(Updated below)

I (F25) have been having a mediocre day at the resort today since the morning so I decided to hit the beach and joined a party in the afternoon. Then while I was trying to order a drink a very nice guy (said his name is Terry) offered to buy me a drink of which he thought is the best from the bar. I joined him on the spot and we talked about all the random stuff. It was such a great talk and he was super nice too. I couldn’t remember when and why we transited to discussing about the body traits of each other but he did make a few compliments about my bum and how I looked different from pretty much all the asian girl around here. Lol I hope being a while girl in here wouldn’t make me look weird.

After a while Terry asked me to join him for a massage session at the Spa and he is willing to pay for it since he liked the conversation. I thought why not, I have never been to a Spa treatment in a resort before so I gladly accepted the offer. Now going to the fun part.

I didn’t know that people do couples massage. Does this thing actually exist in other resort or hotel too or is it just here idk. We undressed and was lying next to each other while 2 masseuses gently work on our body. Terry said that they don’t quite understand English so we could continue with our chat. Then he would continue with his compliments and finally he said that wish that he was my masseur instead of the lady. I laughed and said why would you do that, you are here to relax and not to work. Terry would then proceed to joke about if he was the masseur then he wouldn probably just focus on my butt during the whole session. The joke had gone a bit far now but I was just giggling. Terry then added that probably within 10 mins of caressing my ass he would just burried his face into it.

For the people who has been following my other post then you would know that I’m horny as hell right now and I said to my self “fuck it” and jokingly asked Terry if he really wants to then I can let him do that just once. Let this be the moment of his life I guess. Terry then looked at me in disbelief and asked me if I am being serious or not. Fast forward 1 hours later we are at his room right now and he is so deep into taking the pictures of my booty 😂. Wonder if he is gonna eat me out or not.

Will probably update you guys if something interesting happens.

Update 1: When he finished taking the pic, Terry took his words literally and burried his face into my ass and work his tongue all over my pussy and asshole. The sound he made while slurping my juice was so freaking loud I had to tell him to slow down. After that he just spent like 15-20’ licking, kissing, sniffing and eating my pussy and asshole throughly. It was a great session so far but he asked if I could stay the night with him because he is no way done yet. I said I will think about it and then he called the receptionist for a in room dining service. What a thoughtful guy. After filling my stomach with food, I went and took a shower by myself.

Update 2: He got me to try out his massaging skill and I agreed. Still focusing on my butt and stuff and he really enjoyed massaging it. Being cheeky playing with my holes using his finger. Seems like he loves it. Currently chilling and drinking some cocktails. Wondering if he has some other plans as well or I should go back now.

Final update: We decided to finish with whatever he wanted so he asked if I could ride him and see how he could held up with my ass. So with a bit of foreplay and off we go. He asked for a picture and I said ok sure but I turned off the light since I didn’t like the space to be so bright. I could feel that he tried his best to hold his nut but seems like it was difficult. So I decided to went full speed and squat the shit out of his cock. After a a few minutes he pushed me away (what? He can’t be serious) and came. Looked like he pulled out just in time and shot his cum all over his belly. That was weird but alright. Seems like he will not be able to go for another round so I am heading back to my room. That was a great session if I’m being honest. Wished that he could have hold it longer for some doggy and pronebone but oh well. It is what it is. Have a good night guys!