One of my tasks at work is to do fittings with extras who work on movie sets and take photos of them in costumes for when they go onto camera next.

I bring them in, get measurements, have them try costumes on, photograph them against the wall and send the photos to my boss to decide on the best ones.

Today I felt very horny. I wore a Lush vibrator and the constant on and off from a mystery coworker was too much for me. I decided to have some fun. I finished my fitting with one guy and had 5 minutes before the next guy.

The first door closed. I waited. The second door was a loud one.


The second the door closed, I quickly kicked my shoes off. I pulled off my socks, pulled my shirt up and over my head, unclipped my bra, dropped my leggings and stood there completely naked in the office.

I took a moment to look at myself in the mirror. Then I turned on the timer on my camera and stepped in front of the backdrop. The timer was ten seconds. It felt like forever. I faced the camera like all the extras do…only naked.


I went back to the phone. Started the timer. Raced back to the back drop, now standing profile.


I raced back again. This time I stood with my back to the camera.

Ten long seconds.


I froze. That was the door. Shit. The next extra was there.

I couldn’t move.
My body was frozen solid.
I heard heavy footsteps.
3. 2. 1.


The flash spurred me to life.

I sprinted to the door, boobs bouncing and slammed the door shut just as I saw their shadow reaching for it.

“One minute!!” I yelled.

They pushed the door open. I pushed it closed again. “One minute please!”

“Oh sorry, my bad” the guy said. He stepped away from the door.

I quickly raced to my clothes and got dressed. Taking a deep breath, I let him back in.

Thankfully he didn’t ask any questions.