We left off with my neighbour Jared (40s M) fucking me (27F) from behind as I bent over his table. There’s a special twist at the end of this story that I think you’ll like 🙂

Something that might be useful for you to know is that this isn’t my norm. I’ve rarely (maybe never) had sex with someone I don’t plan on building a long years relationship with. Doesn’t mean I always end up in a relationship with the guy I’m fucking, but I usually intend to. So for me, an unplanned hookup with my older, separated but still married neighbour was/is way out of my norm.

Anyways. As I was saying, his cock was perfect. It was the perfect length, and it was the perfect thickness. I like feeling stretched out. I like when I can feel my pussy gripping a cock as it pulls out of me. And I really like when men tell me they enjoy my pussy as they’re fucking me. My second orgasm was just as intense as the first, with Jared rubbing my clit as he pumped his cock in and out of my throbbing pussy. I practically melted onto the table.

When I caught my breath I suggested that this might be a good time for me to suck his cock. He agreed, and we moved to the couch. He sat down – by this point we were both naked. I knelt on the floor in front of him (he put a throw cushion down so I wouldn’t hurt my knees 🥺), and worked my magic. If you suck dick, try this and let me know how it goes :).

I started with his balls in my mouth, letting his cock rest against my face. My hands on his thighs, caressing and then gently digging my nails in. Then I started stroking his dick with one hand, his balls still in my mouth. He was neatly trimmed – I wonder if this is the norm for him, or if he had planned ahead. Jared had his eyes closed, head thrown back, arms stretched and resting on the back of the couch. Perfect time for my favourite move – moving my mouth from his balls to the tip of his cock, and slowly taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. This time, I could take it all (like I said, perfect size). As my lips hit the base of his cock, Jared groaned loudly, and opened his eyes. The way he looked at me … I almost came again from that look alone. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, getting faster and faster as Jared moaned louder. He suddenly stops me, his hands on my face. Now it’s his turn to catch his breath.

After about a minute of him holding my face, and panting as he looked into my eyes, he gently pulls me up. He puts on another condom, and then I straddle his lap, my wet pussy just inches from his cock. His hand on my hip, mine on his shoulders Jared runs his index finger along my split and then puts it into his mouth. He then grabs his cock and guides me onto it, nice and slow. I ride him for a bit as we make out, his hands exploring my ass and my tits (34C for those who might ask).

We fuck in a few different positions, finally ending up in missionary in Jared’s bedroom, the one that shares a wall with mine. This is where he used to fuck his wife so hard I could hear it through the wall. I mention to him that I’ve heard him in here before. I tell him that I’ve always wondered what he was doing when I would hear his wife screaming at the top of her lungs. He gets this semi- evil gleam in his eyes, and stops fucking me for a minute. He puts my legs on his shoulders and puts his cock back inside my pussy. His arms are on either side of me. He leans in to give me a long, slow kiss as he gently pumps his cock in and out of me. And then he’s pounding me. He’s grunting and telling me that my pussy is really fucking tight. He slows down momentarily to kiss me and rub my clit, and then he speeds up again. I cum again, screaming at the top of my lungs. And then again a few seconds later.

By this point my pussy is a mess, and my legs are shaking. Jared slows down again, and tells me he needs to cum. I’m still on birth control, so I let him know he’s welcome to cum inside me (with the condom still on), we should be good. He looks down at his cock and then he quickly pulls out. I look down and the condom has broken and is down around the base of his cock. Normally these things freak me out, but that turned me on even more. Jared’s cock remaind rock hard, so I’d be willing to say he was still turned on too. We’d been fucking raw for who knows how long, and I absolutely love the risk of bare sex. I quickly check to make sure there are no missing pieces (there aren’t), and then toss it onto the floor.

Jared moves to get another condom, and I grab his hand. I tell him it’s up to him, but I’m ok if he doesn’t want to wear one. He barely hesitates as he plunges his cock back inside me, this time bare on purpose.

He pins my hands above my head and keeps fucking me, and then tells me he’s about to cum. I look into his eyes, and tell him I’m still okay with him cumming inside me if he wants to. He asks if I’m sure (more like groans), I can tell he’s getting close. So I tell him yes. I tell him I want to cum inside me. And he does. I feel his cock twitch inside me, and then he unloads a thick, warm, creamy load of cum inside my pussy. He doesn’t pull out right away, and when he does his load stays inside me.

We make out for a bit, Jared still on top of me. I can’t tell if I’m getting wet, or if that’s just his cum. I finally pull myself away – it’s getting late. He asks me if I want to do this again. He tells me that he really doesn’t want this to be a one off thing. I say yes. So we’re going to fuck again. I’ll let you know when 🙂


Some unsexy PS-es: we discussed STIs after the fact, and we’ve both been tested fairly recently and both passed with flying colours. I’m also definitely not pregnant which is a good thing for me right now.

Also, like I mentioned, I’m not the hookup type. I love condomless sex and creampies, but have only ever done these things in a relationship. Again, this scrnario isn’t the norm for me, but once we started fucking, I guess I just fell into my regular cum-loving routine.