Thinking back on our first time sends shivers of joy down my spine now. Even now, years after this taking place I can still feel the amazing butterfly’s of emotion from the very moment it happened.

It was summer holidays, Christmas had come and gone, new years had been and passed and our parents were back at work. It was a hot summer, not unusual in Australia but this was one of those hot, intensely dry hot summers which meant if we weren’t at the beach, we were either at the shops to find the relief of air con or in the pool.

Nothing seemed unusual about the start of the day, nothing was planned which meant I was likely gonna be spending the day in the pool. Mum and dad rushed to get ready for work while James and I lounged around enjoying the nothingness of holiday days.

Was about 10am when I heard the “hey Jess, you coming for a swim”? “yup” was all I responded before heading to my room to throw my swimmers on and headed out to see James dropping his towel before strolling towards the pool in his speedos. I followed behind dropping my towel on the sun bed then drove in just after James. Doing our thing, everything was normal, just enjoying the cool water, then a few races before we decided on an old fav, setting up the boogie boards in the pool, jumping out, then running and jumping on them to see who could ride the longest standing up. 1st time I won, 2nd time James did, 3rd time, he kinda looked at me weird before before we ran up and he won again. I jumped out ready to go again but he stayed in the pool, “what are you doing” I asked wanting my chance to get another win, “nothing, I’m just going to swim” he responds. Def weird I thought cause we’re both super competitive, but I didn’t think much of it, just ran up and surfed the boogie board back in before looking at James who still had a bit of a weird look going on.

Jumping out again “just gonna grab a drink, you want”? I ask, noticing even more how weird he was acting, “sure” before he turned to swim.

Once inside, I took the opp to go to the toilet, went to the bathroom, then, when I went to wash my hands, I realised why my brother was being so weird. Standing there, looking in the mirror, the first thing that’s more obvious than I ever thought possible, were my nipples, totally on show through my white one piece swimsuit! I took a step back to see that it wasn’t just my nipples. My swimsuit from all the chlorine and washing was basically non existent. After the momentary freak out, like a lightning bolt, I realise that James has probably gotten a boner which is why he went weird in the pool.

Looking at myself again, to this day, I’m still surprised I did this but, it made me feel naughty and hot all at once, I simply went and got a couple of drinks, headed back out to our towels, put our drinks down and said “here you go come get it while it’s still cold”. Standing there knowing he could see everything, that feeling of basically being naked felt wild. I’d honestly never thought about him sexually before now but, showing my body on purpose and thinking he’s got a hard on looking at my body was changing that very quickly. I found myself wanting to see his cock way more than a sister should ever begin to!

“what, you don’t want it” I ask curiously. “Nah, I’m okay” he replies. Feeling brave, I can feel myself drying in the sun so I dive in again before pulling myself out again to sit on the edge of the pool. Knowing how sheer my swimmers are is turning me on like crazy. “why you being so weird” I ask. “shut up” he responds. “what, you got a hard on or something”…… His face turned red instantly before throwing a feeble “shut up” again. Without hesitation I said “prove it”. Again, he went even redder which is when I realised he really was hard, with nothing to hide it but his speedos. Looking down, I realised even though he was in the water, I could actually see his hard on.

Sitting there, wanting to see it, my mind was racing, trying to think of ways to make something happen. From the morning to this moment, thinking back, I’m surprised how quickly this progressed in my head. All of a sudden I was turned on by the thought of my brothers hard cock and at that moment, it didn’t even feel wrong, just exciting.

“I don’t care if you do, I’ve seen guys dicks before, just get your drink you mong” I say trying to calm him down. Still looking awkward he replies “just get it for me”. “nope, you get it” I say cheekily. “seriously” he asks. “yup”.

Finally he starts moving to the steps and starts coming out, then, as he rises, I see his cock pushing hard against his speedos standing straight up. I don’t even think to take my eyes off it, I just stare straight at it as he starts to walk past. “you right?” he asks. “I am now” I say with a smile.

Not sure if it’s true but, I assume he was enjoying my attention on his cock like I was with my swimsuit cause he just stood there confidently, cock standing straight up straining the speedos.

Before long he came and sat next to me on the edge of the pool, we took a sip of our drinks and after a minute or 2 I put mine down then slipped into the pool, heart racing at a million miles an hour thinking about what I wanted to do and what I was psyching myself up to do, I swam up in front of him, slowly edged forward till I was between his legs, looked straight at his crotch and noticed his cock flinch, then looked up at him “can I see it?”. Seeing his face turn bright red again I immediately freaked out realising I’d just totally crossed the line. Then, he shyly responded “really”? As if I was on auto pilot “can I”?…. “I guess” he replied.

Heart pounding, I moved forward again, reached up and slid my fingers under the top of his speedos and started pulling them down. He lifted his hips a little which let me slide them down easily revealing his insanely hard cock which twitched again as I released it from its confines. Without thinking I slid his speedos all the way off and toss them over near our towels. Then, turn my attention back to his cock which is only inches away from me while I rest my arms on his thighs. I slide my hands forward on his thighs a little… “can I touch it” I ask and as he replies “yes” his cock twitches again. I slide my right hand forward first until it slides up his shaft and grips his cock. I can’t help but slide my hand up and down a little and hear a little moan, which is when I have the realisation that I’m currently stroking my brothers cock. Which, up until this morning world have made me sick, but right now, has got me more turned on than I can ever remember being.

I move forward a little more until I pull his cock toward me and instantly slide my lips over the top of his head, down as far as I can then up, then back down then up slowly until my lips slide slowly off his cock. Looking up “sorry” I murmur thinking he might not want it. “it’s okay” he says softly. And, that’s all I needed to hear. Moving forward, I slide my lips over my brothers cock again and start gently giving him a blow job. It wasn’t long before I tasted the saltyness and knew my brother was getting close to cumming so slid my mouth off his cock.

I moved away, pulled myself out of the pool, walked over to our towels and pulled my pointless swimsuit off, one shoulder, then the next and looking at James, my own brother, proceeded to peel my swimsuit off and dropped it next to his speedos.

And that’s all for this post… Now to come 😊