After dropping my swimsuit next to his speedos, the feeling of exposure was almost overwhelming! Feeling the breeze run over my naked body while looking at my brother, who was looking back at me, made me feel exposed, excited and incredibly nervous all at once. The butterflies in my stomach were indescribable.

Thinking back, I remember not having a plan at all. This wasn’t something I’d planned. I was in the heat of the moment, standing there, both of us naked, starting to freak out, but, through the nerves and excitement, I can clearly remember feeling my pussy tingling. It was like electricity was running through my pussy directly.

So, I slowly sat down on my towel, our eyes never parting from each other, then lay back onto my elbows and instinctively spread my legs a little, then, somehow managed to muster up the courage to slide my right hand down my tummy until my middle finger slid gently over my clit, down and ran along my opening, which is when I felt and realised how insanely wet I was, then back up to my clit where I preceded to gently circle my middle finger.

No words could ever describe what it felt like to be laying there, legs spread, totally naked, starting to masturbate while looking at my brother who was watching me. Instantly, I felt like I was going to orgasm! All the emotions of what was happening seemed to manifest and focus into my clit which was sending waves of electricity through my pussy like I’d never come close to feeling before. With each circle of my finger, the closer I was to climax. Even though I had no plan, I remember thinking I was surprised James hadn’t made a move, I mean, I figured it was obvious enough wanted I was wanting! And with that thought, my hips thrusted as a jolt of “I’m about to cum” hit me like a wave and sending a shiver through my body. I instantly freaked out and stopped playing with my clit, feeling embarrassed that I almost came in front of someone. But, before anything else could happen, James, still watching said sooo calmly “don’t stop”.

Looking over at him, still sitting on the edge of the pool, although he’d shifted now to be facing me,, cock still hard, I thought, fuck it, and slid my hand back down to my throbbing pussy and proceeded to start circling my clit again. Instantly feeling the raw excitement again of masturbating, not only outside, but also on front of my brother who clearly enjoyed watching me.

Feeling confident, I spread my legs a little further apart, then slid my finger down to my opening then back to my clit again a few times, feeling more and more of my wetness cover my clit, my hips thrusted again as I felt myself growing ever closer to climax, the thrusts, and pulses of orgasm were getting closer with each circle of my clit. Wanting to break the tension, I looked at James, slid my finger down to my opening and this time, slid my finger in, and while in muttered “you like watching me”? Without hesitation, my brother replied “fuck yes” which is all it took. Sliding my finger back up to my clit, I rubbed faster and harder and within seconds, my hips were pushed into the air, waves of pulsating orgasm shot through me harder than I’d ever climaxed before.

As the waves of orgasm slowed till it was back to the delightful tingles, I relaxed my hips back down, spread my legs again then let my fingers drift back down to my opening, easily sliding 2 fingers into myself now my pussy had relaxed so much from the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of me fingering myself while staring at my brother who was staring back, he stood up and walked slowly towards me. I wish I could say I knew the look on his face, but, all I could see was his cock, standing straight up, bobbing with each step as he got closer, until, he was standing between my legs above me. With my heart pounding even harder now (I didn’t think it was possible) I lay all the way back now and spread my legs as wide as they’d comfortably go……

And that’s it for part 2…. More to come πŸ˜‰