I live in a condo. Small units, thin walls, you know the drill.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been hearing my next door [M 40s] neighbour absolutely rail his wife. I’ve beard everything – the groaning, moaning, intense orgasms. I’ve heard her scream his name (let’s call him Jared), and vice versa. He’s not my type, but knowing what he’s capable of definitely made me look at him differently whenever we passed each other in the halls.

I also heard the arguments – very intense. Seems like he felt like she wasnt as invested as he was. Also seems like he wanted kids and he didn’t. They’d still have incredible sex after arguing, but it was clear there was a rift. I was working from home when he asked for them to separate and she immediately agreed. She left the next night.

I saw him a lot more after that. Passing smiles in the hallways, pleasant greetings in the elevator, casual conversation that kind of thing. One day he knocks at my door, asks me if I can help him out with some IKEA furniture. In hindsight, this was totally a line.

I’m wearing a sports bra and leggings, just wrapped up a leg workout. I head into his apartment for the first time. The place is nice and neat. The IKEA package is open and spread out on the floor, the pieces waiting to be put together. We chat casually as I “help” him, while sipping on beers.

He brings up his wife – let’s me know shes been gone for 3 months now. They’ll file for divorce when it’s been a year. He still wears his wedding ring, but he says their relationship is over. I offer my condolences, but he stops me, tells me it’s for the best.

After this, he gets more handsy, and more obvious about staring at my chest in my sports bra. His cock also becomes more obvious in his sweats (as I later discovered, he was not wearing underwear). We’re almost done the bookshelf, when he positions himself directly behind me to “help me position a shelf”. As he presses his body against mine, I feel his cock against my ass.

I turn around and look at him. I have no clue what I want to say, but while I’m figuring that out, he moves in to kiss me. Truth is, I want to fuck him. But I pull back a bit – I wasn’t expecting that. He pulls back too, and apologizes. He tells me that it’s been a long time since his wife has been around, and he needs pussy. He’s wondering if I might want to have sex with him. He reaches for my hands, tells me theres no pressure, but he will respect my answer. I’m well aware that this isn’t really appropriate. I’m also aware that I haven’t had a cock inside me for 467 days.

So I turn my face up to him, and this time he kisses me. He slowly grinds against me as he does, and I can feel his cock harden against me. He runs his hand up my chest and gently wraps it around my neck. I moan involuntarily, and he laughs. He tells me he needs my explicit consent. That alone makes me wet. He looks me dead in my eyes, and tells me he wants to fuck me, and asks if I’ll let him. I say yes.

Then he leads me to the table and bends me over. I hear him open a condom wrapper and slide it on. I reach back to double check – everything is good. It’s ovulation week for me – I’m always extra slutty during this week, and so I dont really process the potential ramifications.

At this point, I haven’t seen his cock outside of his pants. I look back at him, and ask him if he wants me to suck his cock first. He says no, then kneels down and eats me out from behind. I dont know what the fuck he did with his tongue. All I know is I came within 5 minutes. My legs start shaking, and I grip the table for support. He bends over me, his body against mine, and turns my face towards his. He kisses me, and I can taste myself on his lips. His beard is soaked with my cum.

And then I feel his cock inside me, and I hear myself moaning louder than I ever have before. His cock isnt pornstar huge – 5 to 6 inches max. But its thick, maybe as thick as my wrist. And it hits my g-spot perfectly. And then he reaches around me to start playing with my clit … fuck. What really brought me to orgasm #2 was when he started whispering in my ear.

“You know I’m still technically married …”
“I think your tight little pussy is getting wetter at the thought of my married cock …”
“I’ve wanted to fuck you since you moved in here …”

I’m aware this story is getting long. Also aware that my pussy is wet, and I think I need to take care of that :).

Like for part 2? Is that a thing that people say on Reddit?💕