for a bit. Honey, thank you so much for letting me indulge in my fantasy” Chloe said, and she told me all the stuff they did while I was asleep. 

I must admit I felt a bit left out with a tinge of jealousy, but I did not show it.  Then I asked her if she made plans with Breanna, and she answered that she did not. 

“Breanna wanted to give us space.  She knew we were celebrating our anniversary”. Chloe said.

“That was nice of her.” I answered.

“Well, I asked her to. What we did was a lot of fun, but this vacation is about us, and I just want it to be about us”.  She added.

I smiled.  I guess there was no reason for my jealousy.We saw Breanna a few more times during the cruise and on our last night she joined us for dinner and drinks but that’s all we did.  There was no more sex.

As Chloe and I went to bed that night, she asked me something.

“Before Breanna, have you ever been with a white chick?”.

“No, she was my first one”. I answered.

Chloe looked at me with a big smile.  “Hey, mine too!!!”.

We bought laughed and gave each other a high five.