Laying back, spreading my legs while I looked up at my brothers cock, standing straight up, I saw it twitch again. It was then I saw his face as I was looking up at him, him down at me, our eyes locked. His face, his expression, looked the way I felt, nervous but excited at the same time.

Wanting to ease the tension, I slid my hand back down to my pussy and started swirling my middle finger over my clit again. And, as soon as I started, James grabbed his cock and started stroking slowly, our eyes only parting when I would look at his cock while he stroked or when he looked down to watch me playing with my pussy. Wanting more, I mumbled “I’m so fucking wet” as I slid my two middle fingers as far into my pussy as I could, then moved them up and down with vigor, the sound that made, made it obvious how wet I was.

James didn’t reply, just continued to stroke slowly, standing over me, so, I slid my fingers out, covered in my juice, sat up a little, reached out and started smearing my pussy juice from my fingers onto the tip of his cock. He immediately kinda convulsed as I gently swirled my fingers over the head of his cock. “sorry, it’s super sensitive” he almost whispered in a shy voice I’d never heard before. “it’s okay” I said with a giggle, before lying back down spreading my legs again.

For a few seconds we continued just watching each other, but, as amazing as it was masturbating in front of my brother with him masturbating while watching me, I knew, more than anything, I wanted to feel his cock inside me. Trying to think of what to say in that moment, made me realise more than anything up to this point, that I was about to try and and encourage my brother to have incest sex with me. With thoughts running at a million miles an hour through my mind I blurt out, hearing my voice shaking as I say it, “imagine how sensitive it would feel in me”.

I immediately felt my heart rate sky rocket again, looking up at James, it was a weird mix of, this is so wrong but, also, actually felt right, and comfortable, and, the most excited I’d ever been all at once.

Then, it finally started to happen. James let go of his cock and just stood there looking down at me. It felt like an eternity, my mind racing thinking I’d crossed the line he was okay with and was about to leave. But, he slowly got down on his knees between my legs, then, moved forward and held himself over me, one hand either side of me, then, slowly inched forward, his face now directly above mine as I felt his cock gently touch my pussy ever so gently. He glared directly into my eyes, I could feel his breath as he gently moved back and forward slowly letting me feel the shaft of his cock gliding gently over my pussy. Instinctively I started to thrust my hips with his gentle movements, our eyes never parting. Then, as he was sliding down, I lifted up, and felt the tip of his cock slide over my opening, then back up. Then again, then, the third time, as the tip of his cock met the opening of my pussy, he instead of letting it slide back up, allowed the tip to stay, resting just at the entrance of my pussy. As I relaxed my hips, still looking directly into each other’s eyes, James gently pushed forward a little, then a little more, then finally slid all the way into me. We both exhaled a moan at the same time. He didn’t move at all for a few seconds, we just stared at each other, into our eyes before I felt his cock twitch inside me. Again I sighed a moan before he slowly slid back then ask the way into me again.

I reached up and placed my hands on his back, then slid down to his bum cheeks, grabbed them right and tried to push him into me even more. But, in doing so, managed to pull him closer to me, and me up closer to him until our faces were almost touching. Instantly, we both looked at each other, and, moved forward until we locked lips and started kissing more passionatly than I’d ever experienced or knew was possible. At the same time, we both started thrusting our hips harder. The feeling of his cock was amazing, so deep inside me, not thrusting in and out, just deep inside me as we kissed as hard as we could, lips locked, mouths staying open and tongues dancing together and within seconds, I felt his hips movement go from grinding to just pushing forward as hard as he could, and, then, felt his cock pulsing inside me. He pulled his mouth off mine, still thrusting into me as hard as he could, me pushing back on him as hard as I could, as he started to grunt , his whole body was stiff and I knew he was cumming, hard, inside me. His whole body flexed and twitched with every wave of orgasm inside me.

As his body relaxed, he propped himself up again on his hands, I relaxed my hips and we both remained still for at least a minute, James still inside me, but just still while we caught our breath and thoughts. Then, finally, he slowly slid himself out of me and sat back on his knees while still looking at me.

What happened next, will share soon 😉