Hubby and his best friend literally grew up together, known each other since they were 6. They both do some SWAT type stuff for work and were attending the same class, so hubby’s friend Peter drove up a few hours to stay the week with us, since the commute for the course was much much shorter from our house. So these two come home from the first day of their class wearing their green uniforms and they’re dirty, sweaty, and goddamn sexy. Hubby and I had joked before about how Peter wanted to get in my pants, but we laughed it off because he’s married and they’ve been friends for so long. Well because bad decisions tend to multiply in groups we start drinking when they get home even though they have class the next morning very very early. Well we’re all fairly drunk, Peter has now shucked his pants (this is not unique to my presence, he does this every time he gets drunk, whatever) and he’s just wearing his compression shorts. Ho-lee-fuck the cock on that man was stretching every bit of life out of those compression shorts and he wasn’t even hard. The boys are still joking around and messing with guns which I made sure were unloaded because we don’t want any unnecessary holes in anyone, and Pete and hubby both caught me staring at his bulge. Not even a glance, I was full on staring at the absolute forearm in this man’s shorts. I was super embarrassed but extremely turned on, partially because of the alcohol, partially because of this massive cock that I could almost paint a picture of, and partially because these two large manly men in my house are doing man things and that just makes my pussy soak.

Sooooo, hubby jokingly says “his eyes are up there, babe” and I was immediately embarrassed, but so so so fucking turned on. Apparently it was obvious, because my husband said something along the lines of “she apparently likes what she sees” and I was so busted. Nothing I could say or do would have hidden the fact that I was staring and extremely horny. By the way, all I’m wearing is a pair of spanks and a sports bra because these are my people and it was hot as fuck in the house, plus we were drinking so ya know 💁🏻‍♀️ Hubby and his friend laugh about it, and joke about me being split in two by the cock-to-pussy ratio in that house. My response was something along the lines of “sounds like a good time to me” and I guess hubby got a little territorial, because he walked over and slapped my ass hard, which only drove me even more crazy. Pete is now pitching an enormous tent, to the point where both hubby and I are wondering what the hell did they feed that boy.

My man was wearing basketball shorts and was also pretty turned on at the idea, although he was definitely jealous that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this monster cock across the kitchen from me, But, hubby is thwacking his stiff cock on my ass, he and pete are still making jokes that I’m going to melt into a puddle, and I finally just said “can I see it?” Because I truly just had to. I needed to see it in all of it’s glory. Pete laughs, so does my man, after whispering “slut” which made everyone laugh, and pete whips out once again the biggest monster cock I have ever seen, clean shaven and absolutely incredible looking. All three of us wanted the same thing, although my husband is obviously jealous of the sheer size of this fire hydrant glistening in the kitchen lighting.

Both boys are still rock hard, and there’s probably close to a foot and a half total of hard cock between the two. I asked hubby if I could touch it and he said yes, that’s all, and pete asked if he could grab my ass in return and the boys agreed.

So there I am with my hands wrapped around this huge dick when I feel my husband’s hand between my legs, rubbing my already soaked pussy. All he had to say was “go ahead” and I was trying my damnedest to get this entire dick in my mouth, pete is now leaned up against the counter and all he can say is “fuck, oh fuck” meanwhile hubs is aggressively fingering me, I’m choking on a huge cock and I’m just in straight bliss. My shorts and bra go flying, their shorts hit the floor and I’m sucking on both boys alternating between the two, obviously favoring pete more because hooray, new cock! My husband bends me over while I’m still trying my hardest to fit pete in my mouth and I feel him go balls deep immediately, I was so wet and so turned on it happened in an instant.

I’m now getting my pussy aggressively pounded while I’m stroking Peter and putting him back in my mouth between breaths, and then I feel myself get spun around and I find my mans dick in my face, covered in my juices and I feel Peter’s hands on my ass, pulling it apart as the tip slid in my pussy. Now I’m getting the absolute life pounded out of me, hanging on to my man for dear life and I realize I completely forgot to keep sucking his dick, which he obviously took personally but sorry 💁🏻‍♀️

I’m having to put my hand on his hip to stop him halfway because I literally thought I was going to break in half not gonna lie. These boys fucked the absolute soul out of me. I cum within about two minutes of hard fucking and oh my God I just wanted more and more and more, you’d think I was destroyed but I just needed to feel every bit of cock I could at the moment. I’m now riding peter on the couch and hubs is fingering my asshole and touching himself, and before I even knew what was happening i now have Peter stretching my pussy to it’s absolute limit while hubby was pushing himself inside my ass. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call 911 because of the unholy noises I was making, and feeling myself pressed between the two of them getting my literal guts rearranged I could actually feel myself starting to pass out. Husband came in my ass but told Peter he couldn’t cum inside me, and he came on my tits instead, I’m not kidding I actually saw my life flash before my eyes, I probably had 4 orgasms back to back.